Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Off-Topic, Regarding Aliens.

From ASAH forum posts.

At least one site linked to in ASAH states that this type (shockingly similar to Human appearance) is the most likely to first visit if there are negative intentions involved.

I for one would find it far more likely that lifeforms rather unlike us would be the first to make contact. Or at least, it would be far easier to swallow. Any group going to great lengths to make us comfortable (or drop our guard) would be more likely to have negative intent. Aliens faced with both the interest in meeting others/trading experience -and- the barrier of earing trust due to patent dissimilarity, would be most likely to earn my initial trust. It would take humility to work at cross-understanding on both our parts. To see ourselves in something dissimilar, and to learn from it, would be wonderful, especially if it went both ways.

It is always important to say...beware Greeks bearing gifts.

The ethics and social repercussions of meeting the Other would be indescribably significant. There are still those who raise the rebel flag against the North winning the Civil War, and freeing the African-American. We've seen blatant racism in the Katrina debacle, straight from the Bush pod, as well as against Obama during and after the election. It's still there, despite what Lincoln did for us. So, imagine what effect the Significantly Other would have. I've read many excellent books on the subject, but wonder if any of them would truly capture the extent of such an event and its aftermath. Part of me longs to see; part of me fears it. If I have fear, then others may have terror, or not enough security in weltanschauung for it to be considered safe. I just don't know.

I haven't personally (intuitively) examined the ET question so I have zero answers. I am wary of anything channeled so there is no going that route, at least for myself. (There are many negative entities at work in channeled material- be very careful. Honestly, "who cares", just keep close to God/The Great Avatars and do your good works, and pray, etc. You don't need external information. God is close, so seek God. You need nothing else!)

Some, like Kriyananda, have stated (in his Bhagavad Gita translation) that there are indeed aliens, some positive, some negative, that they have craft not limited by light-speed, and that they travel for their various reasons...if the Universe is filled with life, which is likely, then it's rather likely that at least some have taken interest in Earth due to the Shift.

An old girlfriend put it so very well: "If we went into space, we wouldn't behave." I have to fully agree, and as such, significantly doubt if we'd do very well at all with any obvious visitors. We can't even get health care save the ETs for later! (grin)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kill your TV.

Smash your radio. Take back your life.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The only problem with 2012

is that it is possible for the mass choice to be...very little. All is possible, yet it requires empetus and action on the part of the masses. If you want health care reform, work for it. If you want better standards of living for everyone, work for it. If you want to live in joy, work for it. The returns are quick and significant.

However, do nothing, and nothing indeed shall be the return. Obama has made this clear...he alone cannot make these changes. And we are sitting around doing little, very little.

Make a difference, now!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

What happens to society/social structures.

Change. Change to simplification. We do not need a competetive, capitalistic social structure. It is dying as it cannot survive in proximity with the Higher Dimensions. Look for the birth of new, "quality of life" laws and organizations, as well as the strengthening of those already in existence. Look for the loss of complex competitive business practice. Look especially for the loss of business structure devoted to profit at the expense of people. This is already occuring. People will become increasingly sickened by that which preys upon people, and become increasingly vocal and active against it. (The great negativity of US government from 2000-2008 has helped swing the pendulum in the positive direction. Give people enough reason to need change, and change will occur).

There will be much worry as social structures continue to simplify and shift. It is imperative to live each day in gratitude =regardless of any internal and external suffering=. Keep yourself positive, most especially in joy. These changes are unavoidable as the old, selfishness-based structures collapse, and those based upon love are created. If will feel natural to create love-based structures, as being in a love-based energy naturally supports and reinforces such things. They will -have- to happen.

If you lament the slow pace at which health care and other "quality-of-life" structures are being enacted, know that more of the old selfishness must break loose and depart before it becomes simplicity itself for the love-based to occur. Not too much longer now...however, you must want the good to occur. You must go out and demand it. You must become part of it. You must do it yourself! This ceases to be a fight, thankfully! At long last, the love-based will become easy to enact, and maintain.

