Friday, May 17, 2013

Difficulty until the end of May

at least until then.

There are plenty of planetary issues occurring as well as the eclipse and significant solar flaring. Its purpose is to kick loose any irresponsibility to self still denied or simply stuck within self. If you resist the changes literally being forced upon us (for a higher purpose), it will hurt to the point of destruction. For some this is a soul choice event, although those will continue to happen in the future as we stabilize or attempt to.

Responsibility issues such as self-destruction, co-dependency to avoid responsibility to self and its resulting integrity, etc. must be seen and released or they continue to increasingly destroy the self, and in the most utterly resistant, to the point of death (continuation in a realm aligned with those old issues).

If you are self-destructive, etc., taking it into increasing co-creation brings about its logical result, so it's time to lose it for good or get out. Despair and similar as well. The co-creation energy is indeed increasing. Some amount of crisis is building in America as the new seeks to be born, and people either increasingly resist that or begin wondering what to do differently. We still seek a sane way of living in harmony with the world but some only feel the push but do not yet know its path and name.

Old systems continue to seek to distract, divide, and conquer. Resistance builds against this and them as the awakening continues to grow. The next three to five or so years can see their struggle increase to unpleasant proportions.

The overall process of society looking at itself through tragic events and then choosing en mass that such things must change continues. The most recent and heartbreaking being the thousand-plus deaths in Bangladesh resulting from cramming workers into buildings not fit for habitation, and there setting up shop providing goods for Western society. Their government have issued a new law that workers may now unionize without the approval of bosses and owners; Walmart have said they will do their own inspection and will not sign on to the unionizing. This has pissed off many Americans. The trend here is disgust at capitalism in general, especially where it puts profit before human life and human rights and human values. It is microscopic awareness of the people who actually create what we consume; it links us to their struggle and conditions. Pray for all who have suffered and continue to do so.

Some, caught up in the system of capitalism, may not understand that there are other ways to live, better ways to live. Much of the scarcity in the world is an illusion caused by greed and selfish allocation of resources. The trend is disgust with such and an awakening of all people as equals and to support each other when the other suffers regardless of race and color and appearance.

Compassion is awakening. Darkness struggles to distract us from the awakening through manufactured wars and rumors of wars. Focus upon the compassion and love and light, and you are in it and bringing it for the world and all present.

Love bless you and keep you always.