Thursday, March 24, 2011

Inner Revolution

Change continues and is healing our self-relationships. Negative ego considerations such as self-pity, victimhood, and irresponsibility are being cleansed. So...

We are not taught to have a relationship with ourselves. We have been lied to, told to always respond to externals, to always seek externals, especially Authority. It is time to accept that externals are not fulfilling you, and that the direction you seek is found when you connect with your inner desire, your inner self. Treat your Self well. Take time for it. Honor it with gifts of love (tell yourself you love your self, tell yourself that I put myself first). Selfish is not bad in this case unless it goes too far. Turn off the TV and the radio and spend time telling yourself you love it, and take it out for flowers, for nature, for film and dance and acting and everything beloved to you. Be thankful for YOU. Smile at yourself in the mirror. God doesn't make mistakes; there are just things we have yet to learn.

A good meditation is to sit in a chair, close your eyes and paying light attention to your outbreath through your nose, say solidly in your mind with each breath, in each direction, "SELF LOVE". Sit through any discomfort and do this for a few minutes each morning and evening. Yes, stop and do this. It will help. Do it a long time if you feel the extra need, if sadness comes up. Do it through the sadness, in spite of it. To go an extra distance, visualize that your outbreath through the nose sends SELF LOVE to all beings in the Universe. This is very powerful and truly works. It can be adapted for anything you feel lacking, or simply wish to give to the Universe. You can visualize "SELF LOVE" in those words going out into the Universe.