Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ascension and the Higher Dimensions, again.

Ascension AFAIU it is about moving into being a physical being who has completely transcended the need to reincarnate upon Earth, or at least into these dimensions for the related learning lessons. Karen Bishop has mentioned that many have moved into a new Universe above this one and that several stay on Earth to act as "Earth Angels" for the planet and those who remain. So far as I understand it.

The Fourth Dimension is "Love", and the lessons therein. This involves guidance/being a guide, community, inclusion, nurturing, healing, and that level of enlightenment. Perhaps (I'm not sure) leaving duality and its related struggles. Sending love to all things, equanimity. I wonder if the mention of the 4th Dimension in the Anonymous literature is indeed aligned with what I am certainly is about love, selflessness, etc.

The Fifth Dimension is regarding genius and the Wisdom Mind. Connecting to it allows access to major spiritual libraries and also downloads/imprinting of significant amounts of information. Correlation, juxtaposition, helixing...creativity and a huge perspective. When a human taps into this, they tend to leap from A to L or even to Z, fully understanding the interim positions but not being bothered with their work/workings. It can also mean such intuitive leaps without necessarily understanding the interim positions yet still being correct regarding outcome itself. This is also where spiritual students may blend their mind with the Masters, to learn directly (and I do mean Directly).

Also, the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions proffer Universal Rights and Equality.

I have heard it mentioned a few times in different places that "Autistic" children chose to incarnate that way in order to anchor the higher dimensions, and that their particular feats of inexplicable genius are the result of such higher dimensional practices. This makes sense to me but I in no way am approving of this perspective, and have empathy for them and for those who love and care for them. However, if this is true, it is a wonderful thing, very giving.

All I know about the sixth dimension is what I have read-- that the dolphins and cetaceans and whales are the caretakers of the sixth dimensional matrix on Earth. I don't know if that is true, but considering the huge brains on those animals, and their decision to live in joy and play...they certainly must be more advanced than us! (I am reminded of a Bizarro cartoon, a two-panel, with a man in the left side, at a desk way past normal work hours, sweating and straining over a stack of paperwork, and on the right, an ape peeling a banana, leaning back against a tree, with a huge grin. The caption is something like "Guess which is the stupid ape." :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

More about the Cleansing.

The ending of greed and negativity will be quite stressful and upsetting to many. The cleansing has already begun, the feedback has already increased to the point that we -have- to start being responsible for ourselves, our actions, our thoughts, and our karma. Consider me a canary in the coal mine...take it as true that this is already in progress. Those firmly adhering to negativity will be finding it more and more difficult to simply "be". Karma is coming ripe. Within ourselves, at least this is my current experience, old difficulties will come up and beat us about the head and shoulders until we LOOK at it and examine/admit to our own part. No more nin lyrics where "you did this to me", but "when you left, I responded to it with devastation for my security and self-esteem are low". What is your part?

The more energy we have invested in these things, the more clearly we will notice them coming up. Watch for there to be personal difficulties where people deal with these things (or not). If you know anyone violent, stay away from them for the next few months or so. Also, perhaps be pleased with the obvious growth of those you know, and their new levels of happiness and excitement (which is the way it can be for all of us if we get with the program).

Thursday, May 6, 2010

We are in a "cleanup" mode, energetically.

The increase in Responsibility continues. It is important to be certain what is the cause of any surfacing upset, not who...for we are much the makers of our own miseries. Being truthful to ourselves about what is the problem and what is the cause fulfills the cleansing process, allowing old causes of suffering to be removed.

You can always surrender and ask God to remove them with Ease and Grace...

Manifestation Techniques.

"The Secret" comes from The Master Key System which IIRC indeed does not recommend emotion as part of the process, but a clear, still mind being an absolute in the process. I highly recommend The Master Key System to all interested in this phenomenon.

I am also reminded of a story in Muktananda's "Mystery of the Mind", where a man sits beneath a wish-fulfilling tree, not knowing it to be that. His thoughts set off in search of stimulating content and he comes up with that he'd be happy if he had a beautiful girlfriend. Pop, there she is. But now he thinks, I have to have a mansion in which we may live. Pop, there it is, and they move in. This continues until he suddenly has the thought that this all could only be the work of a demon. Pop, there it is. "He will eat me up!" he thinks, and pop, into the demon's mouth he went.

"Monsters...from the Id!" -Forbidden Planet.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The general prediction for 2010 remains extant.

There will be 'events' which will encourage charity and charitable desire, more and more. We have to "rev up" as a species in regard to world-wide consciousness of...the fact that we are all part of a world-wide consciousness, which requires tender loving care and MUCH cleanup, and a chance to heal. We will be charitable to each other in times of distress and even to the Great Mother Earth as we are foced to pay attention to the cesspool we have created. I have read in one spiritual text that Mother Nature is receding from us due to our selfishness and utter lack of care for the planet. Please pray dearly to her to return, that we WILL take care and return the love...but yes, sadly, as we both posted in the "does no one care about the spill" thread, that the pendulum must swing. We had to endure BushCo and an enhanced view of the Negative Heirarchy's penetration into Earth in order to WANT Obama enough to actually elect him. It is all and always our choice, and we must choose to respond to these dark harbingers with love and light.

Here is Change.