Thursday, December 3, 2009

Crystals and Color.

Some crystals are of immediate use to the spiritual initiate. I find that they must be in contact with the skin for maximum effect. These are my personal eperiences; your mileage may vary. You will also be drawn to whatever crystal(s) are of benefit, so be open to the unexpected.

Tiger's Eye- Increases intuition and insight.

Amber- Decreases negativity.

Fool's Gold- Blocks negativity.

Rose Quartz- Heart energy, very nice.

Clear Quartz- Increases awareness, most useful near the head or under the pillow during sleep, to boost dream intensity.

The more expensive items such as amethysts, rubies, diamonds and such are of great benefit, although some of them may be in opposition to your energy. The Ayurvedic charts are excellent at determining which stones are of benefit and which should be avoided, based upon your birth data/chart.

The color red is passion, not love. Pink is love. Green is for healing, and white will clear out everything at a lower vibration. It is very useful to, prior to sleep, visualize your sleeping area, including the walls and floor, as being brilliant white light.