Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Will Sarah Palin run for office in 2012?

I shudder to think.

I feel that she may well be the single worst disaster facing the country, ever. At least in terms of what she would "accomplish" on the path of destruction, even compared to BushCo. BushCo were (spiritually) prevented from creating a nuclear event within the US (check the energy of late summer 2007). Palin may well succeed in creating many across the world. Even one is too many. Her "church" appear to be armageddonists. I would hope that the amazingly positive energy of 2012 would force out such persons, but this is not completely clear to me.

I base my intuition upon her blissful pause in response to the vice presidential debate question regarding each candidates policy regarding the use of nuclear weaponry.

She nearly had an orgasm on stage, at least as I remember it. I'd like to see that again if it's on youtube (and not much else, as I can't stand looking at her).

America must break its addiction to (exploding) bright, shiny objects. Hopefully without enduring the outcome of such learning!