Monday, October 5, 2009

Welcome, and the Purpose of this Blog

"When I was a child I thought as a child. But now I have put down childish things. Now I must seek in other realms...." -Mr. Tagomi, "The Man in the High Castle", Philip K. Dick (also, of course, the Bible)


The purpose of this blog is to detail, for those concerned with the basics, the changes now occuring in the world as the 2012 energy ramps up, and how to attune to it, if desired. If you have chosen to stay on Earth thus far (past the Summer Solstice), you have the opportunity to release all karma and to live in the new world. It is hoped that this site will provide truly useful information along these, and other lines.

Please note that an effort will be made to stay in the positive, although at times it may be necessary to deal with painful changes as they occur, in order to present reminders about staying in the positive, no matter what. Old forms detrimental to human existence and our birthright, joy, are increasingly incompatable with the positive energy now becoming present on Earth. Expect suffering as institutions and individuals rooted in the negative find themselves feeling more and more lost, as the negative (and any incompatable with joy), break apart and fall away. Business and other institutions shall become greatly simplified as competition diminishes and service to humanity takes precedence.

Why should you listen to me? Who am I, and what do I do?

Please understand that nothing negative is involved in this Blog, or in myself. My name is Mike Peake, and I have proven at the following links some measure of the non-linear. Meaning, "psychic", and "clairvoyant".

I am "Fire, Walk With Me" on this forum. Check the second half of the first post.

It has more weight if you were there as it happened, but there it is; prediction of energy disruption up to two months ahead of time.

Please note that as I have "reached ahead" or "warped time" to note these two earthquakes, I have also checked out 2012 and found it to have =amazingly= positive energy, as described by some I've mentioned in this blog and Resources post. Barring some Deity-level change of plan, this is the trend.

It's going to be WONDERFUL.

(Update, Dec. 2011: For those fully rooted in the positive. Those determined to dislike themselves and others, who wish to live in fear, will experience increasing amounts of these, up to and past the humanly tolerable. It is neither right nor wrong, it is about choices and where they will lead you. Please choose love and being loving.)

Next, read the first post, which begins mentioning subjects will not be so very evident unless you were there, my May 2008 posts (predicting economic trouble, and =when= it would be obvious), and my April 2009 posts. Oil did not disrupt as expected, but did increase one dollar since January 09, and stayed. Gold has indeed continued to rise, as indicated.

(The first post mentions several trends which I have "nailed" ahead of time, most importantly among them the outstanding nature of the German ADAM studio loudspeakers. I purchased the third pair to be sent to the States. The second buyer, a friend, became the (then) US distributor. Sir Rupert Neve, yes, "that" NEVE, purchased the first set. In the time since, ADAM have revolutionized the studio monitor field and found vast acceptance and praise, including use in remixing/remastering Von Karajan's work, and the Beatles' "Love" CD, and much more.)


These are the first times that I have displayed psychic skills in public, and not to individuals only. In the past, I have let a single individual know when I felt that a very large earthquake was right around the corner. This includes the California, Northridge earthquake, and the 2004 Asian tsunami which sadly killed many. I of course will not attempt to document this, as it is impossibly ridiculous to ask anyone to believe this in hindsight, regardless of it being true. And to spare those I told about it beforehand, from having to deal with multiple inquiries.

I will continue to post any feelings of significant change, as they come to me, there on the ASAH forum, in the Visionary/Dreaming etc. threads. I'm not the first with any psychic ability to have gone public, even on DU. I simply wish to add my voice to spirituality in general, be true to myself, and to provide whatever aid is possible regarding adjustment to the incoming changes to any it would benefit (and to point to those who are much further along than I am, for much, much more benefit to any seeking such!).

How does it work? As an individual becomes aware of their spirit through meditation and other practices, the spiritual talents become ignited. Precognition and sensitivity to energy are very basic. The Christ demonstrated, to teach us, complete mastery of the physical world from the spiritual side. Christ was not negative. I am not negative, despite my personal tragedies in alcoholism and bipolarity (being wide-open to the old energies might drive anyone to drink and lash out-- thankfully, God has taken this from me, and I hope to not be judged regarding it.). The point being, I myself am certainly no saint, however, I am dedicated to the positive side, and hope, in this Blog, to be of service, which is for the benefit of myself and any who might find it useful. Step 12, in the broad sense.

I will talk of God. The energy now present on Earth are the early stages of what has been called "Co-Creator" energy, or the Christ Energy, which Christ came to describe. The Christian Scientists have researched it for a while now; shaman world-wide understand energy sensitivity and manipulation since the dawn of time. God is becoming present, to an extent, to grant those who so choose, Co-Creator status. This means that thoughts are things. The feedback from this level of mind-over-matter absolutely demands that a being release negativity. Consider it. What you put out will now be returned with vastly increased energy, at great speed. If you harbor resentment at anyone...shrug.

There are many aspects to spirituality which I might mention, such as lucid dreaming. Know that Tibetans, among others, have for centuries used lucid dreaming as a spiritual tool. One may meditate and pray in a lucid dream, which is of service and creates positive karma. However, one may also use lucid dreaming as the Wish-Fulfilling Gem and actually burn away positive karma. Many of the Siddhis, as the East Indians call them, come as double-edged swords. It is always best to approach spirituality as an attempt to be of service and benefit to others only. Anything serving the ego creates monsters.

Best yet, only use spirituality as the search for God, which has never been easier. One may meditate with light attention on the in and out breath, thinking with each, "God the Holy Creator", even "I am love/I am giving love". Both are highly useful.