Monday, November 10, 2014

Focus upon the positive during this ugly

Here comes the Ugly. It's time for confrontation with systemic and systematic racism in America as well as greed and sociopathy, all of which are now poised or are nearly poised for our direct inspection and hopefully, rejection. As previously outlined this is our growth process and it can hurt. The suffering the republican/corporate/economic sector will bring will help destroy America as it falls from being a world power into something oriented upon community/mutual aid/spirituality. It has to get worse for the many before the many decide upon a different path/suffer until absolutely requiring a new path. Get ready for rampant greed and theft of the public domain, be it national parks, social safety nets, infrastructure, water privatization along with other resources, as they attempt to build "the Company Store", a closed system where you'll never escape from being indebted to them and where you'll also never make enough money to be free from what they charge for your food and shelter. Ready to be sick of that? Good. Enough people deciding something else would/must be better is how it begins to occur. Their fear-mongering cannot work when enough people decide to bring the positive, so work upon it. Climate change is ever more visible and will become a driver toward mutual aid and community and will be a significant influence upon the 2016 "elections" (which are always a pageant for the economic sector who control the country to allow two groups to fight over which crumbs they may collect...momentarily, and then the fight for crumbs renews...more will awaken to this as their Personal Convenience is influenced and threatened by weather...flee California ASAP, for example. Drought worsens, and there's already no water.)

This is going to take time but that is the process for the many. It's definitely ever simpler to manifest that upon which you focus; ask God and your Guides and as always, REACH to God...and God will reach back. As you approach God, God approaches you. Gratitude increases what you have. Focusing upon trouble increases that, so always be in contrary motion against ego and upset. Blessings always!