And what happens to that which refuses to cease selfishness and self-obsession, much less outright negativity and destruction? It cannot be part of the new energy. Transmutation of Energy would cause it to become positive, if it can stick around long enough. If it fights the new energy, and refuses to let go of the old, it will suffer increasingly as its incompatability grows. You may experiment with this yourself. Do you have any strong dislikes? Try a good Two-Minute Hate (=do not= think of causing injury, merely be in the emotion of hate). Really reach out with your emotions. Burn with it. Rage. Now, take a bath in epsom salts and watch your favorite funny movie. Listen to your favorite, most blissful oration or music. Reach into it emotionally! Say a few "Praise God!"s! Detox (grin!)

You may find it far too uncomfortable to be in that space. Imagine those who permanently inhabit it, and who will not change. The gap between the Higher Dimensions and the Lower, grows daily. Karen Bishop has proven to me that the "stargates" of calendar dates such as 9/9/09 are real, are openings to higher and higher energies/dimensions, and will continue. I do not imagine much negativity as being able to be present upon the planet much past 11/11/11, much less 12/12/12! The same goes for social structures not invested in spreading abundance and support. It will be obvious (and already is, with Michael Moore's new film "Capitalism: A Love Story"!).

Characteristics of the Higher Dimensions.

The 4th and 5th, at minimum, are now available to some degree. My experience with them is limited to the following descriptors:

The 4th Dimension is Love. Love includes:

-Complete forgiveness of self and others
-Compassion and true Empathy
-Giving support and guidance
-Which includes, acting as spirit guides
-Intimacy of astonishing depth
-Recognition of self and others
-Intuition and Psychic Siddhis
-Healing abilities
-Participation in the the Positive Hierarchy
-And as a result, increasing Love for all.

And of course, Unconditional Love for all of Creation. All of the things which SHOULD already be in the world, but are now occuring.

The 5th Dimension includes:

-Wholistic learning through the Wisdom Mind
-Wholistic teaching through the Wisdom Mind
-Access to the Great Libraries and Records systems
-Plans and actions which I sense and know little..

Those with access to these realms may likely also participate in Pure Lands, where all action is positive spiritual growth and benefit to others.

The Spiritual versus the Material.

All comes from God. We are sparks sent out to undertake the great task of remembering our Home and Source, and to fulfill our utmost individual potential along the way. Also, to support to the utmost, others' individual potential.

Kabbalah states that our light and The Light are hidden, for good purpose. When one is tired of not being in enough love, it is time to seek the light at our heart center.

Everyone knows that love is a tremendously good feeling, either giving or receiving, even to simply be around. All the world loves the lovers... It is a lighter feeling than depression. Emotions have energy, and energy can have weight ("heavy, man") or actually be uplifting. This is why it is a good thing to seek to be and to be in unconditional love. Love provides the open space in which all things may grow. A moment spent with someone loving may help you shrug off chronic emotional issues. Why not seek as much of it as possible? Why not be as much of it as possible?

The material body is referred to by David Lynch as "The suffocating rubber clown suit". The spirit, and its connection with God, are our continuous nature; the body, a temporary home. The body is self-aware and highly intelligent. It has a large amount of instinct, and this is increased through each experience. Thus, we eventually find the musical or artistic prodigy, who has always seemed to have such skill.

The same goes, unfortunately, for other bodily characteristics, such as lust, jealousy, fear, hate, etc. The classic "deadly sins". This leads to a greater and greater tendency (and demand) to fulfill them. Habits are formed, and new spiritual habits are required to negate them.

The body also amuses itself. I am hungry. I want sex. I fear strangers. I want that music....and thinking becomes denser and more complex, until there are no spaces between thoughts. At this point, all that fills our perception (the body itself) are the body's signals. Yes, thought is a signal, the mind is an organ of associative processing. The spirit is the core of awareness/consciousness, but the incessant chatter of the body's needs makes it appear that it is all there is, or can be.

As stated about Love, all acts of love increase that which you will receive. The same is true about the body/ego. All acts serving the body/ego will increase the body/ego. To break out of the trap about which we were not even aware, requires the spiritual path of actions designed to act in opposition to the body's signals (at least to the point at which some amount of freedom is achieved, not deliberate self-rejection or self-destruction). Merely, to tame the wild horse that is the body, to follow instruction, and to not lead us everywhere that interests it.

