Thursday, March 24, 2011

Inner Revolution

Change continues and is healing our self-relationships. Negative ego considerations such as self-pity, victimhood, and irresponsibility are being cleansed. So...

We are not taught to have a relationship with ourselves. We have been lied to, told to always respond to externals, to always seek externals, especially Authority. It is time to accept that externals are not fulfilling you, and that the direction you seek is found when you connect with your inner desire, your inner self. Treat your Self well. Take time for it. Honor it with gifts of love (tell yourself you love your self, tell yourself that I put myself first). Selfish is not bad in this case unless it goes too far. Turn off the TV and the radio and spend time telling yourself you love it, and take it out for flowers, for nature, for film and dance and acting and everything beloved to you. Be thankful for YOU. Smile at yourself in the mirror. God doesn't make mistakes; there are just things we have yet to learn.

A good meditation is to sit in a chair, close your eyes and paying light attention to your outbreath through your nose, say solidly in your mind with each breath, in each direction, "SELF LOVE". Sit through any discomfort and do this for a few minutes each morning and evening. Yes, stop and do this. It will help. Do it a long time if you feel the extra need, if sadness comes up. Do it through the sadness, in spite of it. To go an extra distance, visualize that your outbreath through the nose sends SELF LOVE to all beings in the Universe. This is very powerful and truly works. It can be adapted for anything you feel lacking, or simply wish to give to the Universe. You can visualize "SELF LOVE" in those words going out into the Universe.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This is looking to become quite a unifying struggle.

And of course, victory over such monstrous agenda will in itself produce Hope. One step back, two steps forward.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


What we do with our lives is not fixed; the negative outcome of the late 2010 election shows this. So, a note on what the Republicans are giving us. So that we may better choose what to do with our lives.

Scott Walker is part of the corporate/international money scheme of disaster capitalism and the "new world order". Of Gingrich's Contract On America and Reagan's masters working to destroy the middle class in order to have a class of kings and queens, and a class of frightened, throw-away puppets.

This is what they've been working for, for decades. This is not going away, they are not going away, they are working as they have always, albeit more visibly and more staunchly. They have no intention to budge because this is an orchestrated, systematic attack upon the weak spots of our country's superstructure. Any single victory in the courts will be taken to every other state and hammered at until they win.

They are robotic and utterly predictable, to act in their own best interest and to not budge, unless it is to allow them to come at the same issue from another angle. In the Reagan years, Schlafly and others were very bold and up front, expecting the majority to simply vote in their agenda. How could the majority disagree with their agenda...but they did. Now they work at destroying that which stands in the way of their ownership and abuse agenda, through phony grass-roots movements, through the courts, through sheer obstinance. Obdurance. They don't have to budge because they can literally out-wait any challenge/response. They've succeeded in such many times in the past. "It worked so well before; let's use it once more." -Front 242. Look for them to simply attempt to out-wait any response to their hard-lining. They'll act as badly as tantruming children when they know that they can get away with it. And worse.

And in the next two years, watch for Americans becoming more and more sickened and outraged by such SELFISHNESS. At the suffering Republicans unleash (or attempt to unleash) upon our country. Watch for people to continue seeing things as it is, not as Republicans wish for them to see (SADDAM WAS PART OF 9/11!!!). Things can change in America, but we have to WANT IT TO.

Watch for the Republicans to give us many and deep reasons to WANT IT TO.