Monday, December 21, 2009

"Be still, and know that I am GOD". (Psalm 46:10)

Television is anti-Meditation. Leaving the radio on is anti-Meditation.

What to watch for in 2010

The beginnings of change.

An astrologer posted on DU recently that 2010 should harbour a great deal of the beginnings of such change, as people awaken to the new energy and its better way of living (and of the planets' un-ignorable energies; see the latest post in ASAH regarding Mars again becoming retroactive).

Of course, it's easy to wave the medicine stick and say "Ooga Booga, things are going to change in 2010", but the point is, knowing how and why. Freedom will be knocking upon the door of the repressive regimes. An overall feeling of "this isn't right/good enough; we should change this" will sweep the world.

Perhaps regimes will not immediately fall, and change shall not be immediately accomplished, but the point is in 2010 to watch it -begin-, and to sense the larger trend.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

What part of you is not worthy of being loved?

You tell me. And know that you are happily mistaken.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I seek truths, and most importantly, absolute truths.

There are truths, and there are absolute truths. I attempt to be empiric in my research, and throw out anything which does not work as advertised. I have made many terrible mistakes during this process, and have also seen hints of amazing things.

There are indeed, absolute truths. They are empiric, and are not the result of my desires or mindset. Especially since some require a spiritual path of living, ego reduction, and service. I'd just like to get mine and play around all day. To survive, I may not. This is the way of it. Others may arrive at this place in different times, through other means, or may be far beyond it.

I dislike absolutist statements as much as anyone else, yet often find myself making them, and fully understand the reactions they cause. I am open to new information, as I wish to come as close to the truth as is possible (at least in theory- it often forces me to be honest about things I do not wish to consider or to accept, about myself and others).

I'm willing to change my mind. I welcome new, better information. I'll change my position upon being corrected, and after confirming that the corrections are true. I don't claim to know what's best for everyone, except for everyone to be able to pursue their free will, whether or not it is good for them (and to fight that which harms others, intentionally or unintentionally). Free will gives you a right to harm others, and for others to respond as they wish. The overall of karma evens it all out, or you may do so through understanding it and adjusting your actions.

I have always known/felt that this world is nowhere near what is either possible or correct. The higher principles as stated in the Constitution and other Humane documents are not being enacted. A far better world is possible if they are enacted. All it takes is for us to get together and enact them. Sometimes placing ourselves at the front line in order to motivate others. During Reagan through Bush2, I began giving up the hope that the better world would occur. During Bush2, I did give up hope. A good view of the negative hierarchy can do that to you.


Things were put in place so that we would not destroy ourselves/allow ourselves to be destroyed at this time/at this point. My faith is back. I was wrong. I did not perceive the greater will and actions which form the world and its path. When it changed, I felt it and mentioned it. I believe that this can easily be found in my DemocraticUnderground Journal. Now, we are indeed upon a positive path plateau'ing in 2012. I have checked and re-checked and is it is currently, believe that this will occur. This is the direction the trend indicates. It may change. If it does, I will mention it. My research and doubt about this can easily be found in DU's ASAH and my other posts. Now, I believe that we are on track.

I have proven on these pages that I am psychic, and energetically sensitive. You may wish to consider these truths, when considering my research results regarding the current state of things and its apparent destination. Also, I'm well aware that I'm not aware of everything. I am not enlightened. I am many times, wrong. Which is why in mentioning my findings, know that I have taken many efforts to confirm that which I present. I'm not interested in being wrong in public, or in presenting misleading information, intentionally or unintentionally. I'm attempting to be of service with what little I have to offer. (Democratic Underground's) PsychicConsortium provided perspective and truths which helped me to make it through those last months of BushCo (knowing what they were doing to the economy. No one would listen to me...). I now offer what small amount that I have of the larger picture, to increase faith through the facts as they stand and as I currently understand them, and through the revelation of the spiritual through such abilities in the first place.

I'm quite ready to be wrong, to be corrected, and to correct myself. I know little, but wish to share what little I do know (and have attempted to confirm). I do not know how it will all turn out, how it will all end, or even of what will occur during the process itself. I am possibly aware of things others might miss, so I present them. You can also pray for insight and perspective, and it will be granted.

As the wise man said, you can like it or you cannot like it.

In the time ahead, there is a much greater opportunity to grow

than there has been before. There is of course also a much greater opportunity to perceive the need for growth, in increasing juxtaposition to the new energy of spiritual principles.

In responsibility and karma, there is an increasing opportunity to perceive the consequences of not growing.
Choice has always been ours. We are now simply going to have to be responsible for our choices.

