Friday, March 30, 2012

See the process?

You may have noted that what Rush Limbaugh used to say all the time has now effectively gotten him shunned. This is the force of collective desire. The majority co-create the reality, and the increasing co-creation energy combined with the increasing vibration have aspects of the old system, the old way of life, on the run.

Watch attention turn more fully upon women's rights, ending racism/creating equality, fairness for everyone versus "grab what you can". Doing good for others becomes natural. Individuals shall be flung left and right and the old system weakens further as attention centers upon fairness and equality for all. The old system continues to fight and demonize the new, which is about all it can do..increasingly. More violence and resistance from the old system creates new disdain from the majority, even from those worried about "what will replace this if we change what is?" The answer lies in our increasing attention to fairness and the beauty and bounty (and state) of the planet. See increasing attention upon healthy eating, raising your own herbs and greens, ending the corporate destruction of the food chain (sprays killing the bees, GMOs, etc.).

Global Warming is a wild card. People are beginning to truly recognize that something is wrong, and that if effects everyone. Our attention will increasingly turn upon this and what we can do.

Blessings! Don't mind if it gets rough in April; that's Aries kicking away at what restricts it, and I'm told that Neptune and Chiron will play a huge part as well. Serious stuff! Thankfully we're not asked to change everything at once, and are awakening to the need to change, and have begun working upon it!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A partial correction

I have not seen clearly hence, a clarification.

The new energy is co-creation energy, not only or specifically higher-vibratory energy.

Deep negativity is at an end in the higher vibrations, but it does fight to derail a positive outcome in the co-creation energy.

The people of Earth have a responsibility to unite in choosing the positive or the negative will simply create what IT wants. The majority rule, so the majority must unite in choosing to create the positive on Earth.

This is the responsibility of which I have spoken, to create what you want, and that regardless, you WILL create what you want (and how to make it better). It requires choosing to unite in a positive outcome. It requires doing the work, getting out and building what you want.

I can clearly see that co-creation is significantly increasing. Know it in how things are increasing in general: What we want, manifests, including what the negative wish.

Know there are countless beings of light working to help us ascend. Please ask the Creator's will and grace and ease and guidance, always. Peace!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

We are gracefully and permanently uniting and enlightening mankind.

We are gracefully and permanently uniting and enlightening mankind.

We are gracefully and permanently uniting and enlightening mankind.

We are gracefully and permanently uniting and enlightening mankind.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

And another! :)

Link via Real Coastal Warriors on Facebook.

Thank you Father Sun for the love and light! Thank you Mother Earth for everything! Thank you dear Elements and Mother Nature. Thank you to all Angels, Saints, Heavenlies, Guides, etc... And thank you Holy Creator, source and sustenance of All!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Here comes even more light.

Earth braces for biggest space storm in five years 

Be willing to release as much resentment, hatred, fear, and irresponsibility as you are able. Ask Source to do it for you, in spite of you, if you have difficulty surrendering. 

Hang on!

(Story via Anonymous)


Friday, March 2, 2012

Whew, another solar flare.

Like the last large one, put me straight to sleep. Lots and lots of light washing away our darkness...if we are willing.

If not...

Be blessed! The process continues, and I guarantee that co-creation is both active and increasing!