Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sorry for the spotty updates

as I've been using most of my energy following and attending #Occupations.

The Trend is continuing as expected. Manifestation is becoming simpler, and aids in clearing our issues (when willing). National karma has come on stage and is not soon to leave. Bad people are making headway into being bad, and good people are gaining ground in being good. This is a process and allows us to see and reject that which the majority does not want. Do not be alarmed by seemingly increasing negativity, but if motivated, DO go and put your time and energy into building something positive, something community. You will note that positive results are easier to gain, and easier to maintain, which is the difference, the happy difference.

I'm away from the computer, putting my time and energy into esteemable acts. What are you going to do with this lovely new energy and its rewards for action?