Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cautions about Spirituality.

Spirituality includes both the positive and negative polarities. It is surmised that anyone reading this is interested only in the positive path, which is love and selflessness. There are so many schools, paths, techniques, and literatures, one should take care to look before they leap...And because the negative increasingly cannot exist in the new world, hopefully that which is negative will stand out so clearly that you never need make any mistakes. It does not pay to spend time considering or worrying about it, as what you fear, you create. The following information is not intended to strike fear, merely provide an index of caution. When you seek God or the High Avatars directly, you need not worry about the negative. When you seek to find everything that is out there, you need to be cautious. Always trust your gut, no matter how good something looks. Trust me on this.

Spiritual techniques are designed to aid the seeker in finding God, or at minimum, to transcend the (old) 3rd dimensional world. Beware of that which offers skills but no heart growth. The problem being, one gains many skills when seeking on the path. They are called Siddhis, and are well-described. If one uses the Siddhis for selfish purposes, one loses a great deal. The path speeds up karma, which is meant for positive karma to increase the student. Negative use of powers and knowledge cause harm...forbidden knowledge is called just that, because if one has insight and power and skills, yet retains too much ego (not enough heart), one may eventually use this knowledge out of ego response. Disaster... This is why one does not raise the Kundalini or do the Kabbalah until one has found equanimity. Any negative energies/karma in your system are amplified to an extreme.

The only paths worthy of attainment are based in the heart, to increase the heart. Kaballa states that the Universe has equal parts Judgement and Compassion; if one is on a path of ego (judgement), eventually one will judge without compassion. The heart must balance things out. Always. Loving service is of utmost importance. Beware any path without loving service. Beware any path of exceeding delineation/discrimination/exclusion. The heart is INCLUSION, and love to all, no matter what. Jesus taught this. Forgiveness is truly a form of freedom. Judgement (this thing is better than that thing, to an extreme of delineation) is a form of resentment and selfishness. Selfishness causes one to shrink into darkness. Love causes one to open and join the positive hierarchies. All assistance is available when one is in the realm of love.

The spiritual "powers" become naturally available to those on the heart path, as they are key tools to increasing the heart path. Just do good things and you will get there as it is meant to be.

Beware paths with beatific, shining leaders. If it looks too good to be true, if it throws around pleasing words and references to gain your trust, always trust your instinct. When in doubt, throw it out. Always look for photos of a beatific leader's teachers. Are they the same, or is there anything unusual going on? Don't run incautiously toward that which feels good...Remember, one may find God or the High Avatars on their own, through true dedication. If you seek, especially now, you will find, you will be given, you will be taught and supported.

Especially beware any books with disclaimers. Even if the disclaimer is humorous, or a serious disclaimer found between several bits of humor (intended to distract from the single serious bit). Spiritual experience can be just as negative as positive. You do not want all forms of spiritual experience!

Beware any book or path requesting that you read a text more than once, to get the most out of it. Do you understand how hypnotism works? It is possible that some may have found ways to encode texts with such entrapment (and far, far worse). If a book is very wordy, and/or is actually very vague, requiring much concentration over nothing, there may be risk. The truth is simple and elegant and easily recognizable. Yoganada mentions in his scientific healing affirmations handbook about positive encoding; there is most definitely negative encoding. Beware. Simply because you are able or willing to pursue labyrinthine texts, does not guarantee that they are positive. Especially if you are feeling superior to others, for having done so. Any exclusive school is suspect. Love is all-encompassing, unconditional. Period. Compare and contrast.

Many books on "self defense" in the spiritual realms may be questionable. Always go to God and the Holy Host of Heaven for protection and care. You do not need anything but God. God is All Power. Seek a group such as the Christian Scientists or Kabbalah'ists if you are in doubt. They seek Christ and God directly, and may perform powerful prayers (which are even more powerful now in the new energy).

Beware channeled material. Just because a being is discarnate does not mean that they are positive. Even negative beings present positive information to gather attention. This is possibly the most suspect area of spirituality, owing to the amount of negativity the world has been in. Much negativity has surrounded the world and sought to influence it. This is now changing, but suffice to say, keep seeking God or the Avatars directly, and avoid middlemen, no matter how attractive! No matter how huge and bright and shiny! Especially if they offer powerful tools and offer caution about their mis-use. If you are reading this, you likely still have some ego remaining. Do NOT allow the ego such powerful information!

If you face a negative person or experience, even the television news, go into prayer to God. Ask God for help and protection. BELIEVE that God will provide, IS providing. Praise the Holy Creator with Joy! God does as you wish, so much does God love us. Remember, contrary action. Get into joy as quickly as possible. "The Law of Transmutation of Energy." The negative cannot be present in a space of positive energy.