Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lunar eclipse and Mercury retrograde

I'd never paid much attention to astrology but in recent years have indeed noticed correlation to internal and external process and events. The lunar eclipse a few days ago really ramped things up in terms of Integrity and the current Mercury retrograde will continue to enable / force self-reflection. It's time to release all which is untrue and this will continue to send shock waves through Western society. Those who are aligned with the Light will continue to rise in vibration and joy. I'm seeing it happen.

If you're struggling during this time, please be honest about yourself and be willing to move forward no matter what. Spend time in nature and send the Earth love.

We're really getting into what was planned. This is of course both better and worse depending upon your spiritual position. There is also possibility of great natural disaster as well, but it's not "written". Pray for Earth healing, grace and ease in all things.

Peace and love, be what you want to see in the world...