Saturday, October 29, 2011

Global Warming will help bring us together. (+ more)

Warming globally is the root cause of the increasing amplitude of the pendulum swings of the weather we already recognize. They will continue to increase in opposing severity as the heat whips things towards a chaotic/turbulent state.

The chaotic/turbulent state can be avoided through everyone getting together and admitting that there IS a problem, it is NOW, WHAT will we do to decrease it? This is currently occuring, is part of my predictions for 2011, is part of what must happen to actually cause us to come together to solve our problems. The general empetus to unifying in the face of trouble, already seen regarding the beautiful #Occupy movement, will increase globally in science and technology as we discuss what is and what must be done.

The problem-solving mindset thankfully applies/will apply to the other problems we face, and hopefully overpopulation will be the next main focus.

All this while, the energy continues to increase into the positive. We are doing personal, local, national, international, Global cleansing, and beneath it all, finding ourselves and that others are just like us and that we are all beautiful and deserving. So, systems incompatable are being obsoleted before our very eyes. The Trend is very visible with several big banks attempting to woo customers into staying (in the face of the November 5th Bank Transfer Day, get thee to a credit union or small local bank), reneging on newly announced fees, with growing outrage over police brutality and such, sloughing off that which no longer fits. It's not so much an increase in violence but a public self-examination of what we want and do not want, and a measure of our increasing sensitvity and clarity, and of the deeper darkness leaving us, of our rejecting it.

I also note that I have changed my diet to far, far less red meat or meat of any sort when possible. Depending upon what your body tells you, and you'll know better and better, consider eating lighter foods, and even those which are literally closer to Light. Yogananda mentioned that nuts and berries are very close to sunlight, plants and vegetables as well. Eating animals which eat plants and berries etc. is a step away from light. Eating those who feed upon those who eat plants and berries is yet another step away from light. It is possible for some saints to subsist directly upon God's infinite Light but that's not for everyone at this time. Know your body's calls for food; some heavy items may be required for balance. You'll know, and don't drastically change your diet because you read it here, trust your body and if you have any questions, ask a doctor first. Don't ignore clear suffering; get what you need. Your body is intelligent. Thank it and listen to its needs (be wary of its wants, that's just the senses and ego demanding stimulation, which is the ceaseless monkey cage referred to in Eastern literature). I'm a sweet tooth, I don't KNOW if I need those chocolates or not ;)

Back on topic. Remember what this blog and others recommend: Work to stay in a positive place regardless of that which churns about you. I have to work on this as well and writingn this blog is part of my practice. If you are hit with emotional swings, stay calm, breathe, take epsom salts baths if appropriate, stay around flower essences and precious oils per your taste. Put on your favorite comedy, go be silly with some friends. Work this muscle, it will serve you well and it is a habit worth developing. Joy is your birthright and it is possible even during trouble. We will all begin to work to support each other through difficulty of all types, which is how it is supposed to be, will be, and should always be.