Monday, December 19, 2011

A touch more about 2012

People who WILL NOT seek the positive will create their own increasing discomfort.

In co-creation energy, if you hate yourself, you will harm yourself. If you love others, you will know love. The beautiful St. Francis prayer becomes functional.

Every one gets a choice with increasing pressure/relief from the new energy. As you said, build that happy muscle, no matter what. Many will just not get it and flame out next year. Others may get caught up in local or national karmas. Stay in that happy place, always send love. You are what you do.

In simplest terms, just be happy regardless, like the lesson at the end of The Grinch who stole Christmas. Seriously.

Those of us who are good at energy can send love and light where it most matters.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Addition to the previous 2012 post.

There can be correlation between physical illness and external energy shifts.

 If you get hit by something, especially anything others are getting, do the medicines you'd expect, see a doctor as needed, and also consider if there is anything in your life/energy that it's time to release, to accept, to name.

This is not an absolute but I'm talking about things which come in waves in the population, especially within the next year or so as the energetic shifts increase in amplitude and frequency. 

 Be well! :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

2012 is coming up

I'm burned from the last couple of months so this will by no means be complete!

In 2010 I (purposely generally) alluded to where to trend-watch in 2011. The majority of how it applies in America has only sprung up in the last quarter of this year, and continues to accelerate. Some has been obvious in the rest of the world (Arab spring).

Shocking revelations in government (S1867/NDAA, etc.), community, responsibility, better ways of living, non-instant revolution (#Occupy), home-growing for food (not yet catching on), great ideas (biomimicry for drought relief, gamers figuring out how to untie an AIDS retrovirus protein), and the overall push toward living in the principles of the higher dimensions (honesty, openness, inclusion, truth, peace, community, creation, courage, love, and Bolivia's new 'Law of Mother Earth' which gives nature equal rights with humans...'bout time.)

In 2009, about 2010: The first stirrings of Change, of revolution:

The 11.11.11 energy was/is a real kick-start. Consider this regarding the similar 2012 energy "portals". We will be increasingly jumped up into the eventual continuous positive energy to be found in the world after 2012. This process involves, as Karen Bishop so clearly saw, the willful shedding of karma or its logical manifestation, as you will not want anything in you to be negative in the coming space of co-creation. In 2011 you will likely have found old things coming up so that you had the opportunity to understand and to release them. This is important work. Admit to things, release them, let them go. Be willing, even when you do not know how to let them go. Ask your Guides for help, especially when you encounter something beyond your control, unmanageable, which reduces you to powerlessness. There is help but you must ask for it, and be willing to let it help...

This is the most basic importance for moving into the energy of 2013. 2012 continues the trend of clearing. This is true at the personal, family, city, and national levels. I worry about America as it has been running around the world playing policeman for so long, and for how it treated the First People and African-Americans. And how it has sucked up a great deal of the worlds resources. This IS a great nation, mostly due to its people. If America is reduced to something less, it will still be strong through its people, who will band together to solve such problems as personal/family/city needs. It is time for spirituality in America, even if only through compassionate acts and caring for others.

"That which a thing is, increases." Houses of cards are crumbling. I've said these things more than once. We are clearing the greedy and selfish to allow for Community and love. Those who choose to pursue greed and selfishness and fear as paths of learning will increasingly experience discomfort and the characteristics of fear and selfishness. This will provide them the insight required to shrug it off if they so choose. The new energy allows for very quick, massive personal change in proportion to the intent and willingness and surrender (utterly giving up) put into it. Welcome to those who choose the lessons of love and creation! WELCOME!

There is no right or wrong about it, there is only that which you choose and where it leads you. Always consider where an action will lead you, if you have any doubt or if you have anger.

The Trend is for the 99% to reclaim their power and voice, and to determine a Better Way Of Living...and to bring it about. The declining power of the 1% will still seek to obstruct, usurp, and even destroy it, such is its wont. It is important to note that not only will the will of the majority prevail, it is important for that majority to show up and claim what it wants. The positive energy will provide. You should by now note that positive acts have sustainability. In the older energy, it seemed that there was an efficiency ratio of something like 99% effort toward the positive, and a 1% result. That has changed and will continue to show up as the trend, will continue to show up as increasingly powerful. Those of the old way will make some headway as they are BUSY creating what they want. We must be even busier, all of us, creating what WE want, for it to stick. As the placard states: 99% to 1%...those are great odds. 2012, we will have been seeing where we stand regarding the increasing amplitude of extremes, and that we have choices to make, and that we are capable of making them. This is not a problem, we can do it together. We must CHOOSE to do it together! The awakening of humankind is of course part of this, and is partially propelled through it. Again, as an #Occupy sign stated: "...this is a process." It is not an avalanche of issues, it is an uncovering, a spring cleaning. Rise to the opportunity! We are stronger as a whole in so doing!

Politics? What has been a circus becomes increasingly simply pathetic...just pathetic. More and more agree upon this, and we look to ourselves for the answers. Don't like banks? Do as #Occupy San Francisco and start your own credit union. What do you need? BUILD IT. It becomes easier and easier to do.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
― Richard Buckminster Fuller

I wish for the world to come to a global mic check, to a global General Assembly, of the people, for the people, by the people. This can happen if we pay attention that the problems we face, of differences, are only speed bumps in our path and are not absolutes. We CAN do this. We WILL when we work at it. It is an incredibly exciting time to be alive! Do not fear any large-scale tumult, it is part of the process. Build your happiness muscles, choose to stay in joy, and build it for yourself and everyone, regardless!

This of course is incomplete, is highly general. I will say nothing about specific things requiring individual choice, only the general Trends from which to choose. If someone tells you "You will be a millionaire" and doesn't mention that it's through incredible determination and very hard work, you'll kick back to await the supposedly inevitable. Which will then NOT happen. Your participation is required for you to experience your joy, and to help build it for everyone else as well. Do not focus upon the unfortunate energy of problems, focus always upon solutions. Luckily, the increasingly positive energy supports this as well. We CAN face anything put in front of us. The will of the people is a physical thing! Get up, stand up. Stand up for your rights...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sorry for the spotty updates

as I've been using most of my energy following and attending #Occupations.

