Wednesday, October 7, 2009

God, the Holy Creator.

Thank you Holy Creator, Great Artist, for all that you are, for all that you have given us, for thy will and thy way of life. May I do thy will always.

2012 is about the appearance of the Christ Energy, or of, as Karen Bishop calls it, Co-Creator energy. Thoughts become things. What makes this possible? Source does. The Creator, The Great Artist.

God is whatever you want God to be. In Co-Creator energy, this is exactly true.

Belief trumps emotion. This is imperative. Belief is everything. Emotions are unimportant, are reactions. Belief is causal.

If you are certain that God hates you, is going to get you, it will happen. If you are certain that God is only love and forgives you completely, it is will happen. God loves you so much that you are given the ability to create so very much.

Contrary action, when in fear and suffering during the Changes: BELIEVE that God protects you completely, utterly, fills and surrounds you with love. And does so for everyone you love. If you BELIEVE it, it is true. You must build this muscle.

If you have difficulty with belief-building, ask God, the Holy Host of Heaven, the Divine Healers, Earth Mother, The Universe, The Archangels, and the Earth Angels to help you face your demons, with grace and ease. Allow things to come up into your awareness; do not fight them or engage them, merely comment on what it is, or what happened, and if you feel fear, etc. Develop this muscle. It take surrender and is extremely powerful. You must empty yourself of your demons, no matter what, or they will create themselves, full-blast. "Monsters...from the ID!" said the wise man. It can be avoided in this manner, and it requires honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness. Pray, "I am willing to face my demons with ease and grace. Please take them from me. Please do for me that which I am unable to do myself." The Angels love to help. They wait for you to ask for help. They only help when you ask, then and only then.

God is all power. Believe this and the world is your playground. This is God's will for us at this time. This is God's amazing gift. This is how much God loves us. Always praise God! Gratitude and directly thanking God raises you to that level. It is very important to stay in gratitude. Even thanking God for your problems, is a positive prayer, and begins the healing.