Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Effects of the Arizona shootings

Prayer and healing to all involved in the tragedy.

Her husband said, "We're better than this. We must do better."

Sadly, sometimes it takes tragedy for those effected to choose a better way. Hindsight is easy, but this tragedy has gripped the nation more than such things usually do. The depth of compassion displayed and the depth of disgust of the right wing hate-mongers tells all. If you are watching the trends, this is part of the overall change towards a higher way of living, of concern with "how to live" itself. We are tired of the negativity and of the barely-concealed selfish, destructive desires of the money'd/right wing. This is how it begins to move into something better, through enough people firmly saying "NO". We lost a chance for this in the October 2010 elections, but more will occur, sometimes sadly as this. The issue is getting enough of us to really say "NO" to outmoded issues and to say "YES" to something better.

Again, prayers and healing to all involved and effected by this horrible event. My complete apologies if I am out of line in utilizing it to make a point about the overall positive direction...because that is half of the intent of this blog. Peace.