Thursday, March 25, 2010

Passage of the Health Care Bill and the Old Guard

The veil is lifting. We are in greater and greater responsibility, which can be called Feedback. You get back much more of what you put out. The "old boy's club" finds that the old techniques aren't working so very well, anymore. People are awakening to the need for Change, and the increasingly positive world energy assists the direction of our desire for change. BushCo showed us a bit of how dark it could get if allowed to stand unchallenged. The health care bill passing is the first major event signifying the success of change, and the focusing of the positive path.

In this energy, that which a thing is, increases. The old guard will try and try again until we >>push back<< ...and this time, actually make a difference, to have success in the old struggle against greed and hidden bullies/money/resource structures. Know how many businessmen are shuddering at the potential loss of their health care insurance scams? They'll attempt to make the old way continue to work. And, things being clearer these days, it will appear Ugly, at its true level of ugliness, which makes it easier and easier for people to reject it and to unify in seeking positive solutions. The bad acts of the old guard will inspire those who seek something/anything better. Finally. The passing of the health care bill empowers many who did not expect change to occur. There is an increasing energy of Change, of excited curiosity regarding how much further it can be taken, and what the benefits of such might be.

Things are indeed getting started. Any ugliness will work against the ugly. Remember that as a balm against the actual ugliness. Even the beloved Lotus flower grows out and up from the detritus at the bottom of the pond....both the top and bottom of the pond must be there for it to work at all.

As energy is increasing and our own reactions/perceptions are increasing, when hit by ugliness, remember to immediately get into positive work. Stay out of "that's terrible!" etc. and stay in the light. It's important.