Basic Spiritual Principles.

1. Acceptance.
2. Hope.
3. Faith.
4. Courage
5. Integrity.
6. Willingness.
7. Humility.
8. Brotherly Love.
9. Justice.
10. Perseverance.
11. Spiritual Awareness.
12. Service.

We truly already know these things. We truly already know the right thing to do.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Obama: Good Guy or...? And the "Antichrist"?

Obama is obviously not an "antichrist" because the antichrist is said to be able to motivate the majority into following (take a look at health care, rofl). More power to Obama, however. He is far better than we currently deserve. It may take a while for many to truly see this, and to put his initiatives into effect.

Also, do not forget at any time that the Republicans and their International money buddies placed us purposely in this economic maelstrom. It is the precursor to a power grab (and had they succeeded in destroying the US economy, would not have had to wait). Obama has saved the country from a terrible situation. Even though we are in the worst recession since the Great Depression (Obama's words), without his work, we would be in another Great Depression or worse.

The Republicans are playing the "you can't help" card, when they put us here. They hope that people will become uncomfortable enough that they will eventually vote for change, ANY CHANGE, even one placing us in a worse position (Republican rule). This is an old sadism technique. Make someone uncomfortable enough, and they will eventually seek change, to have SOME feeling of control, even though it is an illusion, even though it lands them in even worse straights.

This is the basis of Republican power grabs. Look to the Carter-era oil embargo and the results. Reagan/Bush's October Surprise with the Iranians. It goes on and on, and is Machievellian. It must stop. You must stand against it and scream loud and long to all who have ears, that it is the Republicans fault -because- they are attempting to again grab power. They care nothing for us, only for themselves and their selfish agenda.

They have nothing to offer. They can only cause harm, and blame others for it, until people forget whence the harm originally came.

I outline this negativity in hopes that it will help to bring about its eradication.

Also, regarding any sort of "antichrist"...who can be known through uniting people and creating peace...

Such "peace" is a Trojan Horse. A poisoned apple. The Luciferic, which will still be present in 2012, deceives. If you take bad advice and it hurts you, it is your responsibility. Such negativity prospers through offering just enough truth and light to entice, and then hides poison in otherwise attractive advice.

We will not be prevented from making mistakes with Satanic outcome. This is possible at a species level, as well as at an individual level. (My Mystery School teacher implied/teased that the Human species has a less than positive end result. I have not investigated such.)

>>IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY<< to make the best possible choices, and to weigh all outcomes. To seal any choice with something like IHAD's qualifier, "Only for the greatest possible good for myself and all involved".

(The second part from a DU post. I wish to now continue only speaking of the positive, and how to stay in tune with it. I thoroughly dislike attending to the negative in any way.)

Phillip K. Dick best described evil as a bouncing red light which leads you further and further into darkness, then when all around is dark, winks out.

If things are becoming dark, turn immediately toward the light.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Dr. Emoto has given us a wonderful gift- direct insight into the nature of water and its response to environment.

It is 'plastic', in that its form and energy change in response to the energy it encounters. It chameleons. Noting that we are made of mostly water, it stands that we should love ourselves and direct happiness to our body, as it will carry the energy that is directed upon it.

The results are as exceptional as they are drastic. Here is the water crystal created when blessed by a Buddhist monk.


And this speaks for itself. As roughtly paraphrased from "What the bleep...", if this is what happens to our bodies when we feel these emotions, say these words...why not spend our time loving ourselves and others?



Crystals and Color.

Some crystals are of immediate use to the spiritual initiate. I find that they must be in contact with the skin for maximum effect. These are my personal eperiences; your mileage may vary. You will also be drawn to whatever crystal(s) are of benefit, so be open to the unexpected.

Tiger's Eye- Increases intuition and insight.

Amber- Decreases negativity.

Fool's Gold- Blocks negativity.

Rose Quartz- Heart energy, very nice.

Clear Quartz- Increases awareness, most useful near the head or under the pillow during sleep, to boost dream intensity.

The more expensive items such as amethysts, rubies, diamonds and such are of great benefit, although some of them may be in opposition to your energy. The Ayurvedic charts are excellent at determining which stones are of benefit and which should be avoided, based upon your birth data/chart.

The color red is passion, not love. Pink is love. Green is for healing, and white will clear out everything at a lower vibration. It is very useful to, prior to sleep, visualize your sleeping area, including the walls and floor, as being brilliant white light.

It is important to remember that in an environment of the highest ethical standards

that forgiveness and compassion are as necessary as discrimination and judgement. Some faiths require that they be perfectly balanced.

If you wish to judge, you must also be equally willing to forgive.

