Sunday, September 25, 2011

Notice the change?

I have a satisfied feeling...the last week has seen a few social issues take center stage, where they need to be in order to flourish and to leave behind any negativity...and they come to our greater attention through the negative actions of those who wish to rule the world.

-A gay US soldier was boo'ed during the Republican debate, and as wise bloggers have noted, not one of the candidates had the courage to support the troops...causing a bit of a backlash, and a greater passion for equal treatment and acceptance. Coinciding with the end of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".

-Two protests in NYC have merged; the #OccupyWallStreet group encountered a march of Troy Davis supporters and found equal interests and grounds...with recent news that the Koch brothers have made astonishing amounts of money through manipulating gas and other commodities, and that it's costing us while they do it, and regarding how much Americans have lost to Wall Street and their ilk, there is finally enough energy there to create a genuine movement, a response to the destructive corruption...and with Troy, God rest his soul, as well as the recent beating death of a southern gent simply because he was black...with the execution of another who had killed a black man out of racism...and with Morgan Freeman talking about how the "tea party" are simply racists, destroying jobs just to get one man out of his job, racism is taking new hits as it is brought into the light of greater public awareness.

These are the trends and changes based upon the continuing increase in positive energy. That which is not love-based or positive is coming under increasing scrutiny and rejection, at every level. It is wonderful to finally see it beginning in earnest versus it having been for so long merely a topic of discussion. To finally be the visible trend. Because it feels RIGHT. Because it feels like Love.

Peace and Love...