Meditation produces insight into this condition through causing us to see these troublesome tendencies. As you sit Zazen, the body will become bored and begin making its demands. "I want hamburgers for dinner." "I want a new lover." "Gotta get to the game early this weekend." All of this is normal and not to be fought against. The good books on meditation, including "Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind", "When Things Fall Apart", "The Master Key System", and "The Path of Emancipation" discuss this at adequate length. It becomes possible to sit and not leap up to fulfill whatever comes to mind. Or, to give in to any fear the body may create in order to get you up from meditation (and then, out to fulfill whatever comes to mind).

Do not worry about this; the body is designed to respond to these techniques, and it does. It may take a while for some, but the rewards are so significant, I strongly encourage you to continue. No time spent on spirituality is ever wasted. If meditation is too difficult, counter-act this through more time at the animal shelter or soup kitchen.

Free will.

The question of "why does God allow evil, and bad things to happen to good people" has long plauged Mankind. I myself have no complete answer, not being enlightened, but the best answers seem to regard free will. We are on a stage creating theatre, all of us together. We are to a degree separate from God in the material (enough to forget God entirely). We are allowed to perform acts of negativity (and to reap their returns). Also, the natural systems must follow their functions regardless of whether those who live in the far north do not wish for snow to fill their streets and driveways once more, or for an avalanche to cause harm.

Also, regarding the tendency for a body to increasingly signal selfish desire after an extended period of fulfilling selfish desires, forms Syntony (or to some, the Law of Attraction). Sometimes things just happen, and sometimes, there is causality involved. Sometimes there are clusters of selfishness from past lives which we intend to clear in this life, and situations will magnetize to us in order to awaken us to a trend which requires change. There are many reasons, but going into the spiritual path, especially loving service, allows us to diminish them, sometimes eliminate them. Sadly, sometimes it takes someone who has been raped to create a system of shelters or even new laws benefitting others who have had the same experience. (Here I have to honor the morality of the film "Bruce Almighty", which provides some good discussion regarding this.)

I myself have been through much suffering. More than I could deal with. The result has been to pursue the positive path with greater and greater dedication, and I have healed, and hopefully helped others along that path as well. Thankfully, the news of the future is joy, which is our birthright, and our learning may now be done through excitement and that which is Right for us. It is worth getting to, even through the deepest bog and darkest night! Even if you lose your faith, and I certainly have...and when I admit that I have to make the decisions or am the creator of my own misery, it improves. Give it to God and let go.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


When you cannot physically aid anyone, when you cannot be of service in any other way, pray and meditate. Always for God's will for you and the power to carry it out, and for the benefit of others. Spend twenty minutes as you lay in bed prior to sleep and send out as much love as you can.

Repeating earlier suggestions, as you cannot get enough:

-"I am praying for the greatest possible good for Mankind and all involved". (ASAH forum)
-"I am praying for the enlightenment of all sentient beings." (Tibetan)
-"I am love, I am giving love." (Young-Sowers Divination Deck)
-"I am praying that all of the lost, hear God's call home." (Angels)

And always, if you are suffering from some particular fear or difficulty, pray that all others who share in it, are healed/delivered from it with grace and ease.

-"We are praying that all of the falsely imprisoned are freed."
-"We are praying for positive abundance for all in need."
-"We are praying that all of the hungry are fed."
-"We are praying God's will for all of Creation."
-"White Light throughout Earth and The Universe."
-"We are praying the cures for cancer are given to Mankind."
-"God bless Creation."

What works for me is a slight derivation on Buddhist techniques on Mindful Breathing, which are based upon the Anapanasati Sutra's 16 stage course. The breath is a tool of transmutation. Let the body "waterbed" and mentally state the prayer on each in breath and on each out breath (or split it between in and out if it is too long). Keep light attention upon the breath as it moves through the nasal passage, and if possible, also be aware of its movement into and out of the lungs within the body, and of the volume of air just outside of the body. It takes practice, like anything, and it is a technique some two-and-a-half millennia old. It has lasted because it works. It adds power to prayer!

The passion of the Baptists is another way to charge up your prayers. If you really mean it, if your heart is involved, your prayers carry that energy and are thus far more than repeated words.

Prayer during meditation is also powerful. The body is stilled, the mind separate; with attention on the spine and its base, prayer centered there can have even more depth. Centering the energy just behind the base of the spine, behind the body, is also good (anyone who meditates knows).

