Saturday, March 20, 2010

Some thoughts on spiritual law and karma.

Lifted from an email, to clarify a bit what I'd written on TGS in the predictions thread...

There are supposedly 12 major spiritual laws, ranging from the Law of Transmutation of Energy, that a great positive field will purify any smaller negative field (which is what Christ did for us), as well as Syntony, or more clumsily, the "Law of Attraction", which has been bastardized into a materialistic cliché. Syntony literally means that you will automatically seek and find similar vibrations to your own. Tuning forks ringing at the same frequency. My mystery school teacher mentions that hell is the experience of suffering at the density and most importantly, rate of consciousness of the rocks and stones, which is exceedingly slow, making the purging of negative karma after death to seem to last a geologic beware of your vibration/karma.

And in the increasing energy of Responsibility (or "Co-Creation"/Heaven on Earth or Feedback), that all acts of ass increasingly effect the actor as well as increasing the overall negative field of humanity. But not to worry; the negative is breaking apart due to the above law of Transmutation of Energy. As the world vibration increases (as well as feedback for one's actions and intent/thoughts), the negative types shall indeed experience Monsters from the Id.

And that God is real, and increasingly present. This is a time of astonishing gifts. Or hideous destruction. Interesting to see what will happen at the level of the national and even the city level, as their related energy fields/karma/responsibility increasingly come into play. America, for instance, was founded upon the destruction of the locals, at a horrific level. We gots some 'splainin' to do, for example. And about the enslavement of the Africans...and the CIA getting its fingers into the governments of so many other countries. Individual karma does not exclude to a certain extent the karma of the place a person inhabits. All members of a country are responsible for the actions of its leaders, etc.