Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Groundlessness, the basic Emptiness of things, and Acceptance.

This is basically to continue my efforts to connect different practices in noting similar tools. Note that I am no Buddhist master, and I post this only as an observation. I do note the Master's words that those who teach Buddhism without enlightenment, are killing Buddhism...I am not enlightened, but am hoping to learn what I can, and to share that which I have found to be beneficial.


Buddhists teach that all things are empty, and that life is a groundless state. You cannot cling to anything, as everything changes (at least, in this, the physical realms). Pain comes from attempting to grasp that which has changed, working for it to become what it once was, and from fighting change you do not wish to occur.

There is no security. There is nothing to grasp, which can be used to provide security.

Except of course, that which is outside of these realms.

The loss of loved ones, the realization that perhaps there was no love to begin with; being unable to prevent detrimental situations and experiences; being unable to create beneficial situations and experiences. In the end, we are unable to manage the world at that level, and it is futile to attempt such control. Some degree may be had through the mystic arts, but being ego-based creatures, this can backfire to such an extent as to be anathema.

So, what to do?

The book "When Things Fall Apart" is an excellent source of wisdom and beneficial practices with which to face the inevitability of change, and its potential suffering. These are time-tested techniques that have survived because they function as described, regarding the problems we all face. It teaches to live in the middle ground where one does not become attached to the things and situations we believe we require in order to be happy, or even to be ourselves. We also lose karma as a result of not attaching and becoming energetically embroiled in the world and its dichotomy/duality.

I find that in the Anonymous programs that there is a similar hit. The legendary Page 417 (4th edition of the AA Big Book; Page 449 in the 3rd edition) speaks of Acceptance being the solution to all of my problems today. This of course is enraging to any addict :) However, it is the truth, and it teaches healthy detachment from the world and its phases. One may survive with clarity, situations which our culture really does not spend much time teaching us, such as the loss of loved ones, etc. See above.

Nice how all practices lead to the same place.