Monday, November 10, 2014

Focus upon the positive during this ugly

Here comes the Ugly. It's time for confrontation with systemic and systematic racism in America as well as greed and sociopathy, all of which are now poised or are nearly poised for our direct inspection and hopefully, rejection. As previously outlined this is our growth process and it can hurt. The suffering the republican/corporate/economic sector will bring will help destroy America as it falls from being a world power into something oriented upon community/mutual aid/spirituality. It has to get worse for the many before the many decide upon a different path/suffer until absolutely requiring a new path. Get ready for rampant greed and theft of the public domain, be it national parks, social safety nets, infrastructure, water privatization along with other resources, as they attempt to build "the Company Store", a closed system where you'll never escape from being indebted to them and where you'll also never make enough money to be free from what they charge for your food and shelter. Ready to be sick of that? Good. Enough people deciding something else would/must be better is how it begins to occur. Their fear-mongering cannot work when enough people decide to bring the positive, so work upon it. Climate change is ever more visible and will become a driver toward mutual aid and community and will be a significant influence upon the 2016 "elections" (which are always a pageant for the economic sector who control the country to allow two groups to fight over which crumbs they may collect...momentarily, and then the fight for crumbs renews...more will awaken to this as their Personal Convenience is influenced and threatened by weather...flee California ASAP, for example. Drought worsens, and there's already no water.)

This is going to take time but that is the process for the many. It's definitely ever simpler to manifest that upon which you focus; ask God and your Guides and as always, REACH to God...and God will reach back. As you approach God, God approaches you. Gratitude increases what you have. Focusing upon trouble increases that, so always be in contrary motion against ego and upset. Blessings always!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Who benefits?

In the event of catastrophe, especially man-made, immediately question WHO BENEFITS. Then get angry and active.

The very bad people who wish to blunt the positive arc of the Shift are busy. Pray Divine Intervention against them and their destruction.

Remain in Blessings.  Bring the most light you are able, and then ask to be able to bring even more.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Big solar storms this weekend.

Take the time to rest if needed. Be sure to be honest about any personal stuff which rises up during this cleansing. Blessings always...

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Notes for disproof-seekers regarding the psychic

Because those who disbelieve me are seekers of disproof and not proof, who are threatened by spirituality and spiritual concepts, and are harmful and not helpful, sort of an FAQ...

We are not perfect and have sometimes highly distinct human, ego-related issues. Knowing someone disbelieves, pointedly so, can be insulting and cause at least myself to clam up. Going into a reading with disbelief can cause enough discomfort that it's worthless for the reader to continue or perhaps even to begin. Instead, bring a positive, open, quiet attitude. For the empath/reader, it is something appreciated, a gift and a definite bit of personal consideration and compassion.

Quite often information comes in large chunks in unrecognizable and metaphoric terms. One woman for whom I read had me seeing a black-and-white, aged, physically distant framed photo of a man among an indistict backdrop. This meant that she had no close men in her current life, as she confirmed, and more. Metaphor can carry huge amounts of information but can be a pain to decrypt. Wrong answers and statements regarding metaphoric information dumps are certainly possible and are irritating because sometimes they make sense in hindsight.

I was taught to not edit information as it comes and to deliver it in the form received. This requires the reader to set aside judgements and ego and if the reader isn't great at that, some things may come through garbled via resistance or not at all. I've recommended a friend seek out a good church to re-affirm his faith and to find a positive, supportive community. This goes against my own personal judgement regarding organized religion, but it came to me and I gave it to him, and he's found a great community of spiritual seekers and it's definitely improved his days. It's not up to the reader. I once read for a nice, older lady of increasing age. A certain hard electronic song immediately came to mind, and I truly balked at forwarding to her a link to it due to its harsh nature. I however did and it spoke directly to her having abandoned a child...the song was "She Left" by C-Tek. Can't edit. I sent the nice old lady a C-Tek song (chuckle).

