Monday, October 3, 2011

Another sign of the shift to positive energy will be

that higher principles and standards just feel right, and are ever-more desirable. This is the 4th and 5th vibratory dimension energy coming into higher presence in the world, and equality, freedom, peace, democracy, support, love, courage, hope, and other higher principles will feel more and more natural, no longer theories and dreams, but real, sensed, ways of living. Mass rejection of old tactics of brutality, conniving, greed, gluttony, and selfishness will become more and more visible. These things are already visible today and will only grow. The old negative energy may push and shove and perhaps even do something deplorable (or two), but it is the death cry of an obsolete way of life. It is natural for them to be afraid, sensing the ground breaking up beneath their feet, their malfeasance ever more revealed in the news (even the media they own)...and they will act out. Do not be afraid, for their actions amidst the new energy will show as desperate, highly undesired, and yes, the acts of the obsolete now moving out of the world. There is much support if they wish to join the positive direction so please send them love and compassion.

Do not waste your time in upset or fear. You will only manifest these in your life. Continue to recognize fear and negative issues bubbling up in your life; this is the cleansing process continuing unabated.

I am excited, I am exhilarated, I hope you are as well, or shall very soon come to be! Ask for guidance, clarity, perspective, insight, support, what you need to make your life its best. Loving angels and guides are right there with you, they stand at your side waiting for you to request their help and guidance!