Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wow, is it ever increasing.

Hang on, old stuff is coming up faster than ever and can result in snappy, short tempers and outbursts, frustration, upset, tears, any sort of emotional response. Recognize it, name it, admit it, let it go to God, and move forward into the positive! Grace is with and throughout us. This is a gift; the cleansing is not torture but freedom, when you work with it.

Love and Blessings.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Another notch up in the new energy.

The 1%, in seeking to further advance their imperialist globalization of all resources and to install their banking system of debt as far and wide as it may reach, are attempting to create another terrorist attack upon the US or ally nations in order to justify further invasions of sovereign nations as well as to crack down upon liberties at home. "See, we told you so!" would be their cry, to show us as exposed in "V for Vendetta", their plans to prove to the little people "why they need us!"

The planned attack(s) upon Syria and their expected escalations were an attempt to further these neocon/PNAC goals, to cement the US in the role of world police which of course is a thin cover for corporate globalization. The important thing is that with the shift, the veil is lifting on such massive negativity and selfish agenda, and people rejected it outright, and in so doing, co-created its defeat. The larger plan is now under increasing revelation as the shift quickens, as is its increasing global rejection. Awareness is increasing. Rejection of the old is increasing. The efforts of the old are also increasing, but witness the First Nations' Idle No More campaigns world-wide to protect sacred water and to demand the Earth be treated as Home, not as a disposable resource for short-term profit.

We are witnessing the increasing collision of the two directions: the possibility of destruction and the possibility of harmonious living with and of the Earth in the presence of the heavenly kingdom. The heavenly kingdom is now being increasingly realized upon Earth. There was a portal on 12:12:2013, unsurprisingly, and co-creation has significantly increased. Hatred and evil are becoming increasingly constrictive to those harbouring it; they will have to make Choices at and near this time. Those bearing love in their hearts begin to shine and elevate those surrounding them. It's time to reach to heaven and to reach inside the heart for your core, to further connect to the Creator of all things, of Whom we are sparks seeking re-union.

It is time to gather into groups who will create sustainable resources and community in the face of increasing climate change, which will effect how and what we grow for food. The Walipini is important as a method, as is aquaponics/hydroponics. Protection from increasing extremes of temperature and weather are important. Pray to be guided and led to your Group. Our shared skills will lead to solutions to be passed along to others.

We support all systems of life. Live knowing you are part of this flow and give back. See how you can help others. Live as one in the Spirit of all things, of which all things are a part. Grow your heart center with heart-based works. If frightened, depressed, challenged, immediately seek to help others. Per the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, we are given what we give to others.

The potential for great change (some potentially unpleasant) is upon us. Do not dwell in problems; create the good and build your community in spite of it. Excitement and curiosity are signs you are in the positive and that all things shall be opened unto thee. Seek and cultivate this!

Peace and blessings.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lunar eclipse and Mercury retrograde

I'd never paid much attention to astrology but in recent years have indeed noticed correlation to internal and external process and events. The lunar eclipse a few days ago really ramped things up in terms of Integrity and the current Mercury retrograde will continue to enable / force self-reflection. It's time to release all which is untrue and this will continue to send shock waves through Western society. Those who are aligned with the Light will continue to rise in vibration and joy. I'm seeing it happen.

If you're struggling during this time, please be honest about yourself and be willing to move forward no matter what. Spend time in nature and send the Earth love.

We're really getting into what was planned. This is of course both better and worse depending upon your spiritual position. There is also possibility of great natural disaster as well, but it's not "written". Pray for Earth healing, grace and ease in all things.

Peace and love, be what you want to see in the world...

Saturday, September 28, 2013

New models forced by change

Karen Bishop was exactly correct, again (and again and again)...the 22nd was a huge portal to new, higher energy and increased co-creation. It's harder and harder for the old models to hang on as we come to realize together that we are all one and are one with the Earth, for whom we must care. Moving into that role will see change...climate change and two results: fear and adaptation. We must envision and create new farming options adapted for these changes. Shipping will eventually become difficult due to climate change so get seed banks now. We of course will have to work in communities to be sustainable. Which brings me to the new empetus on community and co-operation:

Trouble will drive us together, to adapt as well as to help each other. As banking and power systems are ever more fully exposed and reviled, the destruction they cause will result in a deeper need to take care of each other and to live more closely together, both figuratively and literally. Extended families may have to gather together to make ends meet, as may groups of friends. See in this the new model of living together and taking care of each other, first by need, secondly by caring.