Types of reading: Third eye (enormous amounts of information at a time), mediumship/angels and guides (some do this and use mental/verbal communication with discarnate consciousnesses, which can be extremely dangerous; much information which comes from "channeling" is negative, though the beings contacted claim to be to find the best channelers instead of relying upon the masses who so do...there is more, such as the ability to read energy and images from objects owned by people for a long time (psychometry) and others. If you hear the phone ring and know who it is and yes, it's them when you answer it, you're tuning in to the same system of perception, which IS in everyone. Not everyone is a reader. I've never studied to do so with great skill and expectation. Like anything, sometimes practice and learning matter. And like anything, different people will have differing amounts of different Siddhis, or spiritual abilities. There really aren't many "standards" so toss out your expectations.

We are consciousnesses temporarily clothed in low-vibration energy (bodies) in a linear circumstance to learn and to perfect our abilities in such an arena. I am taught that reincarnation is real and that we incarnate with certain goals, usually change-oriented (learning increasing compassion, caring, loving, talents, abilities, etc.). One general direction is toward the spiritual. Along this direction there are certain realizations and increasingly broad perceptions. It's time for these if and whenever the individual wishes. There is much to do with the two general paths, service to self and service to others. One is selfishness and the other, self-lessness in the interest in co-operation and support of systems within the contract of Life. The physical desires (food, sex, complexity, etc.) pull one down into the lower vibration of their own level. Seeking the spiritual in opposition to these base physical desires reveals new things. Being loving and supportive (a lot, instead of and in opposition to the physical clamor) are a simple, guaranteed path to spiritual advancement and awareness. This is as stated why using spiritual abilities for physical gain can blot it out.

I stopped giving readings because growth and integrity issues I'd both ignored and rejected within myself were systematically showing up in those requesting readings. Sometimes I didn't know if I was looking at myself or not, and found myself asking if the information I was giving was for the subject and not myself. This of course is to promote personal growth and one must be both ready and open to it. I was not and still am not to an extent.

Spiritual abilities take energy and as such are usually not always "on". We'll make mistakes like anyone else in this regard, when working from regular human senses.

Spiritual abilities are for positive actions, not selfish/negative actions. We can take abundance exchange in return for proper services rendered, but taking advantage, etc., results in increasing selfishness, which is the destroyer of such abilities, unless they are sourced negatively through "bad intelligence", which is a road to exacerbated selfishness and monstrosity, although few if any would believe such until experiencing it or witnessing it occur in another.

We are not necessarily Cyclops in that we are able to see our own demise and thus avoid it. "She didn't see that coming" is more "proof" for disproof seekers.

Seekers of disproof who begin with a negative attitude toward religion and spirituality and God will both loathe and attack those who seek such. It's not their time to deal with that direction, and to prevent their boundaries and beliefs from being even threatened, will claim "victory" from any single issue during their crusade to maintain their weltanschauung. No amount of empirical, repeatable proof is ever enough for them because they're not seeking proof, they're seeking disproof and cannot be satisfied until it is "found", even if it requires throwing out repeated, empiric proof which is opposite their goal. I have neither the patience nor the skillset to be skillfully compassionate with and to them. Despite any amount of ability, some outcomes remain unseen, especially in my own personal idiocy in trusting a large group as well as having revealed or at least claimed such ability with them, instead finding disproof-seekers and NOT anything resembling welcome. My fault, my stupidity.

I've provided a fairly long list of correct insights into the future over the course of this blog, gathered at the Feb. 2010 page I continue to edit regarding "point by point" of my predictions. This of course is never enough for some, even those who claim to be scientific; let the scientific seek out the public earthquake predictions, scrutinize everything I posted to see if I posted any which did not come true, and then do the math on the odds of predicting 6 or more future events, sometimes down to the day. Try it yourself as I'd mentioned on that page. Through mere luck you'll get something right. But again, what are the specific, numeric odds of such depth of correct answers? And I'm only bringing up the earthquake predictions. Other items such as methane clathrates, the EU economy, the foreclosure crisis in the US, the rise in the value of gold, etc. can add to the total.

Am I or others ever wrong? Yes. Period. However, I found being right for a certain number of times in a row pisses people off. People will forgive you for being wrong, but not for being right. And people love their private mind. When they get a hint that someone else might be able to pry into their schemes and desires, they get AGGRESSIVE and manipulative.

It's not easy living in this 3rd vibrational dimensional and lower society despite the planet's movement into 4+. I'm not built for it and to be among those who are limited to physical perception, who don't have the tools to tell a fiction from a fact and who must build their world view from that perspective...especially when such is turned upon ME. And as such, posting this, even as education, will have its own batch of consequences. My fault, my stupidity. Don't test. You're not being clever, you're being extremely rude.

