Friday, October 12, 2012

Most beneficial food to grow

Quinoa and Chia seed are very popular as high-benefit foods and may be more easily grown and stored than meat, which they will likely begin to replace. I have zero personal experience with them but have been keeping an eye out regarding such things.

Today Zacky Farms called bankruptcy due to increasing feed prices. Corn and grains are still rising in cost, and some farmers are feeding candy to their cows as a result. The problems with decreasing crop yield are exacerbated by the drive to eliminate (as we must) all GMOs from the world. I read that Hersheys are fighting GMO labeling as they may likely use GMO corn for their high-fructose corn syrup/sweetener. They are not alone in this; change is coming.

This means that our dependence upon animals for meat will have to change, and how it despoils the world, and not last at all, the utter cruelty involved. Some species are said to have incarnated in agreement with ours to be food sources; it always fits to thank them, to pray that their vibration rises from passing through our system, and that they receive merit for having fed us. Pray to take upon yourself all of their suffering, if you wish.

The corn issues may also make sugar more precious in the coming days. Remove a high percentage of GMOs from the corn yield and then what remains will be fought over between use as feed, sweetener, fuel, and food for people.

Thus, growing and storing high-yield, highly beneficial protein alternatives will become increasingly important.

It probably wouldn't hurt to adequately store away high-quality cocoa and cocoa powder.

America will face Troubles over such things in the coming years. If you have a nice place to live with good people who can and will work as a community for the benefit of all, be with them. Ask you Guides and God for any and all information you'll need regarding this, if at all. God comes first, always put things through God. I'm just pointing out Trends for expectation and navigation.

Regarding the Shift: Energies continue to rise and co-creation increases. This results in manifestations both positive and negative, so don't be surprised as things sway around. I'm going to begin considering what comes after 2012 now, and in the US, it looks like a lot of Work and karmic debt. We're not very popular right now, and have years of this behind us to undo.

The three things posited by the 1st Nations stand: To defeat/deflect the forces of destruction, to awaken and balance the Earth, and to unify as one People as Earth's caretakers.

God bless you always!