The old methods of value are slipping away. The new methods are sustainability in a harmonious relationship with the Earth, to care for Her and every being in the Contract of Life, to work together for common good and survival. We will have to shake off the greedy and destructive in some manner, be it through massive disdain and choice obsoleting it, or any response whatsoever.

The creative result of masses of us desiring a better way of living will obsolete the greedy ways; the masses needing a better way of living will cause change. At a personal level, increase increase increase your vibration as it is now ever easier to contact (and to maintain contact) with the higher dimensions and God. Raising your vibration is your most effective tool for positive change; it aids those around you. Reject the fear-mongering of the governments and systems of greed; more and more will. Focus upon what can be done to help others and to help Earth Mother.

Peace and Love...

Monday, September 9, 2013

If we react and resist

"We can be either for them or against them. It doesn't matter. If we react and if we resist, we give them the manipulative power to push the agenda along. By resisting and reacting, we are demonstrating that we believe in the underlying, subliminal and hypnotic suggestion of this reality, thereby making it our reality, and the events they wish to occur concerning humanity, and that they wish to appear real, will occur and then it 'becomes reality.'

Do not pay attention to the 'world events', they are all orchestrated to make you pay attention to them. The struggle you should pay attention to is on a personal level. The way out, is in."

~The Insider

Friday, September 6, 2013

Grab, grab, grab

The Syria situation is a truly tangled mess with one constant: those in power both grabbing to hold onto their power as well as grabbing for more. So many parties are pushing for their agenda to be met it's a feeding frenzy with little clarity or direction. Western banks wish to open the middle east to their debt-oriented profit model (while usury and perhaps debt are considered sin in such countries, quite a stark contrast and a lesson to be well-taken), oil in Syria (Shell wishes an expanded presence), AIPAC pushing for action, Zion pushing for war with Iran (Syria's number one ally), Russia seeking position, Qatar and oil interests pushing for the Kirkuk-Banais pipeline, PNAC and their ultimate agenda of making the US a world police force/dominant presence, the Plutonomists seeking to open markets to further their profitable globalization, "peak oil" and the Plutonomists attempting to grab hold of all possible resources...the military-industrial complex seeking ever more of our tax dollars, arms manufacturers hoping to sell their wares through demonstration and to gain orders from countries exhausting their existing arsenal...there may even be some of the old Crusades anger in some American circles seeking presence...and those who both seek to distract from the NSA spying scandal and to again utilize the hot-button calendar date "9/11" as a's quite a mess but it all boils down to selfishness and power...failing. Selfishness and power are now old concepts and they are losing ground. This is evidence of such. Make no mistake, the old powers can still cause far too much potential destruction, but they "get" that the time is over and must shout ever more loudly that their way is it recedes in favor of (potential) co-operation and harmony.

"It comes down to a struggle between those who want to rule the world and those who just want to live in it." ~attempting to quote Bill Burns from memory.

Remember, in co-creation energy, that which a thing is, increases. The greedy and destructive will act ever more so. They may or will even cause harm on a massive scale. It is up to us to see it and for the majority to say NO! for it to change.

And it appears to be heading in that direction. Keep raising your vibration and sending out positive energy. Keep seeking Source/The Creator, drawing it into you life and the world. Live in Joy. It obsoletes the Old.

Also, Karen Bishop is discussing a huge portal on September 22nd. This should shake things up!


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Massive stargate yesterday

Tetrahedron Merkaba Stargate In Our Skies on Monday, 29 July

 I can certainly feel this one; barriers to integrity are being swept away. New light has entered the world.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Self-Reflection and Change

The process of cleansing continues in the form of self-reflection, of our characteristics being increasingly manifest in the world through co-creation, and at a personal, local, state, national, and worldly level, choices made about how we wish to be, what we wish to be, and what do we actually do about it.