Also: There is no "best" path. We're all here to learn what we've come to learn and we're doing so. Where each of us is and what each of us are doing is "right".

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Another notch upward

Yesterday began another notch upward in will note some celebrity deaths, which is often a simple way to detect such shifts; if a wave of passings occurs, any celebrities amongst it will be easily found in media.

The same process continues, of the gestalt examining itself and casting off that which it finds it dislikes. The "Rush Limbaugh" effect continues, and the center of examination now involves racial equality and admittance of systematic, orchestrated racism in America as well as just exactly what are the police and is that what we wish to have around us.

It has also increased that people distrust the government but many have no knowledge of any option but that which is presented to them, so the bipartisan corrupt distraction might continue, but a return of power to the people is inevitable and its shape is again, visible in rising disproval of congress and distrust via Edward Snowden's revelations, increasing awareness of big energy being policy drivers as well as directors of war efforts which benefit them, as is visible with Ukraine and its vast natural gas resources and Russian pipelines into the EU and North Africa...also the corrupt policy drivers attempting to fulfill the neocon agenda of "seven countries in five years" as related on video by General Wesley Clark...and Israel being forced into a cease-fire by the will of the world's disgust with them...and of course Israel, or Zion, being what it is, immediately began engaging in a huge land grab on the West Bank...things will increasingly reveal what they are and their motivation, and the world will increasingly reject the ugly and selfish. It is a matter of working for increasing spiritual awakening for mankind. Such awareness brings rejection of that which does not fit higher awareness and love.

This is an unfolding process but t IS possible to shift out the old without disaster or war. Keep bringing the positive! God Bless.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

World tensions and aggressions, things increasingly manifesting what they are

Becoming a bit uncomfortable...but this is what I've discussed, ramping up ever more-so. Masks are coming off. People are more and more having to look at the world and to decide what and do NOT want. It will be unrestful and even chaotic. Don't be surprised if ugly things are said or occur as it's part of things manifesting themselves out of the new energy's demand for simplicity and integrity. Do not be thrown by the unrest and attitudes. Keep in your light and send out as much as possible. Great leaps are being made by those seeking spirituality.

Peace and blessings always...

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

On the seeming growth of negativity and its natural blow-back

You may have heard the neocon Dick Cheney stating that an all-new, bigger and better 9/11 is coming soon to a theater near you. The supreme court just gave away women's rights and gave corporations religious rights. Police departments are incorporating in order to deny freedom of information to anyone. A global trade agreement even worse than the TPP has been revealed...all while big energy (which is Cheney again) pushes for control of Ukraine, Iraq (talk of intervention only occured when Sunni militants fought for control of Iraq's biggest refinery), Syria, etc....and that's just in the US. In Peru, there is a new law which protects police and the military from responsibility if they injure or even kill environmental protesters. Why?

Because in the energy of co-creation, they are creating their utterly selfish goals, as are we. OUR goal is a new, positive world, and our goal must over-ride theirs. We must demand it, we must stand up and TAKE it. There are far more of us than the old guard; it's just that the old guard are BUSY doing what they do and as such, will accomplish it until and unless WE become even busier creating OUR world. When enough of us =demand= the new world, it will occur. Again, there are far more of us than the old guard. Our will is supreme. And more and more of us are getting very, very sick and tired of their ugliness and utter lack of concern for the boundaries of others. We are awakening to our collective power and what we must do.

As always, Americans rise when something directly effects their Personal Convenience. Of course, we also rise to help our fellows in their time of need, but this is more direct. This is us discovering that we need a new way of life, as rises the spectre of destruction. We're "getting it". We know we must take action to stop "business as usual", because it is raping and killing us and the Earth. "Out of the virus, immunity comes..." ~Killing Joke.

As the Divine Feminine rises, women must unify in demand of a world in which they and their path will prosper. This is a major, significant part of the new world. It is man's work, per the First Nations lore, to make sure that woman may walk the Earth in safety, to honor her intuition.

