Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Why do I even do this blog?

No one gives a shit, no one listens, it doesn't have any positive effect against the bullshit. I'm sick of shouting truth into empty rooms.

Shift in the (s)election / Dirty Tricks

An entire article was just "lost" somehow. Apparently the information is important. I'll summarize what was just lost:

-Trump is a distraction from Hillary's monstrosity. He's falling in favorability as people reject what he's about. Self-examination for the country.
-Hillary is global corporatocracy. She would push wars for oil and natural gas in Iran, Ukraine, and the Caspian Sea region. This directly involves Russia and Israel and can be taken as nuclear brinksmanship duing "peak oil". She doesn't give a fuck. She's a sociopath. It's up to us to reject such theft of resources and warmongering for them. Bill Clinton looks to be at death's door.
-It is said Hitler burned the Reichstag in order to seize power. Cheney, a Hillary fan (both are big oil and big natural gas / big energy people) has mentioned an upcoming new 9/11. Loss of civil rights, enacting the NDAA section 1021, totalitarianism. We have to fight and reject it even as a potential. Any new 9/11 is ONLY to seize power and to spread fear. Reject it. Speak out!
-The KeystoneXL is being built under a different name and the First Nations are encamping to fight it. The Rainbow Warriors must rise!
-Destruction prospers through keeping people in fear, as they then do not focus upon joy and higher vibrations. Know that destruction will act to keep people in fear. Reject it and promote your own highest vibration. Fear is losing but still has teeth.

God Bless. We're on the right path but bumps are possible. Grow those positive muscles.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Authoritarianism and the 2016 (s)election

Please know that things ARE getting better. Frequencies ARE rising. Blatant negativity IS being cleared. This is all part of the process of arriving at a beautiful place. Stay in your increasing frequencies. The following is a view into the upcoming speedbumps those who do not know vibrations are raising will have to experience. You stay in your high vibrational space and cultivate it always. But the basics of 2012's process call for specific awareness of WHAT must be changed in order for that change to become a trend, a majority.

Trump would mean limited civil war. Hillary would mean nuclear war. Both represent the destructive path of corporate savaging of the world for the temporary benefit of the rich. Years ago I had a sight of gunfights on the street in a few or more cities and considered the possibility of a limited civil war. It now makes sense. I'd thought I'd mentioned it in this blog years ago but a search shows I have not until recently. I'll speak on conditions and trends.

Psychic Bill Burns speaks a bit on authoritarianism in his recent book, Sunrises of the Spirit, enough to mention it is the driving force we must now face. Both "candidates" are thoroughly authoritarian. Trumps is of course far more obvious in that there would be immediate massing of police and empowered goon squads and patrols, rounding up of dissidents, intelligentsia, Muslims, immigrants, anyone neither white nor statist. And all those who demanded to give away their guns will be sucking their thumb in corner, in a foetal position. Hopefully fully reflecting upon having been so simply manipulated.

The far-right nutjobs would be so enabled there would be public lynchings of people of color, small town pogroms of anyone different, murder, and seizure of state systems by armed groups. LGBTQ folk running for their lives. Some not escaping.

Foreign policy. Trump is more calculating than most will credit. However, he wants to win at any cost which does not involve harm to himself. "You're fired" takes on a sickening international dimension.

Trump is more likely than Clinton to be assassinated. He is more polarizing.

The Clintons have over the years deregulated banks and media, allowing them to monopolize into empires. Some six corporate entities control the majority of US media. CNN's parent company, Time Warner, have donated around $400K to Hillary's campaign, for example. Through the Clinton "foundation" and "initiative", they have built a network of donors and power brokering which must act to protect the Clintons in order to protect themselves from being exposed. While Trump wins because ME FIRST/ATTENTION, the Clintons are sociopaths.

Hillary Clinton has stated she's into overthrowing Syria's Assad in order to create a civil war which would draw in Iran, for the benefit of Israel/Zion. Hillary is on video with wide eyes stating she'd "obliterate" Iran for Israel. Google "netanyahu war Iran" for years of his fanning this flame. Iran of course also contains the last of the five largest crude oil reserves in the world, "the last" meaning the last one not under US/OPEC control. Iraq was the fourth. Hillary stated that corporations should begin thinking of Iraq as a "business opportunity", so you know Iran is one as well. The PNAC neocon Kagan endorses her...the same goals likely for the same reasons.