Edward Snowden and Trayvon Martin have given us vast opportunities in these regards. I've mentioned previously about America as a nation having blood on its hands (the near genocide of the First Nations and the enslavement of people of color as beasts of burden, as well as destructive manipulations around the world) and that there will be a karmic cost as such. This can be in the form of some measure of nuclear attack as well as encampments on US soil by such as the Chinese. The former most likely from the east; the latter most likely established through contracts for resource exploitation, or worse. But today, we are looking at ourselves as a burgeoning police state which is a natural (and fully intended) hop skip and a little jump from a surveillance state (just give them or allow them to create an incident demanding a police state, much as the incident of 9/11 provided for the smash-and-grab of the current surveillance state). As the banks and plutonomists have the resources to further damage the US currency and economy in a Shock Doctrine bid to bring "austerity" and the now-seen-in-Michigan-and-soon-to-be-seen-everywhere-else "emergency manager" legislation forced through (Wall Street) debt, it can be in the form of forced economic (limited) collapse. Or, through the provocation of large enough populist uprisings. Either way, the results would be horrific and must be avoided.

Snowden has provided a window into the fatal direction America has taken, to the extent that the US has forced a Presidential jet of the leader of a South American country to land and stay there for some 12 hours on the concept that Snowden may have been aboard (after Obama said he would not be scrambling fighters for a 29-year-old hacker), as well as this week a direct call to Putin about him. Greenwald says he has only presented about half of what he was given and that of course, there are information packages in place with critical data to be revealed in the event something "occurs" to Snowden. Serious stuff. The question raised, is this what we want to happen to us, is this the direction we want? It puts a crimp into the police state plan, hopefully one vast and significant.

Trayvon forces us unrelentingly to face the illusion of our differences, and the ugliness behind the beliefs splitting us apart (divide and conquer). As a community leader said before the trial, this decides whether we continue or not as a country where it is open season upon people of color. The "not guilty" verdict forces the issue of un-natural division be faced. Only the sick want it. We know it is wrong, it is un-natural. We know we all have one heart and similar enough wants and needs that we are all effectively like each other, and with the rising heart energy, that we must take care of each other and end that which blocks us from being one, from being happy.

This process is a giant mirror. Do we like what we see? If not, what do we do about it? Know that at the maximum, it could end the world. At the minimum, it results in a recognition and determination to find a way of life we know in our hearts to exist, that we know naturally needs to be. This is the drive we see in America; a rising awareness of the need for a better way of living. This better way may destablize enough of the old to cause Trouble in population centers so make sure you have access to a group and area which are sustainable food-wise and as well regarding climate change and sticking it through as a community.

But before going further with that, an examination of the mirror effect itself:

The Kabbala's Remarkable Idea

If you do not like what you see, be honest about it within yourself and it begins to clear. Or, continue its manifestation until you are forced to make a decision. (Telling God that you are willing to let go of what ails you and then working upon being willing are superb starts.)

Of course the same thing continues in the US regarding greed and destruction as bank personnel reveal under oath that they were told to lie to customers to cause foreclosures to occur (Bank of America). With TransCanada being caught teaching police to recognize peaceful activists by name and photos and to treat them as terrorists. This is the natural direction of greed; to take everything it absolutely, possibly can no matter what and to defend itself with all possible force in order to succeed without obstruction. With the 1% corruption of the US government, police act as protection to the destructive banks (and it was recently revealed that the CIA had agents in NYPD, acting without limitation). This direction lies the police state as protection to the greed and destruction which would gleefully end all life on the planet.

Is this something we want? If not, what is the other path?

The way of life to be attained involves peace and harmony with ourselves, each other, and most especially, the flow of life in nature and our role in it. To live as each other's caretakers and as caretakers of Mother Earth. It is the way of the heart, and the way of technology without enough heart leads in the wrong direction. It is already becoming visible in the food revolution, of an increase in Victory Gardens and aquaponics. Remember that it is important to not be swept away by the emotional energy of the struggles occurring outside of us. What we turn attention upon, increases in our lives. The cleansing can occur through simple recognition and surrender and a good laugh at ourselves. Sturm and Drang may be optional (I say this having just gone through some of that very thing in proportion to my resistance to change). Cultivate peace in yourself and your relationships. Mention it to others; it is a radical concept whose time has come and may be immediately recognized by those who are ready and coming to be ready.

