Monday, December 14, 2009

Obama: Good Guy or...? And the "Antichrist"?

Obama is obviously not an "antichrist" because the antichrist is said to be able to motivate the majority into following (take a look at health care, rofl). More power to Obama, however. He is far better than we currently deserve. It may take a while for many to truly see this, and to put his initiatives into effect.

Also, do not forget at any time that the Republicans and their International money buddies placed us purposely in this economic maelstrom. It is the precursor to a power grab (and had they succeeded in destroying the US economy, would not have had to wait). Obama has saved the country from a terrible situation. Even though we are in the worst recession since the Great Depression (Obama's words), without his work, we would be in another Great Depression or worse.

The Republicans are playing the "you can't help" card, when they put us here. They hope that people will become uncomfortable enough that they will eventually vote for change, ANY CHANGE, even one placing us in a worse position (Republican rule). This is an old sadism technique. Make someone uncomfortable enough, and they will eventually seek change, to have SOME feeling of control, even though it is an illusion, even though it lands them in even worse straights.

This is the basis of Republican power grabs. Look to the Carter-era oil embargo and the results. Reagan/Bush's October Surprise with the Iranians. It goes on and on, and is Machievellian. It must stop. You must stand against it and scream loud and long to all who have ears, that it is the Republicans fault -because- they are attempting to again grab power. They care nothing for us, only for themselves and their selfish agenda.

They have nothing to offer. They can only cause harm, and blame others for it, until people forget whence the harm originally came.

I outline this negativity in hopes that it will help to bring about its eradication.

Also, regarding any sort of "antichrist"...who can be known through uniting people and creating peace...

Such "peace" is a Trojan Horse. A poisoned apple. The Luciferic, which will still be present in 2012, deceives. If you take bad advice and it hurts you, it is your responsibility. Such negativity prospers through offering just enough truth and light to entice, and then hides poison in otherwise attractive advice.

We will not be prevented from making mistakes with Satanic outcome. This is possible at a species level, as well as at an individual level. (My Mystery School teacher implied/teased that the Human species has a less than positive end result. I have not investigated such.)

>>IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY<< to make the best possible choices, and to weigh all outcomes. To seal any choice with something like IHAD's qualifier, "Only for the greatest possible good for myself and all involved".

(The second part from a DU post. I wish to now continue only speaking of the positive, and how to stay in tune with it. I thoroughly dislike attending to the negative in any way.)

Phillip K. Dick best described evil as a bouncing red light which leads you further and further into darkness, then when all around is dark, winks out.

If things are becoming dark, turn immediately toward the light.