The Trend is continuing as expected. Manifestation is becoming simpler, and aids in clearing our issues (when willing). National karma has come on stage and is not soon to leave. Bad people are making headway into being bad, and good people are gaining ground in being good. This is a process and allows us to see and reject that which the majority does not want. Do not be alarmed by seemingly increasing negativity, but if motivated, DO go and put your time and energy into building something positive, something community. You will note that positive results are easier to gain, and easier to maintain, which is the difference, the happy difference.

I'm away from the computer, putting my time and energy into esteemable acts. What are you going to do with this lovely new energy and its rewards for action?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A quick thought on the 1% and the 99%.

They're terrified that we'll realize that WE DON'T NEED THEM.

Which of course is exactly what is happening. Enjoy the shift!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Be kind to yourself starting right now. Release that bit of dirt to which you've been clinging. Be willing to step forward into a better life. Put your thoughts and energy into "I am willing".

Allow your wings to unfurl as the wind is rising...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We are going in the right direction.

It may seem that things are getting worse, with more and more police violence, more and more defamation tactics and sheer subterfuge on the part of the police and those who control them, with greater and greater revelation of corporate, banking, and general wrong-doing, but I say to you that we are on the right path, we are going in the right direction, and that direction is one of washing our hands of the dirt we have tolerated for so very long. It is not increasing, we are merely awakening to it, and justly, to our desire to change the world to be rid of it in every form. This is right and true. It is for the good. Do not worry about the actions of the unjust for they shall be reviled more and more for their very actions, for their very intent. We are tired of them, we are done with them and their tactics and planning and undermining our voice and our freedom. Pay attention instead to what is right, to what beautiful things are being built among us, and through us. We are gathering to solve our problems because we are the best answer! Together we are unstoppable. We are far more powerful than we allow ourselves to believe. We are far more powerful than we have been told to allow ourselves to consider. Sleep, and submerge your ideas and strength, they tell us. No more! We can no longer ignore our difficulties, and find within ourselves the strength and determination to make things =better=. We see that our brothers and sisters are in need and we say "How can we help you?" We find ourselves in need and our brothers and sisters say "How can we help you?" How can we solve these problems together? It is happening and you are contributing even if you are even wondering about how to better the world. It is happening if you are part of the brilliance which are the #Occupy groups.

 It is happening, and it is gorgeous. It is exhilarating.

 Look to the posts of those who have attended the #Occupations and revel in their sense of wonder at something new and wonderful in the world, where each voice is heard as equally as any other, where each voice is welcomed and is =needed=. You are needed. You are wonderful. You have something to offer the world, no matter how small, no matter how you may feel about it. You are wanted, you are needed, it is here and it is waiting for you to step into its open arms, and it is Familiar. It is how life should be, it is how life will be, as we work for it. It has awakened and as such, will not return to slumber. We have tasted our voice, we have tasted our power, we have seen true Democracy is possible and the only direction from this point is to more of the same. Do not worry about those who interfere and even cause harm. They show us change is needed, and we naturally intensify our resolve to improve when we encounter such ugliness. It is a springboard and each and every time we have been attacked, whether directly or through witnessing it in print, in photographs, and in video, we move further and further into a better world. We are creating it right now and it is beautiful. It is natural. We want it, and it is happening.

 Do we have concrete problems to solve? Yes. Note the Trend already occurring through this movement and know that we have already begun improving the world. Banks are frightened, politicians are frightened, the old structures are beginning to shake and sway under our influence. These problems are not as big as we have imagined them, for they are already responding directly to our group direction, to our will. Double our numbers and they will scream. Multiply us times ten will be wonderful.

 We are going in the right direction. Be happy, we are doing it!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Beautiful message from #Occupy

Occupy Wall Street: No Demand is Big Enough

Occupy Wall Street has been criticized for its lack of clear demands, but how do we issue demands, when what we really want is nothing less than the more beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible? No demand is big enough. We could make lists of demands for new public policies: tax the wealthy, raise the minimum wage, protect the environment, end the wars, regulate the banks. While we know these are positive steps, they aren't quite what motivated people to occupy Wall Street. What needs attention is something deeper: the power structures, ideologies, and institutions that prevented these steps from being taken years ago; indeed, that made these steps even necessary. Our leaders are beholden to impersonal forces, such as that of money, that compel them to do what no sane human being would choose. Disconnected from the actual effects of their policies, they live in a world of insincerity and pretense. It is time to bring a countervailing force to bear, and not just a force but a call. Our message is, "Stop pretending. You know what to do. Start doing it." Occupy Wall Street is about exposing the truth. We can trust its power. When a policeman pepper sprays helpless women, we don't beat him up and scare him into not doing it again; we show the world. Much worse than pepper spray is being perpetrated on our planet in service of money.Let us allow nothing happening on earth to be hidden.
No one deserves to live in a world built upon the degradation of human beings, forests, waters, and the rest of our living planet. Speaking to our brethren on Wall Street, no one deserves to spend their lives playing with numbers while the world burns. Ultimately, we are protesting not only on behalf of the 99% left behind, but on behalf of the 1% as well. We have no enemies. We want everyone to wake up to the beauty of what we can create
Occupy Wall Street should not be content with half-measures, even as it encourages and applauds the tiny hundredth-measures that might come first. It should not let such concessions sap the strength of the movement or seduce it into neglecting to foster its organizational network. Occupy Wall Street is the first manifestation in a long time of "people power" in America. For too long, democracy has, for most people, meant meaningless choices in a box. The Wall Street occupation is stepping out of the box.
The truth is dwindling rain forests, spreading deserts, mass tree die-offs on every continent; looted pensions, groaning burdens of student debt, people working two or three dead end jobs; children eating dirt in Haiti, elders choosing between food and medicine... the list is endless, and we will make it no longer possible to hold it in disconnection from the money system. That is why we converge on Wall Street, and anywhere that finance holds sway. You have lulled us into complacency for long enough with illusions and false hopes. We the people are awakening and we will not go back to sleep.