Cultivate it. Increase it. You are helping the World as you do so. It will also buffer you from the tumult of those who struggle for domination. Always pray and share your gratitude, even for your problems, because then those problems begin to change. Increase your presence in the holy. Cultivate it.

Praise the Holy Creator of all things, always.

(Edit: Part of this comes from First Nations prophecy.)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Difficulty until the end of May

at least until then.

There are plenty of planetary issues occurring as well as the eclipse and significant solar flaring. Its purpose is to kick loose any irresponsibility to self still denied or simply stuck within self. If you resist the changes literally being forced upon us (for a higher purpose), it will hurt to the point of destruction. For some this is a soul choice event, although those will continue to happen in the future as we stabilize or attempt to.

Responsibility issues such as self-destruction, co-dependency to avoid responsibility to self and its resulting integrity, etc. must be seen and released or they continue to increasingly destroy the self, and in the most utterly resistant, to the point of death (continuation in a realm aligned with those old issues).

If you are self-destructive, etc., taking it into increasing co-creation brings about its logical result, so it's time to lose it for good or get out. Despair and similar as well. The co-creation energy is indeed increasing. Some amount of crisis is building in America as the new seeks to be born, and people either increasingly resist that or begin wondering what to do differently. We still seek a sane way of living in harmony with the world but some only feel the push but do not yet know its path and name.

Old systems continue to seek to distract, divide, and conquer. Resistance builds against this and them as the awakening continues to grow. The next three to five or so years can see their struggle increase to unpleasant proportions.

The overall process of society looking at itself through tragic events and then choosing en mass that such things must change continues. The most recent and heartbreaking being the thousand-plus deaths in Bangladesh resulting from cramming workers into buildings not fit for habitation, and there setting up shop providing goods for Western society. Their government have issued a new law that workers may now unionize without the approval of bosses and owners; Walmart have said they will do their own inspection and will not sign on to the unionizing. This has pissed off many Americans. The trend here is disgust at capitalism in general, especially where it puts profit before human life and human rights and human values. It is microscopic awareness of the people who actually create what we consume; it links us to their struggle and conditions. Pray for all who have suffered and continue to do so.

Some, caught up in the system of capitalism, may not understand that there are other ways to live, better ways to live. Much of the scarcity in the world is an illusion caused by greed and selfish allocation of resources. The trend is disgust with such and an awakening of all people as equals and to support each other when the other suffers regardless of race and color and appearance.

Compassion is awakening. Darkness struggles to distract us from the awakening through manufactured wars and rumors of wars. Focus upon the compassion and love and light, and you are in it and bringing it for the world and all present.

Love bless you and keep you always.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Remember: Detachment, self-maintaining a high vibration

The Boston Marathon bombings, the Texas explosion, and tonight's shootout/explosions again in Boston require self-care as I've long described in this blog. The best way to help others if you are not there in person is to keep your vibration high on purpose to light the way, and to not become mired in lower emotions in response. Take care of yourself so you are better able to show up to help others. This does not mean that you do not care about suffering.

Love and blessings...please pray for all who are involved.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Responsibility increases

and we are pushed forward into being present in and for our own lives. Clear out the fear and obstacles to presence. Resist releasing and face pressure...peace and blessings!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Karen Bishop says March 11 is a new positive opening

into greater positive energy and unification for those who wish it. That it's been rough recently...and I can certainly relate. I can feel the new positive coming and wanted to share if you have been wondering what the hell...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Exacerbation of the old as the new begins birth


"That which a thing is, increases" in co-creation energy. We're not becoming a sicker society; what sickness exists is being exacerbated through manifestation energy. Change occurs when enough people decide they do not want something and the negative and old, fear-based ways of life must be brought to highlight so that we may examine and refuse them.

