Thursday, October 8, 2009

What happens to society/social structures.

Change. Change to simplification. We do not need a competetive, capitalistic social structure. It is dying as it cannot survive in proximity with the Higher Dimensions. Look for the birth of new, "quality of life" laws and organizations, as well as the strengthening of those already in existence. Look for the loss of complex competitive business practice. Look especially for the loss of business structure devoted to profit at the expense of people. This is already occuring. People will become increasingly sickened by that which preys upon people, and become increasingly vocal and active against it. (The great negativity of US government from 2000-2008 has helped swing the pendulum in the positive direction. Give people enough reason to need change, and change will occur).

There will be much worry as social structures continue to simplify and shift. It is imperative to live each day in gratitude =regardless of any internal and external suffering=. Keep yourself positive, most especially in joy. These changes are unavoidable as the old, selfishness-based structures collapse, and those based upon love are created. If will feel natural to create love-based structures, as being in a love-based energy naturally supports and reinforces such things. They will -have- to happen.

If you lament the slow pace at which health care and other "quality-of-life" structures are being enacted, know that more of the old selfishness must break loose and depart before it becomes simplicity itself for the love-based to occur. Not too much longer now...however, you must want the good to occur. You must go out and demand it. You must become part of it. You must do it yourself! This ceases to be a fight, thankfully! At long last, the love-based will become easy to enact, and maintain.

And what happens to that which refuses to cease selfishness and self-obsession, much less outright negativity and destruction? It cannot be part of the new energy. Transmutation of Energy would cause it to become positive, if it can stick around long enough. If it fights the new energy, and refuses to let go of the old, it will suffer increasingly as its incompatability grows. You may experiment with this yourself. Do you have any strong dislikes? Try a good Two-Minute Hate (=do not= think of causing injury, merely be in the emotion of hate). Really reach out with your emotions. Burn with it. Rage. Now, take a bath in epsom salts and watch your favorite funny movie. Listen to your favorite, most blissful oration or music. Reach into it emotionally! Say a few "Praise God!"s! Detox (grin!)

You may find it far too uncomfortable to be in that space. Imagine those who permanently inhabit it, and who will not change. The gap between the Higher Dimensions and the Lower, grows daily. Karen Bishop has proven to me that the "stargates" of calendar dates such as 9/9/09 are real, are openings to higher and higher energies/dimensions, and will continue. I do not imagine much negativity as being able to be present upon the planet much past 11/11/11, much less 12/12/12! The same goes for social structures not invested in spreading abundance and support. It will be obvious (and already is, with Michael Moore's new film "Capitalism: A Love Story"!).