Thursday, October 8, 2009

Characteristics of the Higher Dimensions.

The 4th and 5th, at minimum, are now available to some degree. My experience with them is limited to the following descriptors:

The 4th Dimension is Love. Love includes:

-Complete forgiveness of self and others
-Compassion and true Empathy
-Giving support and guidance
-Which includes, acting as spirit guides
-Intimacy of astonishing depth
-Recognition of self and others
-Intuition and Psychic Siddhis
-Healing abilities
-Participation in the the Positive Hierarchy
-And as a result, increasing Love for all.

And of course, Unconditional Love for all of Creation. All of the things which SHOULD already be in the world, but are now occuring.

The 5th Dimension includes:

-Wholistic learning through the Wisdom Mind
-Wholistic teaching through the Wisdom Mind
-Access to the Great Libraries and Records systems
-Plans and actions which I sense and know little..

Those with access to these realms may likely also participate in Pure Lands, where all action is positive spiritual growth and benefit to others.