Friday, February 11, 2011

"Look around and sense the joy welling up, becoming the Standard."

I posted that on the 3rd.

The Joy coming out of Egypt is Intoxicating. Blessings to them and all who will follow!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Positive change can sometimes leave us breathless

because change can be uncomfortable...what happens next? Will it be negative? What fills the void left behind?

When countries rise up and demand Democracy and a better way of living, the old is left behind. We're used to the old; its absence/falling away can almost cause grief, it's so familiar. The important thing is to remember that positive change is occurring and that the new directions need positive energy and follow-up in order to well continue.

We are shaking off the fleas; how nice it will be to no longer itch and be bitten. Almost a "What's missing"? condition. Look around and sense the joy welling up, becoming the Standard.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

For the worried

Some are discomfited by the open-ended nature of the Shift; "possibilities are endless, you can create anything..." WHAT do you want to create? Will it hurt? Is there a trick, or a trap??? What will happen if I am responsible for everything in my life?

Where to start in an infinity of possibility? Right where you are. What would you ADD to where you are? What would you like to be different? Take baby steps if uncertain. You can start the process of creating a better life through small steps, in identifying what you'd like to change for the better, and putting into it, time and energy. Will it be hard work? It is about willingness and excitement. The Shift itself will help bring you into a more positive place from which better ideas will come more and more easily.

If you are uptight, relax into the Shift. Our birthright is excitement, joy, inclusion, creativity...You can have it, it is yours, and it is wonderful.