God, the Holy Creator.

Thank you Holy Creator, Great Artist, for all that you are, for all that you have given us, for thy will and thy way of life. May I do thy will always.

2012 is about the appearance of the Christ Energy, or of, as Karen Bishop calls it, Co-Creator energy. Thoughts become things. What makes this possible? Source does. The Creator, The Great Artist.

God is whatever you want God to be. In Co-Creator energy, this is exactly true.

Belief trumps emotion. This is imperative. Belief is everything. Emotions are unimportant, are reactions. Belief is causal.

If you are certain that God hates you, is going to get you, it will happen. If you are certain that God is only love and forgives you completely, it is will happen. God loves you so much that you are given the ability to create so very much.

Contrary action, when in fear and suffering during the Changes: BELIEVE that God protects you completely, utterly, fills and surrounds you with love. And does so for everyone you love. If you BELIEVE it, it is true. You must build this muscle.

If you have difficulty with belief-building, ask God, the Holy Host of Heaven, the Divine Healers, Earth Mother, The Universe, The Archangels, and the Earth Angels to help you face your demons, with grace and ease. Allow things to come up into your awareness; do not fight them or engage them, merely comment on what it is, or what happened, and if you feel fear, etc. Develop this muscle. It take surrender and is extremely powerful. You must empty yourself of your demons, no matter what, or they will create themselves, full-blast. "Monsters...from the ID!" said the wise man. It can be avoided in this manner, and it requires honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness. Pray, "I am willing to face my demons with ease and grace. Please take them from me. Please do for me that which I am unable to do myself." The Angels love to help. They wait for you to ask for help. They only help when you ask, then and only then.

God is all power. Believe this and the world is your playground. This is God's will for us at this time. This is God's amazing gift. This is how much God loves us. Always praise God! Gratitude and directly thanking God raises you to that level. It is very important to stay in gratitude. Even thanking God for your problems, is a positive prayer, and begins the healing.

Cautions about Spirituality.

Spirituality includes both the positive and negative polarities. It is surmised that anyone reading this is interested only in the positive path, which is love and selflessness. There are so many schools, paths, techniques, and literatures, one should take care to look before they leap...And because the negative increasingly cannot exist in the new world, hopefully that which is negative will stand out so clearly that you never need make any mistakes. It does not pay to spend time considering or worrying about it, as what you fear, you create. The following information is not intended to strike fear, merely provide an index of caution. When you seek God or the High Avatars directly, you need not worry about the negative. When you seek to find everything that is out there, you need to be cautious. Always trust your gut, no matter how good something looks. Trust me on this.

Spiritual techniques are designed to aid the seeker in finding God, or at minimum, to transcend the (old) 3rd dimensional world. Beware of that which offers skills but no heart growth. The problem being, one gains many skills when seeking on the path. They are called Siddhis, and are well-described. If one uses the Siddhis for selfish purposes, one loses a great deal. The path speeds up karma, which is meant for positive karma to increase the student. Negative use of powers and knowledge cause harm...forbidden knowledge is called just that, because if one has insight and power and skills, yet retains too much ego (not enough heart), one may eventually use this knowledge out of ego response. Disaster... This is why one does not raise the Kundalini or do the Kabbalah until one has found equanimity. Any negative energies/karma in your system are amplified to an extreme.

The only paths worthy of attainment are based in the heart, to increase the heart. Kaballa states that the Universe has equal parts Judgement and Compassion; if one is on a path of ego (judgement), eventually one will judge without compassion. The heart must balance things out. Always. Loving service is of utmost importance. Beware any path without loving service. Beware any path of exceeding delineation/discrimination/exclusion. The heart is INCLUSION, and love to all, no matter what. Jesus taught this. Forgiveness is truly a form of freedom. Judgement (this thing is better than that thing, to an extreme of delineation) is a form of resentment and selfishness. Selfishness causes one to shrink into darkness. Love causes one to open and join the positive hierarchies. All assistance is available when one is in the realm of love.

The spiritual "powers" become naturally available to those on the heart path, as they are key tools to increasing the heart path. Just do good things and you will get there as it is meant to be.

