Tuesday, March 30, 2010

On the increase of the positive and negative

we see around us.

The GET OUT AND DO SOMETHING energy has all of us working for what we believe in, even if it is destructive. Those who want the positive or even the status quo will be more and more offended by those who may work for destruction. This in itself will bring the change we are driven to work for. There is no more hiding. What we believe in will become more obvious to those around us, for better and worse.

Just remember that there will be more of everything as the energy increases. This of course means that it will be easier and easier to get into the positive, especially when the negative beckons. It's simply a choice, and these muscles will strengthen the more we use them.

I can more easily sense the joy and excitement which has been given to us, if we choose it. Our birthright is present if we wish to REACH and grab it, and to hold on for a wonderful, wild ride. :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Laugh Yourself Healthy


By Sally Applegate / correspondent
Georgetown Record
Posted Mar 24, 2010 @ 03:52 PM
Last update Mar 24, 2010 @ 04:15 PM

Georgetown —
Georgetown resident Richard Mullen has spent more than 30 years as a natural health educator, hypnotherapist and student of gelotology, the effect of humor on the human body and mind.
Inspired by Norman Cousins’ 1979 book “Anatomy of an Illness” in which Cousins recounts laughing himself well after suffering from a serious disease, Mullen decided to focus on the study of how laughter and smiling benefit your health. The subject was also explored in the movie “Patch Adams” starring Robin Williams.
The mind-body connection is key to the health benefits of laughter, Mullen explained. “All illness is based on worrying about the future and feeling guilty about the past,” he said. “Laughter puts us in the present, the here and now, eliminating fear and worry. It is a universal language.”

On April 1, Mullen will present a class at Northern Essex Community College to teach people how to find the humor in everyday life. The audience will see how contagious laughter is and be able to incorporate Mullen’s “Laugh Yourself Healthy” ideas into their own lives. He describes his program as recreational and is not suggesting you stop seeing your doctor.

Mullen’s “Laugh Yourself Healthy” presentation on April 1 will take place at 2 p.m. in the Technology Center on NECC’s Haverhill campus, 100 Elliot St. Admission is $2. It is part of the Life Long Learning program.
To learn more about Richard Mullen’s programs, which are available for presentation to senior centers, assisted living facilities, civic and social groups, and corporations, visit his Web site at rjmullen.com, contact him at rjmullen@gmail.com or phone him at 978-769-5073.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Angelic Kingdom wishes to help you.

I just wanted to chime in for all of my friends, that they know that love and light are indeed all around us now, that the angels hear us clearly, and are there to assist us at amazing depths...the veil is indeed falling and the Holy Kingdom can assist us so very deeply in regard to what the current energy demands: Letting Go. If you want to fly, you must first let go. If you are even willing to examine old hurt (and face it, now is the time!), it will come up and out like never, ever before. If you can surrender it to the angels, they can remove it from you. Fear, hurt, resentment, anger, pain, lack of love, lack of self-esteem, elephant-sized stubborness, all defects and shortcomings and poisons may all be removed. Yes, it is the truth. Trust the Angelic kingdom and ask their specific assistance, in threes if you find it aids your resolve/faith. They are waiting with love and patience for you to ask for their loving care, to do for you that which you cannot do for yourself.

And always ask them in thanks, what you might do for those who are not able...

Peace and blessings!

Passage of the Health Care Bill and the Old Guard

The veil is lifting. We are in greater and greater responsibility, which can be called Feedback. You get back much more of what you put out. The "old boy's club" finds that the old techniques aren't working so very well, anymore. People are awakening to the need for Change, and the increasingly positive world energy assists the direction of our desire for change. BushCo showed us a bit of how dark it could get if allowed to stand unchallenged. The health care bill passing is the first major event signifying the success of change, and the focusing of the positive path.

In this energy, that which a thing is, increases. The old guard will try and try again until we >>push back<< ...and this time, actually make a difference, to have success in the old struggle against greed and hidden bullies/money/resource structures. Know how many businessmen are shuddering at the potential loss of their health care insurance scams? They'll attempt to make the old way continue to work. And, things being clearer these days, it will appear Ugly, at its true level of ugliness, which makes it easier and easier for people to reject it and to unify in seeking positive solutions. The bad acts of the old guard will inspire those who seek something/anything better. Finally. The passing of the health care bill empowers many who did not expect change to occur. There is an increasing energy of Change, of excited curiosity regarding how much further it can be taken, and what the benefits of such might be.

