Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Psychic, and Forgiveness.

As Spider Robinson so aptly described in his books "Very Bad Deaths" and "Very Hard Choices", the telepath's chief characteristic is...forgiveness.

Being able to see the worst behaviour of which humankind are capable, the psychic may take two general paths: revulsion, then judgement without compassion, or compassion and forgiveness. It is likely that some incarnate with such ability in order to develop compassion. One would have to work very hard to avoid the development of compassion, upon seeing the depth and dimension of suffering experienced by humanity.

The AA Big Book says that fear is an insidious thread permeating all of our affairs. From it spring defenses and actions based upon 1: The fear of losing what we have and 2: The fear of not getting what we want. Much of human thought revolves around these basic Ego drives. Transcending them requires charity and selflessness, all contrary action to the selfish Ego drives.

Seeing this in action, and all of the negativity it causes, is revulsive. Even upon seeing it in one's self. Our culture has dropped to a place where we know better, but do it anyway. This must change, and is beginning to change as the new positive energy increases. Charity and such are far easier in an environment of love and acceptance, versus judgement and shunning.

One still develops some affection for those who suffer from the ego malady as we all go through it at one point or another, and all seek to eventually transcend it at one point or another. To assist in this, is compassion.

However, there are those firmly stuck in ego gratification, sometimes through the need to feel in control (where of course none is possible, thus creating ego discomfort) by hurting others through force and various manipulations. It is not possible to develop love in this instance. One is revulsed, and often injured, through such actions. The one who injures others is often seeking recognition of their personal pain, demonstrating it by creating it in others. "THIS is how I feel. You WILL recognize and honor how I feel!" Because in a society based upon fear, declaring your feelings and asking after help in healing is met by others who are interested in momentarily forgetting their own pain and fear by causing pain in the one seeking help. And the band played on.

This causes revulsion in the seer, until the depth behind the actions becomes evident. Then, compassion takes the place of severity and aversion.

When those who seek to manipulate target the seer, the result depends upon if the seer has moved into the level of compassion, where they will understand the harmful acts, their roots, and the positive path the one causing harm must eventually take, and forgive them unconditionally, stepping around their attacks and entrapments without comment, merely a smile of understanding.

The Bible says that you must become as a little child to enter into (perceive) the Kingdom of Heaven. Those who are on Earth who are built to live in the higher dimensions, whose light aids in the transition of the 3rd Dimensional World into the 4th (Love) and Higher Dimensions, are sometimes very vulnerable to the lower intentions, but are still capable of responding with love. Negativity responds all the harder, seeking to dislodge the unfamiliar into a space familiar to it. Responding with love and compassion denies negativity the energy it seeks.