Beware paths with beatific, shining leaders. If it looks too good to be true, if it throws around pleasing words and references to gain your trust, always trust your instinct. When in doubt, throw it out. Always look for photos of a beatific leader's teachers. Are they the same, or is there anything unusual going on? Don't run incautiously toward that which feels good...Remember, one may find God or the High Avatars on their own, through true dedication. If you seek, especially now, you will find, you will be given, you will be taught and supported.

Especially beware any books with disclaimers. Even if the disclaimer is humorous, or a serious disclaimer found between several bits of humor (intended to distract from the single serious bit). Spiritual experience can be just as negative as positive. You do not want all forms of spiritual experience!

Beware any book or path requesting that you read a text more than once, to get the most out of it. Do you understand how hypnotism works? It is possible that some may have found ways to encode texts with such entrapment (and far, far worse). If a book is very wordy, and/or is actually very vague, requiring much concentration over nothing, there may be risk. The truth is simple and elegant and easily recognizable. Yoganada mentions in his scientific healing affirmations handbook about positive encoding; there is most definitely negative encoding. Beware. Simply because you are able or willing to pursue labyrinthine texts, does not guarantee that they are positive. Especially if you are feeling superior to others, for having done so. Any exclusive school is suspect. Love is all-encompassing, unconditional. Period. Compare and contrast.

Many books on "self defense" in the spiritual realms may be questionable. Always go to God and the Holy Host of Heaven for protection and care. You do not need anything but God. God is All Power. Seek a group such as the Christian Scientists or Kabbalah'ists if you are in doubt. They seek Christ and God directly, and may perform powerful prayers (which are even more powerful now in the new energy).

Beware channeled material. Just because a being is discarnate does not mean that they are positive. Even negative beings present positive information to gather attention. This is possibly the most suspect area of spirituality, owing to the amount of negativity the world has been in. Much negativity has surrounded the world and sought to influence it. This is now changing, but suffice to say, keep seeking God or the Avatars directly, and avoid middlemen, no matter how attractive! No matter how huge and bright and shiny! Especially if they offer powerful tools and offer caution about their mis-use. If you are reading this, you likely still have some ego remaining. Do NOT allow the ego such powerful information!

If you face a negative person or experience, even the television news, go into prayer to God. Ask God for help and protection. BELIEVE that God will provide, IS providing. Praise the Holy Creator with Joy! God does as you wish, so much does God love us. Remember, contrary action. Get into joy as quickly as possible. "The Law of Transmutation of Energy." The negative cannot be present in a space of positive energy.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Contrary Action as a Cure

Spiritual growth moves in the opposite direction from ego fulfillment. If you want love, you must first give love. If you want wealth, you must first share your abundance. If you want peace, you must go out and help others to create it. You will be given that which you bring to the world.

Spiritual actions make you feel good. Increase this feeling daily. The Angels around you breathe love upon you every moment of the day. They are constantly unselfish with their time, are constantly loving and supporting. This is how the world should be! Imagine if the Angels held grudges or got even, or simply bailed during difficult times. We would be utterly lost. It is important to follow their example of loving service, to work to be as they are. Loving, forgiving, supporting, healing, no matter what is going on. During suffering and doubt, pray for others and send love. Be loving no matter what. These are muscles that can be built up, and turned into habits. This is extremely important.

See the St. Francis of Assisi Prayer. It is the root of spiritual growth. The rewards are amazing when you place yourself second (or not at all). Gratitude is extremely important, even for your difficulties. This turns begins to change them, trust me. Every morning and night, give thanks for your food and shelter, for any friends and family, for your health and for your very life. All of them are gifts. Pray for the benefit of all Mankind, for the Great Earth Mother, for all sentient beings. If you suffer from something in particular, pray for the healing and best possible outcome for all of those who share your suffering. You are given to, when you give. It is a great aid to healing and peace of mind!

God first and foremost! Praise God! Praise God! Praise God! There has been no better time to find God and God's will for each of us.

About Surrender, a key to getting past difficulty

Surrender is a significant part of many spiritual traditions. It is ego-puncturing, which allows a person to become teachable, and also, to be supported directly from higher powers. Most importantly, the highest...