Things are indeed getting started. Any ugliness will work against the ugly. Remember that as a balm against the actual ugliness. Even the beloved Lotus flower grows out and up from the detritus at the bottom of the pond....both the top and bottom of the pond must be there for it to work at all.

As energy is increasing and our own reactions/perceptions are increasing, when hit by ugliness, remember to immediately get into positive work. Stay out of "that's terrible!" etc. and stay in the light. It's important.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Some thoughts on spiritual law and karma.

Lifted from an email, to clarify a bit what I'd written on TGS in the predictions thread...

There are supposedly 12 major spiritual laws, ranging from the Law of Transmutation of Energy, that a great positive field will purify any smaller negative field (which is what Christ did for us), as well as Syntony, or more clumsily, the "Law of Attraction", which has been bastardized into a materialistic cliché. Syntony literally means that you will automatically seek and find similar vibrations to your own. Tuning forks ringing at the same frequency. My mystery school teacher mentions that hell is the experience of suffering at the density and most importantly, rate of consciousness of the rocks and stones, which is exceedingly slow, making the purging of negative karma after death to seem to last a geologic age...so beware of your vibration/karma.

And in the increasing energy of Responsibility (or "Co-Creation"/Heaven on Earth or Feedback), that all acts of ass increasingly effect the actor as well as increasing the overall negative field of humanity. But not to worry; the negative is breaking apart due to the above law of Transmutation of Energy. As the world vibration increases (as well as feedback for one's actions and intent/thoughts), the negative types shall indeed experience Monsters from the Id.

And that God is real, and increasingly present. This is a time of astonishing gifts. Or hideous destruction. Interesting to see what will happen at the level of the national and even the city level, as their related energy fields/karma/responsibility increasingly come into play. America, for instance, was founded upon the destruction of the locals, at a horrific level. We gots some 'splainin' to do, for example. And about the enslavement of the Africans...and the CIA getting its fingers into the governments of so many other countries. Individual karma does not exclude to a certain extent the karma of the place a person inhabits. All members of a country are responsible for the actions of its leaders, etc.

March Update

I find that what the astrologers at democraticunderground.com and those they link to have been saying is correct...and also regarding my late 2009 statements as well.

March is indeed a time of great forward movement, and if you don't get on board, you will be left behind, indeed...my prediction of the early part of 2010 being a time of dis-satisfaction, of "this isn't right/enough" is true. Impetus regarding positive growth/change at every level is building and building. (Should be interesting at some point regarding international relations/relations of subjugate peoples and their oppressors. Iran, be Free!)

Those hanging on to great amounts of hate, of great negative emotional output, will find greater and greater suffering as the feedback of responsibility increases (which is of course the "new age" beginning perhaps just before 2012, depending upon a few variables). Those with great fear/deep trauma are having to face it NOW, and now is perfect as it has never been easier to release such things. The angels surround us and are available to assist at extremely deep levels if you are ready to surrender your troubles and allow them to work their magic. LOVE is present and ever will be...reach into it and live in it; it is your birthright.

It seems that those with the greatest fear began to choose to leave shortly after last year's summer solstice shift...those of us with less fear than that, but "enough", are now feeling the increasing pressure/encouragement to face it with ease and grace. Ask for ease and grace as it is always available, and will assist in your Knowing that you are as they say a much-loved child of the Universe...take up your joy and live in it. Now is the time to live in wonder, to righteously inhabit your birthright! :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A reiteration regarding the purpose of this blog.

-To provide information and practices important to those wishing to enjoy the (changing) future.
-To provide a certain amount of proof regarding my ability to sense energy, reinforcing the changes I sense, which will require the above.
-To strengthen my own Authenticity and Integrity through sharing this information.

It seems to me that many of those not already exposed to spirituality are hung up on the second part, the "proof" of my ability to sense approaching energy shifts, and are missing the entire intent of the blog-- that there IS a massive, unavoidable energy shift occurring, and those not aware of it might require assistance in adapting. Do not watch the finger pointing at the moon; watch the moon.