 Charles Eisenstein is a writer, speaker, and the author of The Ascent of Humanity and other books. He also maintains a blog at

Only those who realize that there is something in man which is superior to the brute nature in him and that the latter always yields to it, can effectively be Satyagrahis. This force is to violence, and, therefore, to all tyranny, all injustice, what light is to darkness. In politics, its use is based upon the immutable maxim, that government of the people is possible only so long as they consent either consciously or unconsciously to be governed.

—M.K Gandhi

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Please be careful of channeled information.

The darkness is leaving Earth, in the form of the Satanic, which is usually obvious. Far more subtle are the tricks of the Luciferic, which tricks others into dangerous actions. There however is somewhat of a code involved, so if you see any sort of warning involved in a book or writing, be wary or just leave it alone, even if (or most especially if) it is couched by or hidden within humor.

Your consent is what is required so be skillful. If your intuition warns you in any way, listen to it. There is more trouble out there in spiritual writings than you might imagine, with channeling being possibly the most dangerous. There is also the danger of pointing it out and having it become an attraction, so I will only speak broadly and always request you to use your heart, to use your intuition, to ask guidance and to pay attention to any hits you get warning you about something, no matter how small. It is guidance. Keep your ego out of it, keep you ego from being involved. If you find that, beware. Stick with your heart, work on your own happiness, or better, work for the happiness of others. You are guided, you are your own best navigator, don't rely too deeply upon writings and exotic beings who might not be legit. Fear can be used to create dependence so stick to your joyous places.


Global Warming will help bring us together. (+ more)

Warming globally is the root cause of the increasing amplitude of the pendulum swings of the weather we already recognize. They will continue to increase in opposing severity as the heat whips things towards a chaotic/turbulent state.

The chaotic/turbulent state can be avoided through everyone getting together and admitting that there IS a problem, it is NOW, WHAT will we do to decrease it? This is currently occuring, is part of my predictions for 2011, is part of what must happen to actually cause us to come together to solve our problems. The general empetus to unifying in the face of trouble, already seen regarding the beautiful #Occupy movement, will increase globally in science and technology as we discuss what is and what must be done.

The problem-solving mindset thankfully applies/will apply to the other problems we face, and hopefully overpopulation will be the next main focus.

All this while, the energy continues to increase into the positive. We are doing personal, local, national, international, Global cleansing, and beneath it all, finding ourselves and that others are just like us and that we are all beautiful and deserving. So, systems incompatable are being obsoleted before our very eyes. The Trend is very visible with several big banks attempting to woo customers into staying (in the face of the November 5th Bank Transfer Day, get thee to a credit union or small local bank), reneging on newly announced fees, with growing outrage over police brutality and such, sloughing off that which no longer fits. It's not so much an increase in violence but a public self-examination of what we want and do not want, and a measure of our increasing sensitvity and clarity, and of the deeper darkness leaving us, of our rejecting it.

I also note that I have changed my diet to far, far less red meat or meat of any sort when possible. Depending upon what your body tells you, and you'll know better and better, consider eating lighter foods, and even those which are literally closer to Light. Yogananda mentioned that nuts and berries are very close to sunlight, plants and vegetables as well. Eating animals which eat plants and berries etc. is a step away from light. Eating those who feed upon those who eat plants and berries is yet another step away from light. It is possible for some saints to subsist directly upon God's infinite Light but that's not for everyone at this time. Know your body's calls for food; some heavy items may be required for balance. You'll know, and don't drastically change your diet because you read it here, trust your body and if you have any questions, ask a doctor first. Don't ignore clear suffering; get what you need. Your body is intelligent. Thank it and listen to its needs (be wary of its wants, that's just the senses and ego demanding stimulation, which is the ceaseless monkey cage referred to in Eastern literature). I'm a sweet tooth, I don't KNOW if I need those chocolates or not ;)

Back on topic. Remember what this blog and others recommend: Work to stay in a positive place regardless of that which churns about you. I have to work on this as well and writingn this blog is part of my practice. If you are hit with emotional swings, stay calm, breathe, take epsom salts baths if appropriate, stay around flower essences and precious oils per your taste. Put on your favorite comedy, go be silly with some friends. Work this muscle, it will serve you well and it is a habit worth developing. Joy is your birthright and it is possible even during trouble. We will all begin to work to support each other through difficulty of all types, which is how it is supposed to be, will be, and should always be.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

My 2011 predictions were perhaps too low-key!

Posted by Peake in Astrology, Spirituality & Alternative Healing Group
Fri Dec 24th 2010, 12:01 PM
Starting the year with a lot of energies...we are being pushed/led to higher ideals and the far more pleasant manner of living they cause, disconnected from the past...note that some spiritual texts mainly describe how to live; this becomes more of a concern due to our Koyaanisqatsi and growing realization that we must go another way. The weather is revealing itself as an increasing hazard, one which must be solved. There will be growing awareness of the problems we face, such as this, and empetus to observation/organization/solution. Some new ideas will show up thanks to the presence of the Higher Dimensions and their associated genius. "Why didn't anyone ever think of that before, it's so obvious!"

But all in all, more proof of higher vibrations, the desire to be in them and to stay in them, of the desire and need to move into them as the standard. Fighting from those who cannot change, will not change, I don't wanna, you can't make me... Deeper insight into the malfeasance of government and government-related actions and agencies. Some shocking. PC said that Obama wouldn't go after BushCo directly, and IMO has likely prevented some harrowing info from coming to light too early (pun intended). All things in their time. Doesn't the military/industrial complex take about half of the governments spending? That sort of thing won't disappear overnight, but will diffuse and slowly break apart in the increasingly positive energies.

There will be more people realizing that there IS hope, that something better can be created and best of all, =maintained=. Which makes very important solving the problems in its way. Increasing love for the Great Mother Earth and voices raised toward caring for her more completely. Initiatives may begin regarding neighborhood care/upkeep, and co-op farming, which are things which should increase significantly, if you consider them at all. Food prices are becoming ridiculous, and there are increasing shortages...grow your own. Start another generation of Victory Gardens.

