Saturday, July 23, 2011

The debt ceiling issue and its repercussions.

Houses of cards are crumbling, responsibility is ensconsing, and the bad people are working hard to destroy the world's economies and currencies, partly in the belief that they can then own everything, and partly just because they can.

I remind that this year was called "unpalatable", and I firmly agree.

Don't allow the possible depth of trouble if things go sour to sway you from remembering that the positive is indeed on the rise as the new way. It is fixed, it is occuring, and what counts is how we deal with it. The negative certainly won't deal with it "well" as their power evaporates.

What kind of world do we want? It is up to us. Are we out in the streets about the debt ceiling? No, and as such, we don't have an extremely strong "say" in it. If they pass measures hurting people, or worse, just allow republican exclusionism to stall things completely, there will be blowback. Obama is a straight shooter; he said that if the debt ceiling isn't raised, it will be catastrophic. The republicans WANT a catastrophic result. They and their international money buddies are trying to finish what Bush started with 9/11 and later the funding of wall street and bad banks: the collapse of world economies/currencies, so that they can own everything.

A teacher of mine who is much better at this sort of thing once said that it comes down to a struggle between those who just want to live in the world, and those who want to run it.