Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"If you wish to fly, you must first let go." -The Angels.

In the new energy, we will increasingly magnetize to us, that which we are. Another word for this is Syntony, like vibration seeking its own level and surroundings. Some say the law of attraction, but there is much baggage surrounding this...also, it is said that there are twelve Universal Laws, and syntony is merely one of them.

However, for those of us not fully prepared for the Shift currently underway, Syntony becomes the most important issue. If you have burning resentments, or worse; self-destructive mentation and emotion; or even life situations such as being a battered spouse, you will only find more of the same, until it is either: dangerously unbearable, inciting a change; or, inciting a change already.

Hidden emotions and beliefs will become more and more active in your life. This is the mirror effect, and it is to both allow you to change to something more positive, and to also be positive, and thus create even more positive situations for yourself and more importantly, others. Thus, it is time to become utterly honest with yourself.

The majority of issues in this current society consist of failures in intimacy. Emotions are shunned, especially honest emotional displays causing others to react with running away. This can add insult to injury. However, the time for such suffering is ended due to the increasing prominence of the 4th dimension, which is love/intuition/intimacy. Healing can and will be complete, and love and belonging experienced as never before. IF those of us with injury will surrender to the truth and LET IT GO.

To wit:

-If you are a battered spouse, you may believe that you deserve such treatment, having given up on life and even the possibility of love. And/or, that you may finally find love through changing the abuser (which consists of allowing them to abuse you to the point where they might suddenly see what they are doing and stop, which is your way of seeking self-worth from others, if others can finally see you as valuable). This goes back to winning parent's approval, which is not possible for an adult. Self-worth comes from self-love, which may only grow when one takes contrary action to the injury, and makes an effort to do things they love (even and especially during the injurious relationship).

-Self-pity will become a severe rut. Get honest. Grow up. Trungpa Rinpoche recommended the following mantra, to be thought with the in-breath, and again with the out-breath, with light attention on the breath itself: "Grow up".

-Resentments and hatred, vendetta and worse will return the same to the sender. Thoughts become things. If not through external forces, through their own corrosive, acidic nature. It becomes pure self-destruction to harbor such thoughts and emotions. Be honest with yourself, if you are suffering and believe it to be related to such. Even for a dead parent, even for a dead spouse, who should not have left you. "You shouldn't...", "They shouldn't have...", "You're not supposed to...", are good tools. Fill in the blank and you find and begin releasing the emotion.

-If you are depressed, etc., and it is chemical, seek good medical attention immediately. You want the support of the medical community if you have this or a similar imbalance. They might become enormous in the new energy. I'm not certain, but why take chances.

-If you are an alcoholic and/or an addict, get into recovery if you are not currently. If you are in recovery, the rewards for working Program now increase significantly. Likewise, the chances for relapse greatly increase! Take care of yourselves!

-Fear is the root of much human difficulty. Fear of not getting what you want. Fear of losing what you have. There is a line in Sonia Choquette's Ask Your Guides card deck stating (loose paraphrase), when you lash out at others, you are actually in contempt at your own vulnerabilities. When vulnerable, fear is a terrible behaviour modifier. As the changes increase, fear will also increase. It is and will increasingly continue to be imperative to release fear, to name what you are afraid of and if necessary, ask God to please remove it. (You may ask that as often as you wish!). Love banishes fear, and you receive love when you give it, so be of loving service as much as is possible. Truly. Take this contrary action. Staying in fear and thinking about getting out of it does nothing. Take action. Maintain through infusion of your favorite positive and funny films and media!