"Victory gardens, also called war gardens or food gardens for defense, were vegetable, fruit and herb gardens planted at private residences and public parks in United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Germany<1> during World War I and World War II to reduce the pressure on the public food supply brought on by the war effort. In addition to indirectly aiding the war effort these gardens were also considered a civil "morale booster" — in that gardeners could feel empowered by their contribution of labor and rewarded by the produce grown. This made victory gardens become a part of daily life on the home front."

This because of need as well as the increase of "good ideas". In beginning to work in a more communal manner, we become included and empowered, and satisfied as to a better way of living that we are making our own. Thus America begins some level of spiritual enrichment, as predicted by the Maharishi and Yogananda. This will be important especially if the cost of oil continues to rise. Transportation costs equal higher goods costs, and food is key. Those hanging tomato plant growers as seen on television are looking more and more interesting

I'm not talking instant revolutions here, but the continued birthing of positive trends amidst the absolute of increasing positive energy. Trend-watching is a good way to gain some level of insight. Those who doubt the "2012" energy thing may gain a greater belief, and hopefully some happiness regarding it, as it's good news for those who want something positive (or at minimum, the groundwork for something positive to be created). It's easier and easier to make positive actions "stick", to take hold and to gain empetus. Forward-driving energy is the important thing, combined with positive intent.

I've got to work upon this sort of thing; I don't care for the ephemeral much at all either. However, too much information can cause a lack of work if it is believed that a particular direction is guaranteed. The 2010 election should hopefully make it quite clear that if you want something, you're going to have to get out and make it happen. Input begins to equal output.

What is the world you wish to create? So begin. It is become easier and easier to do so.

Mayor Bloomberg: Your struggle against #OWS is creating unnecessary PAIN.

Please stop it. Allow this movement to grow and reach its apogee unimpeded. It will do so with or without you. Working against it merely creates unpleasant struggle and pain for everyone. Cease immediately. There is too much pain and struggle in the world and #Occupy is its peaceful solution. Sit back and watch something beautiful happen. Thank you very much.

Friday, October 14, 2011

#OccupyWallStreet NYC are victorious!

They have selected for their official color, a blend of those colors symbolic of the USA. The result?

Pretty much Indigo. Is this a surprise for anyone familiar with Indigo humans?

Although we face some real problems, this is how we will face them and move forward. It is time, it is a thing of beauty. Bravo to all those who got out and DID SOMETHING to change the world for the better!

Infinite Blessings...


Friday, October 7, 2011

#OccupyWallStreet can use your loving kindness.

Naomi Klein just called it the most important thing in the world right now and it is true. It is the US spearhead of world-wide change to higher states and it is working just fine.

It can benefit from your loving thoughts and beliefs toward it. Even one person looking upon it with kindness is a wonderful assist. Please help build the future with love. I hope that you join me in excitement!


Monday, October 3, 2011

Another bit on the cleansing process

This is not only about recognizing and releasing the things we shouldn't be doing, but is also about beginning to do the things you need to do for your integrity and are not. These can be more painful but are just as important. If you have painful relationships/dynamics you may have intimacy issues (most Americans are vulnerable to intimacy issues; it's one reason why we overeat and drug ourselves on television etc., so we don't have to listen to the internal pangs).


If you did not receive sufficient attention as a child from either or both parents, or worse, were rejected and abused, it is time to acknowledge that you feel hurt and why.

"I'm hurt because they didn't pay attention to me."
"I'm hurt because because I never felt loved by _______."
"I'm hurt because they abused me, broke my integrity, laughed at my powerlessness, when all I wanted was for them to love me."

"I'm hurt because I couldn't change the situation. I'm mad at myself because I wasn't powerful/smart/etc. enough to change the situation."

The thing is, to be a child is to be powerless, to not be able to adequately influence your situation and surroundings enough to gain love and to stop abuse. Your intimacy was denied, it was damaged, it was disrespected, it was ignored. You hurt. Say to yourself that you hurt because your intimacy was ______,
whatever applies.

Self-blame comes into play due to the young ego, which believes it has all power and rails or withdraws against trouble. If you blame yourself for anything that happened to you, tell that to yourself. Apologize to yourself. It wasn't your fault. You were just there. You are surrounded by loving energy and beings; ask for them to help you with grace and ease.

These items result in a loss of security, self-esteem, ambition, etc. The ego screams "I should've/would've/should've!!!! Real men/women _______________. Real men and women don't let __________ happen to them." Etc.! It never ends. It is the monkey cage spoken of in Eastern meditation literature. You are now stilling the monkey cage...


When hitting puberty, significant, deep emotional responses (lack of security, self-esteem, etc.) can eventually become blended with the sex drive, and sex replaces intimacy. True intimacy is to be very happy in anothers' presence, looking into each others' eyes, not having to say a word. True intimacy is wanting to learn and learning what makes your partner happy and doing it lovingly, and not for any hope of return on investment but to quietly know they are happy. Their happiness becomes your happy partial responsibility. It's also knowing how to receive as well as to give. In intimacy, it flows naturally. Two persons helix...are able to communicate through ego drama and demands, recognizing them and laughing. They are able to overcome ego demands for isolation and lashing out, when injured. Thich naht hanh, in "True Love", discusses the sword which cuts the Gordian knot during relationship trouble. To go to the loved one and say "Beloved, I see you are suffering. Tell me, what can I do to help you?" And as well, "Beloved, I am suffering. Please help me!" This is humility. It overcomes the following ego issues:

Lack of self-esteem drives one to set aside their own integrity in hopes of being valued (which only produces a momentary sensation, which must constantly be upped. Others get tired of feeding such a "black hole" and leave, resulting in even worse self-esteem.). If you are suffering from painful relationships you may have to admit that you need your own self-esteem, that it cannot come from others. This is something you may have to begin doing for yourself, whilst stopping expecting it from others. (Self-esteem is built through doing esteemable acts, from forgiving yourself for having suffered and for having ever been weak and vulnerable, and again, from doing esteemable acts. Get thee down to the soup kitchen and contribute your time...go to an orphanage or old folks' home and tell stories, spend time with the invalid, etc.)