The First Nations have arisen to call us to sanity and to the positive direction. Chief Arvol Looking Horse called us to the recent Unify day of prayer and reclaiming sacred sites. Chief Raoni of the Kayapo Tribe is traveling to draw attention to the monstrosity which is the planned Belo Monte dam and how it would annihilate the Xingu tribes, and more, calling for Unity. Honor these visionaries...spread their message. 

Peace and Love and Blessings always.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 21st MAY 22 Unify on World Peace and Prayer Day

Join us on JUNE 21 for World Peace and Prayer Day. Initiated by Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th Generation Keeper of The White Buffalo Pipe.

Another wave of leavings and violence

You'll have noticed in the last two or so days, multiple public shootings in the US. The last week or so has seen a tightening of energy in terms of integrity and other words, seriousness regarding your integrity and responsibility levels. Willingness is required to continue if you're not good in these regards. Some will be leaving the planet at this time, and others will act out in a negative manner, of entitlement and "do what we say or else".

I'd mentioned the pop-up police state hiding behind the surveillance state, as it was designed, as a control mechanism for the very rich, and also that there is a possibility in the US of limited civil war, even if it's just a group of extremists attempting to force "their" revolution upon everyone else. Lots of groups are muscling up to force their goals upon everyone else...and it's going to take a while to sort through it all, and may include suffering as we as a group consciousness are driven to the point of REJECTING such things. I'd mentioned an increase in "muckers" as John Brunner called them in his semi-prophetic speculative fiction novel "Stand on Zanzibar". Here they are, as well as the "patriots" and choaticians. More and more high-frequency energy is coming in, and it empowers them as well as the rest of us. The final decision however, is always by the mass consciousness, excepting Divine Intervention and Providence.

We have to figure this out, and that includes reviewing all manner of ugliness as we decide Our continuing direction. Note the selfishness behind the ugliness, the shootings. I AM RIGHT, or MY WAY, NOT YOURS, or DO WHAT WE SAY OR ELSE. This IS integrity, but to service to self, not others.

The very rich are grabbing ever more visibly (water privatization in the face of climate change, political control, the TPP and globalization, those getting rich off of the World Cup while robocops line up to evict and traumatize locals and protesters, etc.). It is also up to us to decide NO, we do not want this, and to CHANGE IT.

Your job is to continue to cultivate the highest positive vibrations you may, to help others, to pray for Divine Guidance and Divine Presence throughout Earth and Earth life, and to decide NO to the ugliness. And to detach just enough so as to not be drawn in to the ugliness and resulting unhapiness. Fighting it merely adds to it, which is its goal, dis-couragement.

God Bless and be with you always.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Blood Moon into the Grand Cross

No doubt you feel that the energy is rushing around in great quantity. People are tetchy and the new is attempting to be born. The eclipse changed much and more change is coming tomorrow:

Cardinal Grand Cross April 23rd/24th 2014

Evidence lies in the swarm of significant earthquakes from 6 to above 8 around the Ring of Fire and near-by as well as in the Bundy Ranch standoff. More is going on with the latter than you'd expect. Many levels and layers are involved and in general it is representative of Americans taking a new look at their government and government in general. The powers that be are well aware of such; they know that their time is Over. One related worry regarding Change of this sort is that there are always opportunists who would fill any power vacuum (neo-nazis in Ukraine and "golden dawn" neo-nazi party in Greece, etc.). Some corporatists focus much time, energy, and money upon shrinking the government as it stands in the way of their engines of profit, and they would not hesitate to muster power towards even further selfish goals. My problem is that some of the militia involved with the Bundy Ranch situation are aligned with the Kochs' "tea party", the Koch co-founded John Birch Society, etc. "Taking back America" may not result in a pleasant situation for homosexuals, those who some would consider "illegals" (no one is illegal), etc. Has not yet manifest or fully formed...but this discontent is underlying more than you would think. "Cowboys" and First Nations are standing together this week in the Capitol Mall with an encampment against the KeystoneXL, for example. The message to protect the Sacred, to protect Mother Earth is growing and people(s) are unifying for and with her. Watch for more of the same. Pray for the best positive outcome.

As always, stay in your light and joy. Build those muscles and enjoy the results. The veil of the illusion of separation is falling. Co-creation is definitely increasing so use it to bring light. Pray for the removal of Destruction and for Mankind to live in harmony with Earth, always. Laugh and love. Be blessed, do not let trouble sway you from contentment and Love! Change may be difficult and unexpected; stay with your Light.



