Friday, April 15, 2011

The Trend of the Higher Dimensions

The Trend so far does indeed display the presence of the Higher Dimension and their Principles and that people are indeed influenced by them and are searching for some sort of higher/better way of living. In America we are waking up regarding the Republican tactics of divide and conquer (noise, distraction, stonewalling, diviciveness, corporate-owned spokespersons) and are becoming sick enough about it to Change it. In the middle east, revolution continues and freedom continues. The Muslim communities will, once free in their own countries, need to find how to get along with the rest of their compatriot nations and also to find a higher way in the world. This of course is fully possible! They can teach us a thing or two as they build in this new energy.

Reaching for a higher way of living is a Trend which will be ever more evident. Even if it first shows as upset and even revolution over the status quo and Things Which No Longer Work. We are Deciding as we go. Decisions reach critical mass and Change occurs.