The Trend has been visible through sudden breakthroughs and support for gay rights as well as sudden refusal regarding negative methods such as Rush Limbaugh, ALEC, the NRA, the republican clown kar, wall street, and now, capitalism and its vampiric nature. In America and elsewhere, the Occupy Wall Street movement is even more about mutual aid, support, inclusion, belonging, education, shelter, feeding the hungry, medical care for the sick, about community and community empowerment and the empowerment of the individual in participatory, horizontal democracy, than merely about ending the horrible economic inequalities we still see.

This terrifies all of the major for-profit industries such as housing, medical, education, governance, war, prison, you name it.

So they sent militarized police to end it and prevent it from ever again occurring. Out of fear. Out of dominance. Fear leads to control. That path has ended. The new way of life wishes to begin. You can stomp on the flowers but you cannot stop the spring, says one Occupy banner featuring a policeman attacking a growth of blooms.

The control systems will continue to seek control ever more clearly and in increasingly ugly ways. That they themselves are out-of-control is even now visible. The new energy does not simply banish such; it makes it harder and harder for it to be, yet does not prohibit it trying.

I was taught that crisis is the inevitable clash between directions. The old direction does not wish to end, yet it must. The new direction must be born. It is waiting, just beneath the surface. The increasingly potentially positive energy and manifestation is a given.

I do not know how this shall play out. I fear, I worry, I do not wish to become caught up in this. I do not know if it features, or even requires the horrible to occur for it then to be roundly banished. I do not know if the transition may be peaceful and positive. I do know that we are in the time of consideration which shall create the next way of being. I do believe that we may choose the positive and not be over-run by the old systems as they begin juddering with instability. I do not know if they must cause a certain amount of harm in order to further cement our desire for something different and better.

I'm not even sure what I'm implying. I worry at negative events striking at our personal stability; it is unclear to what extent these shall take, or should take. In the event of significant upset, stop and breathe and check the writings here and elsewhere regarding maintaining your personal positive state and vibration. Not all of the change we shall see will be pretty. There may be Divine Order involved, but that must reveal itself and be sought. If anything significant occurs, please remain at peace. Please reach for the light. I'm not certain what is "up". 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Careful of being aggressive and snappy, and of those sorts of persons this week.

Since the full moon (very powerful) and especially the last few days, a clearing has been occurring of deep down nasties, angers, hatreds, destructive urges. This of course depends upon that which is harbored or not in each person and then to proportion. It's time for annihilatory darkness to leave. This can range from being rude to feelings all the way down the scale of negativity if you have them stored. Be aware of this in yourself and others, and be forgiving to both. Identify, forgive, release.

This is about the end of highest-density selfishness in our world.

Peace and blessings.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The rise of the Feminine

"The Elders say the men should look at women in a sacred way. The men should never put women down or shame them in any way. When we have problems, we should seek their counsel. We should share with them openly. A woman has intuitive thought. She has access to another system of knowledge that few men develop. She can help us understand. We must treat her in a good way."

source: Aboriginal and Tribal Nation News

Top 10 veggie protein sources

Veggies have more protein anyway. Meat farming becomes increasingly unsustainable; know where to get what you need:
 via Staci-lee Sherwood

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Holy Creator of all things

Please teach us to undo the systems of greed, selfishness, domination and destruction, and to replace them with loving, supporting, inclusive, nurturing, mutually-aiding systems.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Travel and shipping will be interrupted

by increasing climate change effects.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Maintaining your personal / vibrational space

As co-creation increases, and as we witness trouble and tragedy as we increasingly find and respond to the need for Change, larger and larger emotional waves/energies will be created...overwhelming for the sensitive. It is important to reach up and anchor to God, to build the muscles of Joy and Peace so that they may be easily chosen in contrary motion to general upset. What you choose, what you focus upon, you create for yourself. If things are upsetting, and they will be, put on your favorite silly or happy movie or music or dance. Choose it and dive in. It does not make you inhuman in regard to your response to problems, it is simply a step toward taking responsibility for yourself.

I've started a thread here in hopes of the contribution of multiple perspectives and skills.

Blessings always!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Building Upon the Energy of Idle No More

"Words like mni, meaning not simply water, but meaning life. Wakanija, meaning not just children, but rather sacred beings. I wonder how different society would be if it looked at the world through the lens of just these two words alone; children treated as sacred beings and water treated as life."