Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Off-Topic, Regarding Aliens.

From ASAH forum posts.

At least one site linked to in ASAH states that this type (shockingly similar to Human appearance) is the most likely to first visit if there are negative intentions involved.

I for one would find it far more likely that lifeforms rather unlike us would be the first to make contact. Or at least, it would be far easier to swallow. Any group going to great lengths to make us comfortable (or drop our guard) would be more likely to have negative intent. Aliens faced with both the interest in meeting others/trading experience -and- the barrier of earing trust due to patent dissimilarity, would be most likely to earn my initial trust. It would take humility to work at cross-understanding on both our parts. To see ourselves in something dissimilar, and to learn from it, would be wonderful, especially if it went both ways.

It is always important to say...beware Greeks bearing gifts.

The ethics and social repercussions of meeting the Other would be indescribably significant. There are still those who raise the rebel flag against the North winning the Civil War, and freeing the African-American. We've seen blatant racism in the Katrina debacle, straight from the Bush pod, as well as against Obama during and after the election. It's still there, despite what Lincoln did for us. So, imagine what effect the Significantly Other would have. I've read many excellent books on the subject, but wonder if any of them would truly capture the extent of such an event and its aftermath. Part of me longs to see; part of me fears it. If I have fear, then others may have terror, or not enough security in weltanschauung for it to be considered safe. I just don't know.

I haven't personally (intuitively) examined the ET question so I have zero answers. I am wary of anything channeled so there is no going that route, at least for myself. (There are many negative entities at work in channeled material- be very careful. Honestly, "who cares", just keep close to God/The Great Avatars and do your good works, and pray, etc. You don't need external information. God is close, so seek God. You need nothing else!)

Some, like Kriyananda, have stated (in his Bhagavad Gita translation) that there are indeed aliens, some positive, some negative, that they have craft not limited by light-speed, and that they travel for their various reasons...if the Universe is filled with life, which is likely, then it's rather likely that at least some have taken interest in Earth due to the Shift.

An old girlfriend put it so very well: "If we went into space, we wouldn't behave." I have to fully agree, and as such, significantly doubt if we'd do very well at all with any obvious visitors. We can't even get health care save the ETs for later! (grin)