Friday, March 21, 2014

Bullying and the Shift

You may have noted the passing of Fred Phelps, the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church, who are famous for picketing the funerals of murdered homosexuals and even Veterans' before with the passing of Richard Ramirez, the "night stalker" serial killer, this is significant in regard to the current state of the Shift. Obviously as the general vibration increases and as co-creation increases, there are jumping-off points for those who wish to continue living the lessons of lower vibration, be they fear, murder, etc.

Now we are coming into the finer points of bullying, lack of faith, hate, etc. Systems based upon such are also faltering, be they government or churches. People are also moving into a vibration where they are both tired and disomfited by such selfishness.

I have faith that we can move into beauty and live in its sharing. Peace and blessings always...stay in the Light.

Friday, March 7, 2014

A tad about 2014 and current events

Long-term followers of this blog will note that this year I haven't provided a "what to expect" summary of the coming year. The fact is, I've been working with very difficult internal issues (negativity, despair, etc.) which I've gone through in the past with great energy attached so it hasn't been simple. I partially write this blog as a meditation for my own path but of course wish it to be beneficial to others.

Also, this year is difficult. Destruction as an agency is pushing to topple structures and begin World War III (again, as last year with Syria and its attendant Israel vs. Iran core). Things are escalating too quickly in Ukraine, where both the US (via the "National Endowment for Democracy" and a $10 billion deal with Chevron) and Russia (via Gazprom and major pipelines from Russia through Ukraine into a few major EU nations) are busy attempting dominance. With Syria, Russia found dominance in offering a peaceful "out" for the situation, thus leading the pack. This time of course they have thrown actual military hardware and troops into the fray.

As I've stated over and over, with the Shift, "That which a thing is, increases". Superpowers are part of the Old and must deflate in favor of unity and mutual aid. Will they go peacefully, is the quandary. First Nations seer Chief Arvol Looking Horse has said that three things must now be accomplished:

-Removal of Destruction
-Mankind unifying to live in harmony with Earth
-Mankind acting to balance the Earth.

Working on removing Destruction...pray pray pray for Divine intervention and Angelic presence to remove Destruction from Earth. Apparently some astrologic planetary positions/combinations are exciting negative forms into play, both politically/militarily and in regard to the international money buddies working to shape/manipulate entire currencies and economies in their interest. Pray now and work to bring yourself to the highest possible vibration and if you are a Lightworker, to bring the highest possible vibration to Earth and mankind where required. Get some friends together to watch your favorite comedies as laughter goes a long way.

Social unrest is forming into a new wave of resistance to the Old in this year. Note that in some countries where government has been challenged and in places toppled or exiled, that fascist power grabbers have stepped in. This can also serve the interests of big business who wish to completely remove government due to its pesky profit-limiting regulations. This is visible in the corporate legislation group ALEC and most recently, the disastrous corporate coup the TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership, a secretive trade alliance of corporations and Big Pharma which Obama is working to fast-track via the TPA. Also in the tarsands and KeystoneXL pipeline, which will make the Koch brothers the two richest men on Earth (not counting any secret fortunes such as old-school banksters). The Koch brothers have been storing tarsands waste in the open, uncovered, along the Detroit waterfront, poisoning everything around it. This is their way. China pays the Kochs and the Kochs would use the USA as a literal dumping ground.

I note that some "democrats" (another power structure group whose time to face harsh facts has truly come) who don't like the keystoneXL pipeline for environmental reasons, which in the end =are= the most important reasons to stop it, refuse to discuss the Koch aspect and that Bill and Hillary Clinton are acting to help get the pipeline made. With the screamingly apparent total betrayal of Obama the "left" is for the most part in horrible denial, huddling together for structure and lashing out at any who proffer problem-solving facts, acting for the most part just like republicans and Fox "news" viewers. Democratic party resistance to and damage to the Occupy movement shall not be forgotten and in itself is telling. Someone recently said that the democratic party's job is to engulf and defang any left-leaning challenges to the system, effectively enmeshing resistance with the very power structure it fights. This is highly apparent in their having told Martin Luther King, Jr., to wait until the time is right to fight the system for change.