An alcoholic/addict as described in the 12-Step literature will find themselves in a position where they have lost the power of choice regarding their behaviour. Utterly, completely. Only an act of Providence may restore them to sanity and a meaningful life. The new energy will have this same effect upon everyone who is not yet in tune with it, with love and joy and honesty and charity. As you detect increasing internal tension, you will wish to counteract it with something positive. So..

There are many methods to come into sync with the new energy. One is to, if you do not already, undertake great amounts of charitable work and donations, and to offer love to all who are around you, to include all Humanity in your prayers. Prayer for others being another service.

-"I am praying for the greatest possible good for Mankind and all involved". (ASAH forum)
-"I am praying for the enlightenment of all sentient beings." (Tibetan)
-"I am love, I am giving love." (Young-Sowers Divination Deck)

Join a church or spiritual group that is to your liking. The power of group prayer is significant, and should never be underestimated.

Surrender is to give up your own will (read: self-obsession) and to allow the higher power of your choice to guide your life completely. There is much in the AA Big Book about this, as there is in the AA book "Came to Believe". Addicts surrender because they know that they are dying. The new energy can make you feel like you are dying as well, depending upon your Self.

I have practiced surrender in more than one spiritual tradition. It works, so much as you =allow= it to. But how to surrender? It comes to each of us as we genuinely desire it. (This selfish action is allowed, but only as it seeks to be of service to others.) Those who know that they are completely defeated, through exhaustion and/or repeated agony, will reach out for help, uttering that excellent prayer, "Help me", even "Help me God". It is a giving up. If you truly wish it, it will be given to you, if it is part of your life's path. If you are not defeating yourself through not fully quitting the past.

It feels like letting go. It feels like being on a waterbed. Ever try to fight a waterbed? This is what life is like. Ever just float on a waterbed, completely relaxed? That is what surrender is like. When you begin to use your muscles and grab for things, to make what you want to happen, you are out of surrender. Yes, you are trusting your higher power to do for you what you cannot do for yourself, as well as to guide you to the best possible circumstances. (Note that sometimes pain will be placed in your life as a wake-up call, so that you may deal directly with things you would otherwise never seek to solve...but need to.)

A good surrender prayer is, when relaxed and with light attention on the in and out breath, "Let God/Let Go".

The Christ will help as well, if you ask and truly seek. Christ taught us what life would be like in this coming age. Spiritual mastery...

These things are always to be undertaken when selfishness rises up, especially if the concept of spending a day at the soup kitchen would get in the way of the big game. You get back what you put out. Invest in spiritual dollars...the return is obvious.

"If you wish to fly, you must first let go." -The Angels.

In the new energy, we will increasingly magnetize to us, that which we are. Another word for this is Syntony, like vibration seeking its own level and surroundings. Some say the law of attraction, but there is much baggage surrounding this...also, it is said that there are twelve Universal Laws, and syntony is merely one of them.

However, for those of us not fully prepared for the Shift currently underway, Syntony becomes the most important issue. If you have burning resentments, or worse; self-destructive mentation and emotion; or even life situations such as being a battered spouse, you will only find more of the same, until it is either: dangerously unbearable, inciting a change; or, inciting a change already.

Hidden emotions and beliefs will become more and more active in your life. This is the mirror effect, and it is to both allow you to change to something more positive, and to also be positive, and thus create even more positive situations for yourself and more importantly, others. Thus, it is time to become utterly honest with yourself.

The majority of issues in this current society consist of failures in intimacy. Emotions are shunned, especially honest emotional displays causing others to react with running away. This can add insult to injury. However, the time for such suffering is ended due to the increasing prominence of the 4th dimension, which is love/intuition/intimacy. Healing can and will be complete, and love and belonging experienced as never before. IF those of us with injury will surrender to the truth and LET IT GO.

To wit:

-If you are a battered spouse, you may believe that you deserve such treatment, having given up on life and even the possibility of love. And/or, that you may finally find love through changing the abuser (which consists of allowing them to abuse you to the point where they might suddenly see what they are doing and stop, which is your way of seeking self-worth from others, if others can finally see you as valuable). This goes back to winning parent's approval, which is not possible for an adult. Self-worth comes from self-love, which may only grow when one takes contrary action to the injury, and makes an effort to do things they love (even and especially during the injurious relationship).

-Self-pity will become a severe rut. Get honest. Grow up. Trungpa Rinpoche recommended the following mantra, to be thought with the in-breath, and again with the out-breath, with light attention on the breath itself: "Grow up".

