Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Deleting the dollar, restoring the Village

America is coming into a time of greater spirituality and this is partially driven by the falling dollar. There is specific spiritual meaning to this. Communities are tightening and are helping their needy. Daycare costs are causing parents to consider new solutions. These are only two signs of the current shift into spirituality. Extended families should consider joining resources. Groups of parents should create daycare where children would have more than a single adult. These are returns to the concept of the village. It is also hopefully a solution to the "nuclear family", as it is a self-destroying function. Together, parents have a better chance of learning to parent. Parented together, children have a better feel of community and are able to learn from those who have what any specific child needs. School is then merely an extension of these principles.

Or would you rather have a BRAND NEW FLATSCREEN PLASMA TV!?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

America is seriously at risk of becoming a second-world country.

The Maharishi and others have said it, or implied it strongly. America would shift to a spiritual basis and India and others would be the top players economically/productively. Americans need to embrace spirituality, at least, the positive aspects of spirituality. It may be forced upon them from their sheer need of such. I have discussed all of this previously.

I note that gold only fell $15.00 when the stock market dropped over 500 points. (shrugs shoulders)

Monday, August 1, 2011

The new energy has significantly increased this month

and co-creation is increasing. So are the monsters from the ID, to quote the meaningful movie...