Monday, December 21, 2009

What to watch for in 2010

The beginnings of change.

An astrologer posted on DU recently that 2010 should harbour a great deal of the beginnings of such change, as people awaken to the new energy and its better way of living (and of the planets' un-ignorable energies; see the latest post in ASAH regarding Mars again becoming retroactive).

Of course, it's easy to wave the medicine stick and say "Ooga Booga, things are going to change in 2010", but the point is, knowing how and why. Freedom will be knocking upon the door of the repressive regimes. An overall feeling of "this isn't right/good enough; we should change this" will sweep the world.

Perhaps regimes will not immediately fall, and change shall not be immediately accomplished, but the point is in 2010 to watch it -begin-, and to sense the larger trend.