Hillary is also deeply into the KeystoneXL pipeline, and the next president gets to vote on its permit. It is at the moment unfeasible due to low crude prices, but a war against Iran would fix that in a jiffy. An NYT article states that if fully mined, those related tarsands would extinct 20 to 50% of species on Earth, so Hillary is a path to death from multiple directions as well. Her connections to power and influence through her "foundation" are sickening and vast.

At this point you'd expect a majority to rise up and say "NO!" thus causing change. Some will, and will fight back. Anti-fascists, anarchists, etc., but the surveillance state mechanisms in place will lead to round-ups. Plenty of money for new prisons, etc. Regarding the majority: the psychologists employed by the state fully well understand the Stanford Prison Experiment and the Milgram Experiment. The so-called "war on cops" the media are pushing is a psyop to get people to fear for and to love and support their own oppressors. He loved Big Brother. There will be sickening sycophantry, boot-lickers, etc. as "blue lives matter" laws are emplaced (despite police not even being in the top 10 most dangerous careers, and police deaths being very low in a downward trend; none of that matters to the state which wants you to glorify those it would have you believe stand between you and CHAOS!!!!). There is no war against Christmas, there is no war against're advanced enough to see this as the manipulation vector it is. Cops always blame their victims, a sign of the absolute irresponsibility they embody. Their most recent abuse, yesterday: "Why did you shoot me?" "I don't know."

"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary." - H.L. Mencken

This is all part of the general shift upward. Authoritarianism's time is done, but yes, a majority have to want it to GO AWAY in order for it to go away. Which means in some amount or another, it will be uncomfortably present in order to create the required change away from it toward the positive. The majority have to decide. Of course, there is the possibility that in this process the majority will die. Higher beings are present and are assisting. People rising up in responsibility and integrity to say NO! to hate and destruction in huge numbers...beautiful. The beautiful Scottish people have in no uncertain terms told Trump to fuck off. Wonderful...this is part of the continuing trend and polarization toward and against monstrosity/love.

As of right now I see a man winning, but I cannot see which man. This is fluid. We are responsible. Our actions do matter. I'm not sure if the Divine Plan involves the NEED for either of these monstrosities to become empowered in order for the majority to continue growing, and that we can avoid general destruction in the process, but this is already the Trend. The elites know something has changed and this is why their noise machines are so very very busy drowning out any information regarding different paths and choices. Bernie Sanders fans have seen their election stolen and a generation has lost trust in the system, if they ever had it to begin with. This generation is more powerful than corporate media will allow you to consider. The election fraud is not finished by any means. If Trump and Clinton's toxicity is revealed to enough people Sanders or Stein may actually win, although the Trump and Clinton networks (especially Clinton through their "foundation") will continue to causes problems, even dire problems.

One thing which bothers me which I am hoping the raising of frequency over time will address is the lack of intersectionality between those working to "vote" and those dying on the streets who could seriously use the attention, energy, and solidarity. As Bernie voters become radicalized by the corrupt system, they approach the place where others' struggles should become their own.

God Bless.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Detach from negative news

A week ago I felt a possible major earthquake but apparently the energy may be something else.

As the veil lifts, negative forces create events which lower our vibrations into fear and suffering. This is specifically to attempt to derail ascension. As I've said over and over, we are responsible for our own vibratory frequency now and that can be difficult to maintain in the face of overwhelming negative news, especially when you stare into it all day long on media. So don't.

Turn off the TV. Turn off the radio. Limit your time on the internet if you're tapped into channels which will present negative news. You must cease from connecting your perceptions to overwhelming negative news and work to raise your vibration, to cleave unto God. Send light, pray for angelic assistance for yourself and those effected. Watch funny films and listen to beautiful music. Do not dwell upon suffering. What you focus upon increases.

Pray for the removal of destruction. Pray for Earth to be balanced. Pray for mankind to live in harmony with Earth. These prayers, from Chief Arvol Looking Horse, remain imperative.

Neptune and Chiron are retrograde. Upheaval. Resolution personally for anything wounded and not in true integrity. Go with it.