Check the first post for more. God Bless...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Transitory States

I have found exploration of this in several spiritual paths...from the Japa meditation in Wayne Dyer's "Getting into the Gap" to the practice in sound from the Centering portion of "Zen Flesh, Zen Bones", to the techniques for lucid dreaming, and to the shamanistic practice of "getting behind" things into the true world.

It also seemingly occurs in physics in the very small space between linearity and turbulence, and the same in the behaviour of an audio filter in the tiny space just prior to self-oscillation.

Dyer recommends looking into the space(s) between letters in a phrase. Centering recommends following a sound down into silence, and examining the point at which sound actually meets silence. The decay of a prayer chime is excellent for this. Shamanism relates much of the same; becoming aware of the enormous, silent place when you are in between breaths, immediately after orgasm, the emptiness after the elimination of waste, etc. The place between release and the building of new tension.


16. In the beginning and gradual refinement of the sound of any letter, awake.

18. Intone a sound audibly, then less and less audibly as feeling deepens into this silent harmony.

We are surrounded by these gaps, by these transitory states, these fringe conditions. Seek them, and the secrets they convey.

Also, to become aware of the fifth element, Space, or "Volume".

The medium in which all things arise. Become aware of the space between yourself and a cloud. Find the spaciousness of the spirit side through meditation, and carry it into everyday awareness.

March comes in like a lion!

A personal aside, which I do not prefer to do, but it's fully on-topic...

I was abandoned at birth and raised by multiply-abusive (yes, all of that) adoptive parents who did not even sleep in the same room, was beaten by the local children, sexually molested by a neighbor and once by the local kids, and one event I'm not clear on. I ended up wanting to die, even at an early age, such was the intensity of my emotions and vulnerability. I very nearly died at 13 in an "accident" which I knew was manifested by my desperately wanting to check out.

The point is that, even with six-plus years of addiction recovery only by the grace of a loving God and now one year of successful treatment for "severe" bipolarity, that I hadn't managed (and wasn't willing) to truly face and release the experiences I've been through, and their emotional results/knots. I have been truly powerless in my life, and it has been humiliating, at the least. Horrific, at best. As the AA 12x12 states in the first sentence of the first chapter:

"Who cares to admit complete defeat?"


With the advent of the energy of the last week, I have been completely defeated, even prayed over and over, "I am completely defeated". Surrender was the only solution for the overwhelm which was upon me. Which I never, ever wanted to again consider. Which very, very nearly was a complete deal-breaker. The fear, the helplessness, the humiliation, the victimization, the self-pity and self-hate...the "pitiful and incomprehensible demoralization." (AA Big Book, page 30.)

I'm through the worst of it, having only survived through ego-puncturing, surrender, the admittance of incapability to deal with it myself. I prayed "I am completely defeated" and it was lifted from me, =as I became willing to release it and to face an uncertain future without it=. Change is uncomfortable, even to and especially for those who have been beaten into a box of comfortable suffering- because change may invite something even worse. We become willing to accept suffering if it somehow prevents even further suffering from occuring.

This is no longer possible. The planets are, according the the DemocraticUnderground astrologer(s), in a place where we -must- change or be drawn down into destruction (and reincarnation in the same sort of situations, but elsewhere). On an energetic level, which is my range of skill, I fully agree with that, and have of course been saying so in this blog as I've also known it to be the trend. We must leave behind any comfortable suffering and be willing to face the new, no matter what it reveals. One of my teachers said that life is like being on a diving board, in the fog. The next step may find you falling, but staying in the same place becomes intolerable. Those of us harboring suffering, fear, and of course, outright malevolence, must now face it and become =willing= to change, or the pain increases, forcing us into Very Large Choices.

Myself? I have posted that the last few days sucked more than a vacuum cleaner convention, and I'll stick with that description. It is only due to my unwillingness to face the truth of myself, of my experiences, of the need for growth into the new, positive energy. If you are reading this, you may very well be in the same place. Theses pages are dedicated to providing you with medicine and remedy for such. Yes, I am taking my own advice, and it's working. I am taking the advice of others (the Anonymous literature/groups) because it works. Everything that I have shared here -works-. I hope that using it will benefit you greatly. Peace, and Praise God!