The Psychic, and Forgiveness.

As Spider Robinson so aptly described in his books "Very Bad Deaths" and "Very Hard Choices", the telepath's chief characteristic is...forgiveness.

Being able to see the worst behaviour of which humankind are capable, the psychic may take two general paths: revulsion, then judgement without compassion, or compassion and forgiveness. It is likely that some incarnate with such ability in order to develop compassion. One would have to work very hard to avoid the development of compassion, upon seeing the depth and dimension of suffering experienced by humanity.

The AA Big Book says that fear is an insidious thread permeating all of our affairs. From it spring defenses and actions based upon 1: The fear of losing what we have and 2: The fear of not getting what we want. Much of human thought revolves around these basic Ego drives. Transcending them requires charity and selflessness, all contrary action to the selfish Ego drives.

Seeing this in action, and all of the negativity it causes, is revulsive. Even upon seeing it in one's self. Our culture has dropped to a place where we know better, but do it anyway. This must change, and is beginning to change as the new positive energy increases. Charity and such are far easier in an environment of love and acceptance, versus judgement and shunning.

One still develops some affection for those who suffer from the ego malady as we all go through it at one point or another, and all seek to eventually transcend it at one point or another. To assist in this, is compassion.

However, there are those firmly stuck in ego gratification, sometimes through the need to feel in control (where of course none is possible, thus creating ego discomfort) by hurting others through force and various manipulations. It is not possible to develop love in this instance. One is revulsed, and often injured, through such actions. The one who injures others is often seeking recognition of their personal pain, demonstrating it by creating it in others. "THIS is how I feel. You WILL recognize and honor how I feel!" Because in a society based upon fear, declaring your feelings and asking after help in healing is met by others who are interested in momentarily forgetting their own pain and fear by causing pain in the one seeking help. And the band played on.

This causes revulsion in the seer, until the depth behind the actions becomes evident. Then, compassion takes the place of severity and aversion.

When those who seek to manipulate target the seer, the result depends upon if the seer has moved into the level of compassion, where they will understand the harmful acts, their roots, and the positive path the one causing harm must eventually take, and forgive them unconditionally, stepping around their attacks and entrapments without comment, merely a smile of understanding.

The Bible says that you must become as a little child to enter into (perceive) the Kingdom of Heaven. Those who are on Earth who are built to live in the higher dimensions, whose light aids in the transition of the 3rd Dimensional World into the 4th (Love) and Higher Dimensions, are sometimes very vulnerable to the lower intentions, but are still capable of responding with love. Negativity responds all the harder, seeking to dislodge the unfamiliar into a space familiar to it. Responding with love and compassion denies negativity the energy it seeks.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Groundlessness, the basic Emptiness of things, and Acceptance.

This is basically to continue my efforts to connect different practices in noting similar tools. Note that I am no Buddhist master, and I post this only as an observation. I do note the Master's words that those who teach Buddhism without enlightenment, are killing Buddhism...I am not enlightened, but am hoping to learn what I can, and to share that which I have found to be beneficial.


Buddhists teach that all things are empty, and that life is a groundless state. You cannot cling to anything, as everything changes (at least, in this, the physical realms). Pain comes from attempting to grasp that which has changed, working for it to become what it once was, and from fighting change you do not wish to occur.

There is no security. There is nothing to grasp, which can be used to provide security.

Except of course, that which is outside of these realms.

The loss of loved ones, the realization that perhaps there was no love to begin with; being unable to prevent detrimental situations and experiences; being unable to create beneficial situations and experiences. In the end, we are unable to manage the world at that level, and it is futile to attempt such control. Some degree may be had through the mystic arts, but being ego-based creatures, this can backfire to such an extent as to be anathema.

So, what to do?

The book "When Things Fall Apart" is an excellent source of wisdom and beneficial practices with which to face the inevitability of change, and its potential suffering. These are time-tested techniques that have survived because they function as described, regarding the problems we all face. It teaches to live in the middle ground where one does not become attached to the things and situations we believe we require in order to be happy, or even to be ourselves. We also lose karma as a result of not attaching and becoming energetically embroiled in the world and its dichotomy/duality.

I find that in the Anonymous programs that there is a similar hit. The legendary Page 417 (4th edition of the AA Big Book; Page 449 in the 3rd edition) speaks of Acceptance being the solution to all of my problems today. This of course is enraging to any addict :) However, it is the truth, and it teaches healthy detachment from the world and its phases. One may survive with clarity, situations which our culture really does not spend much time teaching us, such as the loss of loved ones, etc. See above.

Nice how all practices lead to the same place.