God Bless.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Most recently I've been watching the output of Elizabeth Peru and
Claudia McNeely in regard to my posts, as well as the new book from Bill Burns.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Processing the mean

Astrologers are saying Saturn goes retrograde for about half a year and I'll confirm it energetically...negative karma processing time. Don't act upon any meanness coming up in you, but see it, accept it, name it and its reason(s), and ask for help understanding, grace, ease, and guidance if it doesn't clear from so doing. You'll find your own process if this isn't right for you.

Others who do not understand this is what is occurring may need to be smacked in the face by their process in order to "get" what is wrong and should be released. Some will be mean as they process mean. This of course occurs at both a personal and an international level. Pray for the removal of destruction and war (always a good daily idea) and always return to your joy.


Edit 3.28.2016: There are often two sides. What you are doing that you need to stop doing, as well as what you are not doing and need to begin. If you are not taking care of yourself due to lack of self-worth, self-esteem, etc. or your integrity is low through irresponsibilities now is the time for them to come up in review and clearing. 

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Rough spot occurring and just ahead

Multiple episodes of violence in the US. I'd discussed "muckers" a few years ago and it's as stated going to become worse. I've seen other spiritual writers mention 2016 as a year of cleansing so that we're good to manifest the positive in the future, and this requires more cleansing, ever more deeply, and it's a good idea to note that your temper can be short at this time, and to slow down any heated exchanges and to avoid the truly short-tempered as well. Do not become stuck in bad news or bad moods. Focus upon things which make you joyous.

My cleansing process involves honesty, naming what is wrong with myself and asking for help to clear and / or fix it. Yours may vary but you will find the way if you are both interested and willing. Those who are not aware that something is up may simply be tetchy, etc. Being willing will make a large difference as this moves through us. You can always pray for grace, ease, and guidance. It's also useful to ask "What am I not understanding about this growth? What am I supposed to be doing/getting from this?" and similar as you find useful.

I've mentioned here or perhaps elsewhere that a limited civil war is possible in the US. This is becoming ever more clear as co-creation manifests people's beliefs which is visible as increasing polarization. As also stated ad nauseum, this is reflection and clearing at a national, perhaps global level. Beings of light are working to keep us safe from larger manifestations of this as we move through it, but praying for the removal of war and destruction is always good. Expressing love and gratitude toward Mother Earth is also always good. Send love to the mineral, plant, insect, and animal Kingdoms and elements. Thank Mother Earth for your beautiful body, which is made up of bits of Mother Earth and will return to her as well.

Blessings and peace and love!

Update, March 2nd:

M7.8 - Southwest of Sumatra, Indonesia

Monday, February 22, 2016

You are holy.

Live with that knowledge.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

2016 Clarification

When I've said the US can fall into being a 3rd world country, I mean it in terms of living in harmony with the land versus hoarding world resources and conspicuous materialism and consumption. You will note that around the world there is yet another change occurring, with people rising up and demanding better (not so visibly yet in the US); it is the result of the ongoing upwards shift in vibration and people wanting the world to reflect such overall, a push for living a better way. In the US it is happening but it is being limited to partisan divide-and-conquer. The corporate coup the TPP is being signed this week and there are enormous marches everywhere except in the US. While most people are wishing for a better world in the US we are still under the spell of the establishment and are attempting to participate in the establishment in order to create the desired change. The establishment has no intention whatsoever of changing. However, and this is important, the unified energy of those who want real integrity in the system are having an effect not counted upon by the system. Enough people intent upon a direction forces that direction, in co-creation. The energy is not wasted despite it not being the quickest way toward change that is possible.

The positive is occurring. People want something better, a better way of living. They want fairness an the characteristics of the 4th Vibrational Dimension: inclusion, love, brotherly love, support, reinforcement, community, reinforcement, co-operation. Most people don't want a bloody revolution, they want real change despite being mislead by the negative, and real positive change is possible from enough people simply demanding it in unison.

Agents of the negativity and of the status quo are becoming ever more visible and outspoken as the vibration shifts out of their frequency range. They appear ever more unpleasant and per the Trend of the people examining, naming, and discarding the negative, the process continues. Hillary Clinton, corporatist and 1%er extra-ordinaire, is under increasing scrutiny for her increasingly obvious selfishness and cronyism. Antics ensue. People are becoming upset about the electoral process itself; the entire system is under the beginnings of a scrutiny representing the people wanting a positive way of life. Occupying things, so to speak; getting into what isn't right, calling it out, detailing a better way, and demanding it. The Emergent re-Emerges.

Saturday, February 6, 2016