-Resentments and hatred, vendetta and worse will return the same to the sender. Thoughts become things. If not through external forces, through their own corrosive, acidic nature. It becomes pure self-destruction to harbor such thoughts and emotions. Be honest with yourself, if you are suffering and believe it to be related to such. Even for a dead parent, even for a dead spouse, who should not have left you. "You shouldn't...", "They shouldn't have...", "You're not supposed to...", are good tools. Fill in the blank and you find and begin releasing the emotion.

-If you are depressed, etc., and it is chemical, seek good medical attention immediately. You want the support of the medical community if you have this or a similar imbalance. They might become enormous in the new energy. I'm not certain, but why take chances.

-If you are an alcoholic and/or an addict, get into recovery if you are not currently. If you are in recovery, the rewards for working Program now increase significantly. Likewise, the chances for relapse greatly increase! Take care of yourselves!

-Fear is the root of much human difficulty. Fear of not getting what you want. Fear of losing what you have. There is a line in Sonia Choquette's Ask Your Guides card deck stating (loose paraphrase), when you lash out at others, you are actually in contempt at your own vulnerabilities. When vulnerable, fear is a terrible behaviour modifier. As the changes increase, fear will also increase. It is and will increasingly continue to be imperative to release fear, to name what you are afraid of and if necessary, ask God to please remove it. (You may ask that as often as you wish!). Love banishes fear, and you receive love when you give it, so be of loving service as much as is possible. Truly. Take this contrary action. Staying in fear and thinking about getting out of it does nothing. Take action. Maintain through infusion of your favorite positive and funny films and media!


Much of what is written here is synthesized from numerous sources that have been found to be both positive and true.

Very high-level:

Check out her books and mini eBooks. She has been spot-on regarding energy shifts, which are my specialty, and offers so much more beyond that, for folks well beyond myself. Inspiring.

Ask Your Guides: Connecting to Your Divine Support System by Sonia Choquette:

Lots of great advice. I try to use this and other divination decks every day, to stay on track.

Angelic Messenger Cards: Divine Guidance for Personal Healing and Spiritual Discovery, A Book and Divination Deck by Meredith L. Young-Sowers:

High-vibrational advice. Excellent.

When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times, by Pema Chodron:

This is the brass tacks; real solutions for emotional upheaval and distress, including simple and effective meditation advice. Truly effective. Try it and stick with it.

Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind by Suzuki-Sensei

Extremely high-vibrational book, extremely easy language and valuable insight. Just reading this will help you; practicing it will make you soar.

"True Love" by Thich Nhat Hanh:

This, and the expanded version of the same practices, "The Path of Emancipation", are excellent.

David Lynch's "Catching the Big Fish". Powerful for fans and meditators and the generally creative!

A friendly group of spiritually-based people hang out at the democratic underground web site. I post as "Fire, Walk With Me".

Monday, October 5, 2009

Welcome, and the Purpose of this Blog

"When I was a child I thought as a child. But now I have put down childish things. Now I must seek in other realms...." -Mr. Tagomi, "The Man in the High Castle", Philip K. Dick (also, of course, the Bible)


The purpose of this blog is to detail, for those concerned with the basics, the changes now occuring in the world as the 2012 energy ramps up, and how to attune to it, if desired. If you have chosen to stay on Earth thus far (past the Summer Solstice), you have the opportunity to release all karma and to live in the new world. It is hoped that this site will provide truly useful information along these, and other lines.

Please note that an effort will be made to stay in the positive, although at times it may be necessary to deal with painful changes as they occur, in order to present reminders about staying in the positive, no matter what. Old forms detrimental to human existence and our birthright, joy, are increasingly incompatable with the positive energy now becoming present on Earth. Expect suffering as institutions and individuals rooted in the negative find themselves feeling more and more lost, as the negative (and any incompatable with joy), break apart and fall away. Business and other institutions shall become greatly simplified as competition diminishes and service to humanity takes precedence.

Why should you listen to me? Who am I, and what do I do?

Please understand that nothing negative is involved in this Blog, or in myself. My name is Mike Peake, and I have proven at the following links some measure of the non-linear. Meaning, "psychic", and "clairvoyant".