Lack of security can result in the same sorts of self-demeaning, self-destructive behaviour. The cure is to again, help others be secure. You get what you give. Forgive yourself for not being powerful enough to control your security, because perhaps no human can be fully secure in the material realm, the realm of constant change. You can find security in a group, if you do not lean upon them, such as a hobby group, recovery group, etc. You may wish to ask your Guides to help you in this but always, with grace and ease. Again, you may have to recognize and acknowledge a personal lack of security (especially about loss; the ego is afraid of losing what it has and of not getting what it wants). You can tell your Guides, tell God, tell your favorite higher power that you are afraid of these things, and request help. Just admitting it is a big step in the right direction.

Ask them to take your fear, to build you where you are weak. You might encounter situations designed to highlight a particular knot you must either stop or be willing to begin. Ask for ease and grace in this time, in all your growth and cleansing. Admit if you are weak. Admit if you are frightened.

If you are not taking care of yourself, hoping others will do so, you need to recognize it, admit it, and be willing to begin to do so. You will be assisted. If you are harming others, you will hopefully wish to ask yourself why and be truthful to yourself about the hurts and resentments driving you. If you are resentful, ask yourself what is behind it. Is your security threatened by something? Is your self-esteem injured, feeling less than or countering that with pretending to be more than? Just be willing to admit it, which starts the release process. It becomes easier and more comfortable as you repeat it. And we are taught that we can do it all alone, by and for ourselves. You may have experiences countering this "wisdom", and can ask your Angels and Guides for help with things you CANNOT do by yourself. This is the positive hierarchy. If you need help and ask humbly and get out of the way, and it is appropriate, you will receive some measure of help, if not always exactly what you WANT (ego), what you NEED.

If you feel unloved, remember why, then do something loving for another, anonymously if you can.

If you feel hurt, comfort someone who is also in pain.

Yes, this is building to the St. Francis prayer:

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. 

Where there is hatred, let me sow love. 
Where there is injury, pardon. 
Where there is doubt, faith. 
Where there is despair, hope. 
Where there is darkness, light. 
Where there is sadness, joy. 

O Divine Master, 

grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console; 
to be understood, as to understand; 
to be loved, as to love. 
For it is in giving that we receive. 
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned, 
and it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life. 


For humility is the answer to ego suffering. Service is the answer to self-obsession. You will find examples of this in all great spiritual paths. Seek them there if you wish!

Blessed Be.

Another sign of the shift to positive energy will be

that higher principles and standards just feel right, and are ever-more desirable. This is the 4th and 5th vibratory dimension energy coming into higher presence in the world, and equality, freedom, peace, democracy, support, love, courage, hope, and other higher principles will feel more and more natural, no longer theories and dreams, but real, sensed, ways of living. Mass rejection of old tactics of brutality, conniving, greed, gluttony, and selfishness will become more and more visible. These things are already visible today and will only grow. The old negative energy may push and shove and perhaps even do something deplorable (or two), but it is the death cry of an obsolete way of life. It is natural for them to be afraid, sensing the ground breaking up beneath their feet, their malfeasance ever more revealed in the news (even the media they own)...and they will act out. Do not be afraid, for their actions amidst the new energy will show as desperate, highly undesired, and yes, the acts of the obsolete now moving out of the world. There is much support if they wish to join the positive direction so please send them love and compassion.

Do not waste your time in upset or fear. You will only manifest these in your life. Continue to recognize fear and negative issues bubbling up in your life; this is the cleansing process continuing unabated.

I am excited, I am exhilarated, I hope you are as well, or shall very soon come to be! Ask for guidance, clarity, perspective, insight, support, what you need to make your life its best. Loving angels and guides are right there with you, they stand at your side waiting for you to request their help and guidance!


Thursday, September 29, 2011

There is something new in the world

Please use this URL:



I was taught that crisis is definable. It is the increasing struggle for dominance between two separate directions. It should be increasingly obvious that a new direction is growing and that the old direction must go. Holding on to the old direction will cause increasing discomfort and eventually pain. Letting to and seeking the new direction will bring relief.

This is true at the personal inner level as well as the outer social level.

You are guided and in seeking guidance, will be brought to recognize and feel the correct direction. Always remember that you have to ask for higher guidance...positive beings do not interfere unless requested. Willingness is always a good characteristic to hone during this transition...


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Notice the change?

I have a satisfied feeling...the last week has seen a few social issues take center stage, where they need to be in order to flourish and to leave behind any negativity...and they come to our greater attention through the negative actions of those who wish to rule the world.

-A gay US soldier was boo'ed during the Republican debate, and as wise bloggers have noted, not one of the candidates had the courage to support the troops...causing a bit of a backlash, and a greater passion for equal treatment and acceptance. Coinciding with the end of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".

-Two protests in NYC have merged; the #OccupyWallStreet group encountered a march of Troy Davis supporters and found equal interests and grounds...with recent news that the Koch brothers have made astonishing amounts of money through manipulating gas and other commodities, and that it's costing us while they do it, and regarding how much Americans have lost to Wall Street and their ilk, there is finally enough energy there to create a genuine movement, a response to the destructive corruption...and with Troy, God rest his soul, as well as the recent beating death of a southern gent simply because he was black...with the execution of another who had killed a black man out of racism...and with Morgan Freeman talking about how the "tea party" are simply racists, destroying jobs just to get one man out of his job, racism is taking new hits as it is brought into the light of greater public awareness.

These are the trends and changes based upon the continuing increase in positive energy. That which is not love-based or positive is coming under increasing scrutiny and rejection, at every level. It is wonderful to finally see it beginning in earnest versus it having been for so long merely a topic of discussion. To finally be the visible trend. Because it feels RIGHT. Because it feels like Love.

Peace and Love...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Clearing ego concerns

Your ego is often most centered upon

The fear of losing what you have


The fear of not getting what you want.

