Saturday, March 20, 2010

March Update

I find that what the astrologers at and those they link to have been saying is correct...and also regarding my late 2009 statements as well.

March is indeed a time of great forward movement, and if you don't get on board, you will be left behind, prediction of the early part of 2010 being a time of dis-satisfaction, of "this isn't right/enough" is true. Impetus regarding positive growth/change at every level is building and building. (Should be interesting at some point regarding international relations/relations of subjugate peoples and their oppressors. Iran, be Free!)

Those hanging on to great amounts of hate, of great negative emotional output, will find greater and greater suffering as the feedback of responsibility increases (which is of course the "new age" beginning perhaps just before 2012, depending upon a few variables). Those with great fear/deep trauma are having to face it NOW, and now is perfect as it has never been easier to release such things. The angels surround us and are available to assist at extremely deep levels if you are ready to surrender your troubles and allow them to work their magic. LOVE is present and ever will be...reach into it and live in it; it is your birthright.

It seems that those with the greatest fear began to choose to leave shortly after last year's summer solstice shift...those of us with less fear than that, but "enough", are now feeling the increasing pressure/encouragement to face it with ease and grace. Ask for ease and grace as it is always available, and will assist in your Knowing that you are as they say a much-loved child of the Universe...take up your joy and live in it. Now is the time to live in wonder, to righteously inhabit your birthright! :)