I am "Fire, Walk With Me" on this forum. Check the second half of the first post.

It has more weight if you were there as it happened, but there it is; prediction of energy disruption up to two months ahead of time.

Please note that as I have "reached ahead" or "warped time" to note these two earthquakes, I have also checked out 2012 and found it to have =amazingly= positive energy, as described by some I've mentioned in this blog and Resources post. Barring some Deity-level change of plan, this is the trend.

It's going to be WONDERFUL.

(Update, Dec. 2011: For those fully rooted in the positive. Those determined to dislike themselves and others, who wish to live in fear, will experience increasing amounts of these, up to and past the humanly tolerable. It is neither right nor wrong, it is about choices and where they will lead you. Please choose love and being loving.)

Next, read the first post, which begins mentioning subjects will not be so very evident unless you were there, my May 2008 posts (predicting economic trouble, and =when= it would be obvious), and my April 2009 posts. Oil did not disrupt as expected, but did increase one dollar since January 09, and stayed. Gold has indeed continued to rise, as indicated.

(The first post mentions several trends which I have "nailed" ahead of time, most importantly among them the outstanding nature of the German ADAM studio loudspeakers. I purchased the third pair to be sent to the States. The second buyer, a friend, became the (then) US distributor. Sir Rupert Neve, yes, "that" NEVE, purchased the first set. In the time since, ADAM have revolutionized the studio monitor field and found vast acceptance and praise, including use in remixing/remastering Von Karajan's work, and the Beatles' "Love" CD, and much more.)


These are the first times that I have displayed psychic skills in public, and not to individuals only. In the past, I have let a single individual know when I felt that a very large earthquake was right around the corner. This includes the California, Northridge earthquake, and the 2004 Asian tsunami which sadly killed many. I of course will not attempt to document this, as it is impossibly ridiculous to ask anyone to believe this in hindsight, regardless of it being true. And to spare those I told about it beforehand, from having to deal with multiple inquiries.

I will continue to post any feelings of significant change, as they come to me, there on the ASAH forum, in the Visionary/Dreaming etc. threads. I'm not the first with any psychic ability to have gone public, even on DU. I simply wish to add my voice to spirituality in general, be true to myself, and to provide whatever aid is possible regarding adjustment to the incoming changes to any it would benefit (and to point to those who are much further along than I am, for much, much more benefit to any seeking such!).

How does it work? As an individual becomes aware of their spirit through meditation and other practices, the spiritual talents become ignited. Precognition and sensitivity to energy are very basic. The Christ demonstrated, to teach us, complete mastery of the physical world from the spiritual side. Christ was not negative. I am not negative, despite my personal tragedies in alcoholism and bipolarity (being wide-open to the old energies might drive anyone to drink and lash out-- thankfully, God has taken this from me, and I hope to not be judged regarding it.). The point being, I myself am certainly no saint, however, I am dedicated to the positive side, and hope, in this Blog, to be of service, which is for the benefit of myself and any who might find it useful. Step 12, in the broad sense.

I will talk of God. The energy now present on Earth are the early stages of what has been called "Co-Creator" energy, or the Christ Energy, which Christ came to describe. The Christian Scientists have researched it for a while now; shaman world-wide understand energy sensitivity and manipulation since the dawn of time. God is becoming present, to an extent, to grant those who so choose, Co-Creator status. This means that thoughts are things. The feedback from this level of mind-over-matter absolutely demands that a being release negativity. Consider it. What you put out will now be returned with vastly increased energy, at great speed. If you harbor resentment at anyone...shrug.

There are many aspects to spirituality which I might mention, such as lucid dreaming. Know that Tibetans, among others, have for centuries used lucid dreaming as a spiritual tool. One may meditate and pray in a lucid dream, which is of service and creates positive karma. However, one may also use lucid dreaming as the Wish-Fulfilling Gem and actually burn away positive karma. Many of the Siddhis, as the East Indians call them, come as double-edged swords. It is always best to approach spirituality as an attempt to be of service and benefit to others only. Anything serving the ego creates monsters.

Best yet, only use spirituality as the search for God, which has never been easier. One may meditate with light attention on the in and out breath, thinking with each, "God the Holy Creator", even "I am love/I am giving love". Both are highly useful.