Those who are against the republicans fail to find the easy target and true mastermind(s) behind their system: the 1% and international corporations and banksters. Ted Cruz, who led the most recent "shut-down" of the US government, is married to a Goldman Sachs executive and he apparently receives all of his insurance through them. When you consider that Goldman Sachs helped lead "austerity" in the EU and that in the flaming aftermath actually managed to install their executives as Prime Ministers in both Greece and Italy, among many other high banking and political positions, that their goals in the US must be similar. Smash-and-grabs function in this manner.

Why wouldn't those who hate republicans choose the easy target of the man behind the curtain? Why are republicans using Monica Lewinsky to "fight" Hillary Clinton's possible nomination as "democratic party" candidate for president in 2016? Because if they point at Goldman Sachs and Wall Street as having corrupted the republican party, then they must admit its corruption within their own. To note, Hillary Clinton allowing TransCanada to select the agency to do the climate impact study upon their KeystoneXL pipeline, as well as having taken thus far $800,000.00 in fees to speak at Goldman Sachs (where she called anti-bankster rhetoric "foolish", meaning fuck you to Occupy Wall Street), as well as her son-in-law having a hedge fund with Goldman Sachs, and Bill Clinton being on video stating that it's time to "embrace" the KeystoneXL pipeline. Much less Obama's pushing the TPP, etc.

The emperor's new clothes. People want and deserve better. 2014 will see an increased cry for a better way of living. I do not know if it may be accomplished without some amount of physical struggle and resistance, if it may solely be accomplished through rising vibration. Perhaps some of each. I don't like that Destruction may be given some gained ground through fighting in the streets and power grabs. I've before mentioned that I'm highly worried about the neocon-installed surveillance state which is designed to flip over into being a police state, because those who are building a fascist empire under our noses here in the US have studied history and know that you have to do it in increments or people will recognize it and rise up before it's "ready". Things could become very ugly here. Police departments are being militarized and nationalized through the evil DHS in incremental negation of Posse Comitatus. The right wing are gathering allies for an attempted physical coup of US government via "oathkeepers", "tea party", "golden dawn", "citizens united", etc. etc. etc. There is your fascist power grab which would only serve the extremely rich (I'd expect better from "oathkeepers" but they are attached to severely right-wing allies). There is every chance that they'll fail if they actually act, or use a false flag or actual terror attack from which to go into action.

The Ukraine situation has already seen an RT (Russia Today, Russian state television) news anchor on the American division resign on-air due to white-washing of Putin's policies. She has also apparently slammed US media on Piers Morgan's US show.  I'll bet neither "side" expected this. People are sick of "leaders" and power and power plays and war and division. Let there be more and more voices raised! Let there be more Edward Snowdens and PFC Mannings and Barrett Browns and Jeremy Hammonds!

Weather gets worse. By the 2016 election only those in psychotic levels of denial will reject climate change. Note that the very rich who are grabbing every last penny at this time are aware of it and would plan arcologies and shelters for themselves for survival and prosperity, even domed communities. The rich aren't thinking as are we; they are selfishly seeking to extend their presence while destroying all resources. Resources will increase in price and also be more difficult to transport due to changing and unexpected weather. It is important to be self-sustaining where you live and wish to continue to live.

Those of high vibration are drawn to sustainable communities...or already have been.

The time of the Rainbow Warrior prophecy needs to begin. Those who act to protect the sacred must rise. Action, not talking. We have this responsibility, now. Destruction and Greed certainly never rest.

The Angels send Love and Joy and Unity; remember always to be open to it and to always embody the Truths you wish present on Earth. In so doing, you give others permission as well. Keep close and in harmony with nature and the Contract of Life, which is that we are all part of a single organism and give and take from it equally. This year look for another "ENOUGH!" to shake the world and to be the voice of the positive direction!

Peace, Love, Blessings, and the highest vibration to you always. There is more, there is always more, but this is a start.

Resources: Check my other blog for links to facts about Bill and Hillary Clinton, Obama, etc. See William Rivers Pitt's "The ocean is coming" regarding Obama. I'm working on a Facebook group "Occupy Climate Change" but the positive concepts listed therein must be established en masse to be successful.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

"I am willing to release all destructive patterns."

I am willing to release all destructive patterns.

I am willing to release all destructive patterns.

I am willing to release all destructive patterns.

Aumn, Aumn, Aumn.