Simply recognize these bubbles of energy as they pop at the surface of attention, and they begin to release. Even the general admission that "I'm afraid of losing what I have and I'm afraid of not getting what I want" is clearing.


Surround yourself with joy

As the systems of negativity continue to crumble/be exposed so that we may choose the positive, it becomes possible to be distracted by the sheer sum of issues in the news, etc. It is important to work on centering your self through this so that you do not get caught up in the energy. I'm working on this as well, as this is as true of internals as it is externals- if something is bothering you or if you find yourself over-reacting, just breathe and know that it's something looking to be identified and then let go. "Yep, that is the fear of..." etc.

The point is to not get caught up in the drama of Change, but in its joy. Even if it takes work to strengthen this into a habit, it is a right use of intent.

What do you enjoy? What do you love? Surround yourself with it, immerse yourself in it, live it, love it. This is your birthright.

Put on your favorite happy movie.

Go out and do your favorite happy thing.

Do it with friends interested in it as well if possible.

Best yet, go out and help someone in need of assistance, companionship, resources. Others' happiness is your happiness. Careful of the ego getting in the way but you'll know the right thing, start small if new to service to get the feel and flow.

The longer you stay in the positive, the more you are getting used to the new world. Do be honest with yourself about anything that is in your face. This is clearing so that all that remains is happiness.


Monday, September 12, 2011

A little bit of green energy

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011



The following statement is to be carefully read by you and then considered carefully.

If acceptable, ask your “Wisdom of my Being, the Wisdom of my Body, my Heart, and all that are involved in any way, to accept and implement this intention with True Holy Love, Namaste, to be effective in all my life at all times and in all circumstances” and then read it aloud three times to make it fully effective. You must be honest and sincere !

“I [name], with True Holy Love, Namaste, do hereby forgive all who have caused hurts, harm, problems, and emotional, mental, and spiritual traumas to me and to all or any in my families, communities, and associations. I forgive you completely in all ways and in all aspects, in all planes of existence, in all domains, and in all dimensions. Whatever has been caused is now in the past and is of no importance to me now and does not matter to me any more. I am now free of all such causes and their effects.”

“I [name] do humbly and sincerely apologize for all the hurts, harm, problems, and emotional, mental, and spiritual traumas that I have caused to all life forms, including all that were knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally caused, in all my life including all past lives of myself and all in my Soul families.”

“I [name] do humbly and sincerely ask forgiveness for all the hurts, harm, problems, and emotional, mental, and spiritual traumas that I have caused to all life forms, including all that were knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally caused, in all my life including all past lives of myself and all in my Soul families.”

“I [name] do humbly and sincerely ask Angelic help to Heal, clear, and remove from my total Being all emotional triggers attached or linked to my cellular, aural, and other memories of all these hurts, harm, problems, and traumas, and to keep me so free of non-beneficial emotional triggers in all nows and at all times.”

“I [name], with True Holy Love, Namaste, do hereby bring back to me all Energies and Soul parts that have left me or been lost in any way, except those that I have sent to be and are beneficial to others, and do humbly and sincerely ask Angelic help to Heal them with True Holy Love, Namaste, so that they can be in their rightful place”.

“I [name], with True Holy Love, Namaste, do hereby release all non-beneficial Energies and Soul parts that have come to me in any way and for any reason, and do humbly and sincerely ask Angelic help to Heal them with True Holy Love, Namaste, and take them to be in their rightful place”.

“I [name] do humbly and sincerely send my Love, Gratitude, and Thanks with True Holy Love, Namaste, to all who so help and assist me in this forgiveness.”

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Deleting the dollar, restoring the Village

America is coming into a time of greater spirituality and this is partially driven by the falling dollar. There is specific spiritual meaning to this. Communities are tightening and are helping their needy. Daycare costs are causing parents to consider new solutions. These are only two signs of the current shift into spirituality. Extended families should consider joining resources. Groups of parents should create daycare where children would have more than a single adult. These are returns to the concept of the village. It is also hopefully a solution to the "nuclear family", as it is a self-destroying function. Together, parents have a better chance of learning to parent. Parented together, children have a better feel of community and are able to learn from those who have what any specific child needs. School is then merely an extension of these principles.

Or would you rather have a BRAND NEW FLATSCREEN PLASMA TV!?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

America is seriously at risk of becoming a second-world country.

The Maharishi and others have said it, or implied it strongly. America would shift to a spiritual basis and India and others would be the top players economically/productively. Americans need to embrace spirituality, at least, the positive aspects of spirituality. It may be forced upon them from their sheer need of such. I have discussed all of this previously.

I note that gold only fell $15.00 when the stock market dropped over 500 points. (shrugs shoulders)

Monday, August 1, 2011

The new energy has significantly increased this month

and co-creation is increasing. So are the monsters from the ID, to quote the meaningful movie...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dear One

We have seen your suffering, we have seen your hurt.

It is time for you to believe that something else is possible. Something better.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

The debt ceiling issue and its repercussions.

Houses of cards are crumbling, responsibility is ensconsing, and the bad people are working hard to destroy the world's economies and currencies, partly in the belief that they can then own everything, and partly just because they can.

I remind that this year was called "unpalatable", and I firmly agree.

Don't allow the possible depth of trouble if things go sour to sway you from remembering that the positive is indeed on the rise as the new way. It is fixed, it is occuring, and what counts is how we deal with it. The negative certainly won't deal with it "well" as their power evaporates.

What kind of world do we want? It is up to us. Are we out in the streets about the debt ceiling? No, and as such, we don't have an extremely strong "say" in it. If they pass measures hurting people, or worse, just allow republican exclusionism to stall things completely, there will be blowback. Obama is a straight shooter; he said that if the debt ceiling isn't raised, it will be catastrophic. The republicans WANT a catastrophic result. They and their international money buddies are trying to finish what Bush started with 9/11 and later the funding of wall street and bad banks: the collapse of world economies/currencies, so that they can own everything.

A teacher of mine who is much better at this sort of thing once said that it comes down to a struggle between those who just want to live in the world, and those who want to run it.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June is about cleansing and re-alignment to the new energies.

