Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Massive stargate yesterday

Tetrahedron Merkaba Stargate In Our Skies on Monday, 29 July


 I can certainly feel this one; barriers to integrity are being swept away. New light has entered the world.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Self-Reflection and Change

The process of cleansing continues in the form of self-reflection, of our characteristics being increasingly manifest in the world through co-creation, and at a personal, local, state, national, and worldly level, choices made about how we wish to be, what we wish to be, and what do we actually do about it.

Edward Snowden and Trayvon Martin have given us vast opportunities in these regards. I've mentioned previously about America as a nation having blood on its hands (the near genocide of the First Nations and the enslavement of people of color as beasts of burden, as well as destructive manipulations around the world) and that there will be a karmic cost as such. This can be in the form of some measure of nuclear attack as well as encampments on US soil by such as the Chinese. The former most likely from the east; the latter most likely established through contracts for resource exploitation, or worse. But today, we are looking at ourselves as a burgeoning police state which is a natural (and fully intended) hop skip and a little jump from a surveillance state (just give them or allow them to create an incident demanding a police state, much as the incident of 9/11 provided for the smash-and-grab of the current surveillance state). As the banks and plutonomists have the resources to further damage the US currency and economy in a Shock Doctrine bid to bring "austerity" and the now-seen-in-Michigan-and-soon-to-be-seen-everywhere-else "emergency manager" legislation forced through (Wall Street) debt, it can be in the form of forced economic (limited) collapse. Or, through the provocation of large enough populist uprisings. Either way, the results would be horrific and must be avoided.

Snowden has provided a window into the fatal direction America has taken, to the extent that the US has forced a Presidential jet of the leader of a South American country to land and stay there for some 12 hours on the concept that Snowden may have been aboard (after Obama said he would not be scrambling fighters for a 29-year-old hacker), as well as this week a direct call to Putin about him. Greenwald says he has only presented about half of what he was given and that of course, there are information packages in place with critical data to be revealed in the event something "occurs" to Snowden. Serious stuff. The question raised, is this what we want to happen to us, is this the direction we want? It puts a crimp into the police state plan, hopefully one vast and significant.

Trayvon forces us unrelentingly to face the illusion of our differences, and the ugliness behind the beliefs splitting us apart (divide and conquer). As a community leader said before the trial, this decides whether we continue or not as a country where it is open season upon people of color. The "not guilty" verdict forces the issue of un-natural division be faced. Only the sick want it. We know it is wrong, it is un-natural. We know we all have one heart and similar enough wants and needs that we are all effectively like each other, and with the rising heart energy, that we must take care of each other and end that which blocks us from being one, from being happy.

This process is a giant mirror. Do we like what we see? If not, what do we do about it? Know that at the maximum, it could end the world. At the minimum, it results in a recognition and determination to find a way of life we know in our hearts to exist, that we know naturally needs to be. This is the drive we see in America; a rising awareness of the need for a better way of living. This better way may destablize enough of the old to cause Trouble in population centers so make sure you have access to a group and area which are sustainable food-wise and as well regarding climate change and sticking it through as a community.

But before going further with that, an examination of the mirror effect itself:

The Kabbala's Remarkable Idea

If you do not like what you see, be honest about it within yourself and it begins to clear. Or, continue its manifestation until you are forced to make a decision. (Telling God that you are willing to let go of what ails you and then working upon being willing are superb starts.)

Of course the same thing continues in the US regarding greed and destruction as bank personnel reveal under oath that they were told to lie to customers to cause foreclosures to occur (Bank of America). With TransCanada being caught teaching police to recognize peaceful activists by name and photos and to treat them as terrorists. This is the natural direction of greed; to take everything it absolutely, possibly can no matter what and to defend itself with all possible force in order to succeed without obstruction. With the 1% corruption of the US government, police act as protection to the destructive banks (and it was recently revealed that the CIA had agents in NYPD, acting without limitation). This direction lies the police state as protection to the greed and destruction which would gleefully end all life on the planet.

Is this something we want? If not, what is the other path?

The way of life to be attained involves peace and harmony with ourselves, each other, and most especially, the flow of life in nature and our role in it. To live as each other's caretakers and as caretakers of Mother Earth. It is the way of the heart, and the way of technology without enough heart leads in the wrong direction. It is already becoming visible in the food revolution, of an increase in Victory Gardens and aquaponics. Remember that it is important to not be swept away by the emotional energy of the struggles occurring outside of us. What we turn attention upon, increases in our lives. The cleansing can occur through simple recognition and surrender and a good laugh at ourselves. Sturm and Drang may be optional (I say this having just gone through some of that very thing in proportion to my resistance to change). Cultivate peace in yourself and your relationships. Mention it to others; it is a radical concept whose time has come and may be immediately recognized by those who are ready and coming to be ready.

Cultivate it. Increase it. You are helping the World as you do so. It will also buffer you from the tumult of those who struggle for domination. Always pray and share your gratitude, even for your problems, because then those problems begin to change. Increase your presence in the holy. Cultivate it.

Praise the Holy Creator of all things, always.

(Edit: Part of this comes from First Nations prophecy.)