Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We are going in the right direction.

It may seem that things are getting worse, with more and more police violence, more and more defamation tactics and sheer subterfuge on the part of the police and those who control them, with greater and greater revelation of corporate, banking, and general wrong-doing, but I say to you that we are on the right path, we are going in the right direction, and that direction is one of washing our hands of the dirt we have tolerated for so very long. It is not increasing, we are merely awakening to it, and justly, to our desire to change the world to be rid of it in every form. This is right and true. It is for the good. Do not worry about the actions of the unjust for they shall be reviled more and more for their very actions, for their very intent. We are tired of them, we are done with them and their tactics and planning and undermining our voice and our freedom. Pay attention instead to what is right, to what beautiful things are being built among us, and through us. We are gathering to solve our problems because we are the best answer! Together we are unstoppable. We are far more powerful than we allow ourselves to believe. We are far more powerful than we have been told to allow ourselves to consider. Sleep, and submerge your ideas and strength, they tell us. No more! We can no longer ignore our difficulties, and find within ourselves the strength and determination to make things =better=. We see that our brothers and sisters are in need and we say "How can we help you?" We find ourselves in need and our brothers and sisters say "How can we help you?" How can we solve these problems together? It is happening and you are contributing even if you are even wondering about how to better the world. It is happening if you are part of the brilliance which are the #Occupy groups.

 It is happening, and it is gorgeous. It is exhilarating.

 Look to the posts of those who have attended the #Occupations and revel in their sense of wonder at something new and wonderful in the world, where each voice is heard as equally as any other, where each voice is welcomed and is =needed=. You are needed. You are wonderful. You have something to offer the world, no matter how small, no matter how you may feel about it. You are wanted, you are needed, it is here and it is waiting for you to step into its open arms, and it is Familiar. It is how life should be, it is how life will be, as we work for it. It has awakened and as such, will not return to slumber. We have tasted our voice, we have tasted our power, we have seen true Democracy is possible and the only direction from this point is to more of the same. Do not worry about those who interfere and even cause harm. They show us change is needed, and we naturally intensify our resolve to improve when we encounter such ugliness. It is a springboard and each and every time we have been attacked, whether directly or through witnessing it in print, in photographs, and in video, we move further and further into a better world. We are creating it right now and it is beautiful. It is natural. We want it, and it is happening.

 Do we have concrete problems to solve? Yes. Note the Trend already occurring through this movement and know that we have already begun improving the world. Banks are frightened, politicians are frightened, the old structures are beginning to shake and sway under our influence. These problems are not as big as we have imagined them, for they are already responding directly to our group direction, to our will. Double our numbers and they will scream. Multiply us times ten and...it will be wonderful.

 We are going in the right direction. Be happy, we are doing it!