Saturday, January 31, 2015

Light is breaking through

The light is gaining ground on Earth. The struggle between Destruction and Light will continue as each intensifies. The more the darkness and "powers that be" seek to force the world to their way, the more people will rebel. The potential increases for a police state roll-out (versus the current pop-up police state) in America continues, as does the plan to create a phony revolution/civil war which would benefit the rich who are designing it. Some revolutionaries on the "left" are unaware that in removing the government, corporations are then given free reign and unlimited power. To reduce the country to state-level powers, each could then write its own laws, create its own currency, wage its own wars...with the elite behind it all, cutting up the pie as they wish. I'm no reformist but that's the thing. Getting to the point where capitalism is banished and creating a new way without possibility of military coup in the resulting power vacuum is the goal.

I've read in another spiritual web page that a significant percentage of the population will have by the end of this year attained 5th vibrational dimension consciousness...this is significant, this is a tipping point. Continue bringing the light, praying for the removal of destruction, for God's will to be done in spite of mankind.