Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Angelic Kingdom wishes to help you.

I just wanted to chime in for all of my friends, that they know that love and light are indeed all around us now, that the angels hear us clearly, and are there to assist us at amazing depths...the veil is indeed falling and the Holy Kingdom can assist us so very deeply in regard to what the current energy demands: Letting Go. If you want to fly, you must first let go. If you are even willing to examine old hurt (and face it, now is the time!), it will come up and out like never, ever before. If you can surrender it to the angels, they can remove it from you. Fear, hurt, resentment, anger, pain, lack of love, lack of self-esteem, elephant-sized stubborness, all defects and shortcomings and poisons may all be removed. Yes, it is the truth. Trust the Angelic kingdom and ask their specific assistance, in threes if you find it aids your resolve/faith. They are waiting with love and patience for you to ask for their loving care, to do for you that which you cannot do for yourself.

And always ask them in thanks, what you might do for those who are not able...

Peace and blessings!