If last week bottomed you out, it's important to know that it's a clearing and that you need to be responsible for the possibly ugly things coming up from within. To be true about them is to begin or to complete the release. The new world is not for those who demand to hold on to the morbid and negative. Two more eclipses this month will either help or pound you, it's your choice.

The trend to 2012 continues, as does the cleansing of that which is incompatible. This is a path toward joy. Joy requires the release of that which is not joyous. This is a gift, not a punishment!

Friday, May 6, 2011

A bit more on prayer

My experience, hope it helps:

I do pray a lot and the best prayers for the benefit of others can certainly have a noticeable, positive effect upon you (you get what you give). "I am praying for the enlightenment of all beings" is a good one. But the important bit is that you mean it, put a bit of intent/energy/will into it, or it's just words. I suppose that the same prayer said over and over is chanting to an extent, but I make no claim to have any specific knowledge of chanting as a practice. I "chain pray" because it helps me, and knowing that it helps me, I know that it is helping others.

I don't pray out loud, I intone the words in my mind along with the in and out breath through the nose. It is easy to become distracted by the wandering mind, and the underlying prayer can become flat and one-dimensional, losing efficacy until attention is restored to it.


Friday, April 15, 2011

The Trend of the Higher Dimensions

The Trend so far does indeed display the presence of the Higher Dimension and their Principles and that people are indeed influenced by them and are searching for some sort of higher/better way of living. In America we are waking up regarding the Republican tactics of divide and conquer (noise, distraction, stonewalling, diviciveness, corporate-owned spokespersons) and are becoming sick enough about it to Change it. In the middle east, revolution continues and freedom continues. The Muslim communities will, once free in their own countries, need to find how to get along with the rest of their compatriot nations and also to find a higher way in the world. This of course is fully possible! They can teach us a thing or two as they build in this new energy.

Reaching for a higher way of living is a Trend which will be ever more evident. Even if it first shows as upset and even revolution over the status quo and Things Which No Longer Work. We are Deciding as we go. Decisions reach critical mass and Change occurs.

A quick overview

We are likely distracted by and focused upon events and changes in our lives. Which is exactly where we should be focused, due to the change energy currently (no pun) at work upon us. It's time to examine and lose self-defeating beliefs and patterns. Ask for ease and grace in this process at this time, because it can be quite harsh and seemingly merciless. It is required, as the negative polarity of the ego (basing self-worth upon negativity) is incompatible with the increasingly positive energy.

Change is a double-edged sword. Difficulty sucks, but what we do about it can make us into something even better than before. Note that you may have opportunity to make yourself into something even better than before :/ Face your difficulties directly and they will begin to resolve. Avoid them and they will return ever larger. I don't like it either, at all to be sure, but there it is. It's worth it because it will clear what must be cleared prior to the Establishment of certain levels of positive/creative energies upon Earth.

Why nuclear disaster? Why oil disaster? Why should we suddenly turn our attention upon our short-term solutions to our energy needs (which are destructive)? To cause us to recognize their harmfulness and to desire, as a species, a better solution. This as always is where Change occurs: when enough of us form a critical mass and Decide upon something. There are two ways to be: living with the Earth, and living against. Time to Decide.

This is also imperative in American politics. The Republicans will NOT bow to any measure of bipartisanship unless forced (by a critical mass). They will eat our lunch if we allow them. It's what they do, it's all they do. Continued attacks upon the average American for the benefit of The Corporation will continue to polarize against them, the average American, including some who have previously voted Republican. Obama quietly allows them to be seen as what they are, as PC said, giving them enough rope to hang themselves. Seen as obstructionists to those who simply wish to live their lives, they lose favor and increase their standard campaign tactic of noise and dissent (divide and conquer). Newt hasn't learned that things are Changing...yet. Ye Olde Republican Noise Machine, shudder and be still. Americans now recognize and are becoming sick of your pure, selfish divisiveness.

Glenn Beck may have a public episode as his pressure-cooker belief system reaches a critical point. Everyone currently has the option to let go of problems (again, they're in our face for exactly that reason) but not all will be aware, or choose to take the new direction.

Change will continue in the Middle East, and those who have found self-government will still have to deal with tribal factions and religious differences. Such are the issues in self-governing: how to do the best for the most without snubbing anyone. Yes, there are purposeful troublemakers in the US and elsewhere looking to derail the freedom Trend, and not all coming revolutions will be peaceful or quick, but all are worth it. These changes will continue to effect the entire world, both spiritually and financially.

Sorry, this is longer-term than merely April, but April's RAM energy is appropriate to apply in the fight against those who truly wish to establish a corporate state in the US.

Advice? Fight for what requires a fight. Pray for what you wish to create for yourself and others. Detach from drama at all costs, and greet it with a genuine outpouring of love and light, to shift it to a higher level/keep it from derailing you. You wish to create a higher vibration/better life for yourself? Create it through direct effort. Time spent worrying will now only create more worry and feed into the problem. Send love and light where needed.

Holy Creator bless and keep and light be yours forever.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Inner Revolution

Change continues and is healing our self-relationships. Negative ego considerations such as self-pity, victimhood, and irresponsibility are being cleansed. So...

We are not taught to have a relationship with ourselves. We have been lied to, told to always respond to externals, to always seek externals, especially Authority. It is time to accept that externals are not fulfilling you, and that the direction you seek is found when you connect with your inner desire, your inner self. Treat your Self well. Take time for it. Honor it with gifts of love (tell yourself you love your self, tell yourself that I put myself first). Selfish is not bad in this case unless it goes too far. Turn off the TV and the radio and spend time telling yourself you love it, and take it out for flowers, for nature, for film and dance and acting and everything beloved to you. Be thankful for YOU. Smile at yourself in the mirror. God doesn't make mistakes; there are just things we have yet to learn.

