Sunday, September 26, 2010

Halloween and What to Expect in 2011

As we move ever closer to the exceptionally amplified manifestation energy of post Dec. 2012, that which we intend or even entertain in form, gains reality. Dressing up in negative, destructive form begins to become a bad idea, as does being a fan or horror films and literature, no matter how cheesy and unintentional, regarding true negativity. Actually -making- a horror film or writing a horror story will begin to attach to you such energies, depending upon the strength of your mind and your passion in general.

I know, "boring", shut up old man, we're just having fun. Well okay, then. These things will rather not show up as issues to the majority for another year or two, but I can already see the general energies brought into being through such things.

What would happen to entertainment in the future, in the new energy? I suspect that methods of communication will shift toward the dispersal of genuinely useful information and knowledge, and stories of joy and community, and positive work and goals.

Just your random Sunday morning thoughts. As the general prediction for 2010, of "This isn't good enough, what do we do to change this" having proven out, it's almost time for the general 2011 prediction...which will be of increasing genius thanks to the extant 5th Dimension; look for great ideas, seemingly obvious ones, great solutions to problems, a trend toward problem-solving in general regarding the world and world situations social, political, and physical; the shaping of greater communities as we begin to realize both that we are all kindred and that our solutions are for and benefit everyone; those who strike out in destruction becoming more and more unpopular as we begin to form into something slightly more unified than today, and their destructive actions and goals becoming their own dissolution (this was said by a teacher of mine years ago, and it remains true, of course, that the negative will become less and less popular as people seek solutions other than fear); the concept, conscious or not, of joy being our birthright and movement to seek it out; some sort of trouble or natural disaster which will as always, bring out our sense of "we are all kindred", increased compassion and charity, and work to heal the sufferers; increasing demonstration of global warming, although global warming might yet be stilled by effort both physical and spiritual; and on that note, of course, prayer becoming more and more powerful; the positive religions and practices gaining some bit of visibility, and the opposite for the selfish/fear-based; and that, in general.

Not very specific, and only off the top of my head.

And with the advent of the 5th Dimension, we will find a greater awareness of the problems facing us

and a greater depth of acceptance and responsibility regarding them, an improved process regarding facing and solving them, if even to a small degree.

I haven't looked at the outcome of the November 2010 elections as i consider the =process= of getting up and getting together for positive purposes, to be the over-riding important factor. If we don't get Democrats elected this fall, THAT will drive us to gather together and WORK for the positive change we require.

Considering how we hid behind our couches for the most part during BushCo, this new trend will become visible in comparison. And necessity!

Friday, September 17, 2010

I wish to reinforce how very important is the process

versus the outcome. It is very important for us as a group to have the same goals, and to get to work for them, each and every time we want them.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Consideration of the shift regarding the mental and physical planes

The mental or causal plane is the true plane, and is where exists the potential for immortality (continuation of self-consious-ness after physical death, among other issues in the lower Astrals). Manifestation occurs as a result of mental determination and focus, followed by enough action to bring the focus into form. The physical plane is far more dense and it can take a monumental struggle to bring about our desired manifestation forms...but the thing is, with the vastly increasing energies and the "falling of the veil", so to speak, that the "distance" between planes is indeed reducing, dramatically. Creation and creativity are to a great extent the meaning of life (especially love-based, of course), and it will become more and more obvious that the physical is indeed becoming far more responsive to the mental.

Which of course is why the subconscious and karmas must be cleansed before we are subject to the conditions of faster manifestation...although it can certainly be sensed already, and used to determine where your life is not in line with your hopes. Things which are seemingly firmly in your life, but which you do not want, are sometimes your own creations, through thought loops and nesting of which you may not be aware. Previously posted mantras such as "How am I creating this?" are becoming more and more useful, and success in releasing harmful ideation ever more simplified.

For example, if you have been living as a victim in order to gain attention and to thus feel some amount of false self-esteem, it is time to perceive this and to let it go. Self-esteem comes from doing esteemable acts.

What we think is indeed real, and it even goes back to Christ's warning that to even think about selfish, harmful action is equal to doing it physically (I believe this was stated regarding having thoughts of infidelity).

Love to everyone. It is the base from which we must spring.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

As the world nears 4th and higher dimensional vibrations

the veil will indeed drop more fully. The higher-vibrational beings who are sending so much light (and are indeed so much light themselves) will become easier to notice, if only by effect. Have you asked the higher beings for help transcending yourself and your circumstances? If you can truly STOP CONTROLLING/FIGHTING all of it, you will have no question that you are being helped by loving, powerful beings who WISH to help (we must ask- positive beings always wait to be asked, unless there is Guidance etc. involved).

It is an amazing time and we are so very lucky to be a part of it.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gratitude is a very powerful tool for bringing things into a higher vibration.

You are greeted by God and the Universe as you first greet them.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Some humans fight change and do not want to move...

It may be a case of move or die."

Yes. Those who do not wish to grow into a love-based energy, will find it increasingly impossible...fear is simply not compatible with the new energies/trend.

There is an amazing amount of Help available for any who find it difficult or impossible to let go of the past. Surrendering where you must is a very good thing (definitely a technique for myself!).