Saturday, October 29, 2011

Please be careful of channeled information.

The darkness is leaving Earth, in the form of the Satanic, which is usually obvious. Far more subtle are the tricks of the Luciferic, which tricks others into dangerous actions. There however is somewhat of a code involved, so if you see any sort of warning involved in a book or writing, be wary or just leave it alone, even if (or most especially if) it is couched by or hidden within humor.

Your consent is what is required so be skillful. If your intuition warns you in any way, listen to it. There is more trouble out there in spiritual writings than you might imagine, with channeling being possibly the most dangerous. There is also the danger of pointing it out and having it become an attraction, so I will only speak broadly and always request you to use your heart, to use your intuition, to ask guidance and to pay attention to any hits you get warning you about something, no matter how small. It is guidance. Keep your ego out of it, keep you ego from being involved. If you find that, beware. Stick with your heart, work on your own happiness, or better, work for the happiness of others. You are guided, you are your own best navigator, don't rely too deeply upon writings and exotic beings who might not be legit. Fear can be used to create dependence so stick to your joyous places.