A good meditation is to sit in a chair, close your eyes and paying light attention to your outbreath through your nose, say solidly in your mind with each breath, in each direction, "SELF LOVE". Sit through any discomfort and do this for a few minutes each morning and evening. Yes, stop and do this. It will help. Do it a long time if you feel the extra need, if sadness comes up. Do it through the sadness, in spite of it. To go an extra distance, visualize that your outbreath through the nose sends SELF LOVE to all beings in the Universe. This is very powerful and truly works. It can be adapted for anything you feel lacking, or simply wish to give to the Universe. You can visualize "SELF LOVE" in those words going out into the Universe.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This is looking to become quite a unifying struggle.

And of course, victory over such monstrous agenda will in itself produce Hope. One step back, two steps forward.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


What we do with our lives is not fixed; the negative outcome of the late 2010 election shows this. So, a note on what the Republicans are giving us. So that we may better choose what to do with our lives.

Scott Walker is part of the corporate/international money scheme of disaster capitalism and the "new world order". Of Gingrich's Contract On America and Reagan's masters working to destroy the middle class in order to have a class of kings and queens, and a class of frightened, throw-away puppets.

This is what they've been working for, for decades. This is not going away, they are not going away, they are working as they have always, albeit more visibly and more staunchly. They have no intention to budge because this is an orchestrated, systematic attack upon the weak spots of our country's superstructure. Any single victory in the courts will be taken to every other state and hammered at until they win.

They are robotic and utterly predictable, to act in their own best interest and to not budge, unless it is to allow them to come at the same issue from another angle. In the Reagan years, Schlafly and others were very bold and up front, expecting the majority to simply vote in their agenda. How could the majority disagree with their agenda...but they did. Now they work at destroying that which stands in the way of their ownership and abuse agenda, through phony grass-roots movements, through the courts, through sheer obstinance. Obdurance. They don't have to budge because they can literally out-wait any challenge/response. They've succeeded in such many times in the past. "It worked so well before; let's use it once more." -Front 242. Look for them to simply attempt to out-wait any response to their hard-lining. They'll act as badly as tantruming children when they know that they can get away with it. And worse.

And in the next two years, watch for Americans becoming more and more sickened and outraged by such SELFISHNESS. At the suffering Republicans unleash (or attempt to unleash) upon our country. Watch for people to continue seeing things as it is, not as Republicans wish for them to see (SADDAM WAS PART OF 9/11!!!). Things can change in America, but we have to WANT IT TO.

Watch for the Republicans to give us many and deep reasons to WANT IT TO.

Friday, February 11, 2011

"Look around and sense the joy welling up, becoming the Standard."

I posted that on the 3rd.

The Joy coming out of Egypt is Intoxicating. Blessings to them and all who will follow!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Positive change can sometimes leave us breathless

because change can be uncomfortable...what happens next? Will it be negative? What fills the void left behind?

When countries rise up and demand Democracy and a better way of living, the old is left behind. We're used to the old; its absence/falling away can almost cause grief, it's so familiar. The important thing is to remember that positive change is occurring and that the new directions need positive energy and follow-up in order to well continue.

We are shaking off the fleas; how nice it will be to no longer itch and be bitten. Almost a "What's missing"? condition. Look around and sense the joy welling up, becoming the Standard.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

For the worried

Some are discomfited by the open-ended nature of the Shift; "possibilities are endless, you can create anything..." WHAT do you want to create? Will it hurt? Is there a trick, or a trap??? What will happen if I am responsible for everything in my life?

Where to start in an infinity of possibility? Right where you are. What would you ADD to where you are? What would you like to be different? Take baby steps if uncertain. You can start the process of creating a better life through small steps, in identifying what you'd like to change for the better, and putting into it, time and energy. Will it be hard work? It is about willingness and excitement. The Shift itself will help bring you into a more positive place from which better ideas will come more and more easily.

If you are uptight, relax into the Shift. Our birthright is excitement, joy, inclusion, creativity...You can have it, it is yours, and it is wonderful.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Change occurs most easily, the more minds are involved.

Items such as the Giffords shooting have caused a large spiritual change in the country, even if it is not yet fully visible. We are more determined to have a country in which such things do not happen, and/or are understood/healed/prevented before a problem may occur.

We can grow from everyone carrying Hope (we did for two years) and now, back for some polarity swings and the associated determination to do better, to be better, to paraphrase the wonderful words of Gifford's husband.

Trouble brings out our compassion and opens our hearts. Makes us determine to be better, to live better, to seek a way to live more in line with the positive.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Welcome to the cleansing of the deep deepies.

Self-destruction now becomes the logical result of those thoughts and energies. Self-hate now produces self-consumption. Fear begins to ping itself, regardless of external input. Broken faith begins to become a deal-breaker. That which a thing is, increases.

Those with choices to make on such matters should get to it, and to request spirit assistance and willingness (with grace and ease, of course). Often simply admitting such feelings will result in their release, or the beginning of their release.

As always, the most important thing you can have is a relationship with God, or one of the Great Avatars and God through that. This is most especially true if you are beginning to fall through the cracks.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Positive change occurs

Positive change occurs as quickly as it takes for great numbers of people to choose it. Sometimes it requires a bad example or two for such to occur, but it -is- happening. I see media eventually changing into something that can convey true human interest subjects and tales of overcoming and becoming better, of finding and maintaining better ways to live.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Effects of the Arizona shootings

Prayer and healing to all involved in the tragedy.

Her husband said, "We're better than this. We must do better."

Sadly, sometimes it takes tragedy for those effected to choose a better way. Hindsight is easy, but this tragedy has gripped the nation more than such things usually do. The depth of compassion displayed and the depth of disgust of the right wing hate-mongers tells all. If you are watching the trends, this is part of the overall change towards a higher way of living, of concern with "how to live" itself. We are tired of the negativity and of the barely-concealed selfish, destructive desires of the money'd/right wing. This is how it begins to move into something better, through enough people firmly saying "NO". We lost a chance for this in the October 2010 elections, but more will occur, sometimes sadly as this. The issue is getting enough of us to really say "NO" to outmoded issues and to say "YES" to something better.

Again, prayers and healing to all involved and effected by this horrible event. My complete apologies if I am out of line in utilizing it to make a point about the overall positive direction...because that is half of the intent of this blog. Peace.