Sunday, December 11, 2011

2012 is coming up

I'm burned from the last couple of months so this will by no means be complete!

In 2010 I (purposely generally) alluded to where to trend-watch in 2011. The majority of how it applies in America has only sprung up in the last quarter of this year, and continues to accelerate. Some has been obvious in the rest of the world (Arab spring).

Shocking revelations in government (S1867/NDAA, etc.), community, responsibility, better ways of living, non-instant revolution (#Occupy), home-growing for food (not yet catching on), great ideas (biomimicry for drought relief, gamers figuring out how to untie an AIDS retrovirus protein), and the overall push toward living in the principles of the higher dimensions (honesty, openness, inclusion, truth, peace, community, creation, courage, love, and Bolivia's new 'Law of Mother Earth' which gives nature equal rights with humans...'bout time.)

In 2009, about 2010: The first stirrings of Change, of revolution:

The 11.11.11 energy was/is a real kick-start. Consider this regarding the similar 2012 energy "portals". We will be increasingly jumped up into the eventual continuous positive energy to be found in the world after 2012. This process involves, as Karen Bishop so clearly saw, the willful shedding of karma or its logical manifestation, as you will not want anything in you to be negative in the coming space of co-creation. In 2011 you will likely have found old things coming up so that you had the opportunity to understand and to release them. This is important work. Admit to things, release them, let them go. Be willing, even when you do not know how to let them go. Ask your Guides for help, especially when you encounter something beyond your control, unmanageable, which reduces you to powerlessness. There is help but you must ask for it, and be willing to let it help...

This is the most basic importance for moving into the energy of 2013. 2012 continues the trend of clearing. This is true at the personal, family, city, and national levels. I worry about America as it has been running around the world playing policeman for so long, and for how it treated the First People and African-Americans. And how it has sucked up a great deal of the worlds resources. This IS a great nation, mostly due to its people. If America is reduced to something less, it will still be strong through its people, who will band together to solve such problems as personal/family/city needs. It is time for spirituality in America, even if only through compassionate acts and caring for others.

"That which a thing is, increases." Houses of cards are crumbling. I've said these things more than once. We are clearing the greedy and selfish to allow for Community and love. Those who choose to pursue greed and selfishness and fear as paths of learning will increasingly experience discomfort and the characteristics of fear and selfishness. This will provide them the insight required to shrug it off if they so choose. The new energy allows for very quick, massive personal change in proportion to the intent and willingness and surrender (utterly giving up) put into it. Welcome to those who choose the lessons of love and creation! WELCOME!

There is no right or wrong about it, there is only that which you choose and where it leads you. Always consider where an action will lead you, if you have any doubt or if you have anger.

The Trend is for the 99% to reclaim their power and voice, and to determine a Better Way Of Living...and to bring it about. The declining power of the 1% will still seek to obstruct, usurp, and even destroy it, such is its wont. It is important to note that not only will the will of the majority prevail, it is important for that majority to show up and claim what it wants. The positive energy will provide. You should by now note that positive acts have sustainability. In the older energy, it seemed that there was an efficiency ratio of something like 99% effort toward the positive, and a 1% result. That has changed and will continue to show up as the trend, will continue to show up as increasingly powerful. Those of the old way will make some headway as they are BUSY creating what they want. We must be even busier, all of us, creating what WE want, for it to stick. As the placard states: 99% to 1%...those are great odds. 2012, we will have been seeing where we stand regarding the increasing amplitude of extremes, and that we have choices to make, and that we are capable of making them. This is not a problem, we can do it together. We must CHOOSE to do it together! The awakening of humankind is of course part of this, and is partially propelled through it. Again, as an #Occupy sign stated: "...this is a process." It is not an avalanche of issues, it is an uncovering, a spring cleaning. Rise to the opportunity! We are stronger as a whole in so doing!

Politics? What has been a circus becomes increasingly simply pathetic...just pathetic. More and more agree upon this, and we look to ourselves for the answers. Don't like banks? Do as #Occupy San Francisco and start your own credit union. What do you need? BUILD IT. It becomes easier and easier to do.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
― Richard Buckminster Fuller

I wish for the world to come to a global mic check, to a global General Assembly, of the people, for the people, by the people. This can happen if we pay attention that the problems we face, of differences, are only speed bumps in our path and are not absolutes. We CAN do this. We WILL when we work at it. It is an incredibly exciting time to be alive! Do not fear any large-scale tumult, it is part of the process. Build your happiness muscles, choose to stay in joy, and build it for yourself and everyone, regardless!

This of course is incomplete, is highly general. I will say nothing about specific things requiring individual choice, only the general Trends from which to choose. If someone tells you "You will be a millionaire" and doesn't mention that it's through incredible determination and very hard work, you'll kick back to await the supposedly inevitable. Which will then NOT happen. Your participation is required for you to experience your joy, and to help build it for everyone else as well. Do not focus upon the unfortunate energy of problems, focus always upon solutions. Luckily, the increasingly positive energy supports this as well. We CAN face anything put in front of us. The will of the people is a physical thing! Get up, stand up. Stand up for your rights...