Friday, April 15, 2011

A quick overview

We are likely distracted by and focused upon events and changes in our lives. Which is exactly where we should be focused, due to the change energy currently (no pun) at work upon us. It's time to examine and lose self-defeating beliefs and patterns. Ask for ease and grace in this process at this time, because it can be quite harsh and seemingly merciless. It is required, as the negative polarity of the ego (basing self-worth upon negativity) is incompatible with the increasingly positive energy.

Change is a double-edged sword. Difficulty sucks, but what we do about it can make us into something even better than before. Note that you may have opportunity to make yourself into something even better than before :/ Face your difficulties directly and they will begin to resolve. Avoid them and they will return ever larger. I don't like it either, at all to be sure, but there it is. It's worth it because it will clear what must be cleared prior to the Establishment of certain levels of positive/creative energies upon Earth.

Why nuclear disaster? Why oil disaster? Why should we suddenly turn our attention upon our short-term solutions to our energy needs (which are destructive)? To cause us to recognize their harmfulness and to desire, as a species, a better solution. This as always is where Change occurs: when enough of us form a critical mass and Decide upon something. There are two ways to be: living with the Earth, and living against. Time to Decide.

This is also imperative in American politics. The Republicans will NOT bow to any measure of bipartisanship unless forced (by a critical mass). They will eat our lunch if we allow them. It's what they do, it's all they do. Continued attacks upon the average American for the benefit of The Corporation will continue to polarize against them, the average American, including some who have previously voted Republican. Obama quietly allows them to be seen as what they are, as PC said, giving them enough rope to hang themselves. Seen as obstructionists to those who simply wish to live their lives, they lose favor and increase their standard campaign tactic of noise and dissent (divide and conquer). Newt hasn't learned that things are Changing...yet. Ye Olde Republican Noise Machine, shudder and be still. Americans now recognize and are becoming sick of your pure, selfish divisiveness.

Glenn Beck may have a public episode as his pressure-cooker belief system reaches a critical point. Everyone currently has the option to let go of problems (again, they're in our face for exactly that reason) but not all will be aware, or choose to take the new direction.

Change will continue in the Middle East, and those who have found self-government will still have to deal with tribal factions and religious differences. Such are the issues in self-governing: how to do the best for the most without snubbing anyone. Yes, there are purposeful troublemakers in the US and elsewhere looking to derail the freedom Trend, and not all coming revolutions will be peaceful or quick, but all are worth it. These changes will continue to effect the entire world, both spiritually and financially.

Sorry, this is longer-term than merely April, but April's RAM energy is appropriate to apply in the fight against those who truly wish to establish a corporate state in the US.

Advice? Fight for what requires a fight. Pray for what you wish to create for yourself and others. Detach from drama at all costs, and greet it with a genuine outpouring of love and light, to shift it to a higher level/keep it from derailing you. You wish to create a higher vibration/better life for yourself? Create it through direct effort. Time spent worrying will now only create more worry and feed into the problem. Send love and light where needed.

Holy Creator bless and keep and light be yours forever.