Friday, November 20, 2009

2012, the movie (John Cusak)

It just wasn't a very good many times can one outrun the very edge of disaster and have it be fresh? And (spoilers) wouldn't the radiation causing the problems have also boiled the scientists and everyone else? From IMDB.COM:

"In 2009, American geologist Adrian Helmsley (Chiwetel Ejiofor) travels to India to meet his friend Satnam, who has discovered that neutrinos from a massive solar flare have penetrated the Earth and are causing the temperature of its core to increase rapidly."

From "...neutrinos are insignificantly absorbed by the mass of the Earth". "The exceptionally weak interaction with normal matter allowed the neutrinos to pass through the churning mass of the exploding star..." "Because neutrinos interact so little with matter..."

High-Energy Cosmic Neutrinos are still theoretical. The backstory for "Zombieland" was far more plausible than this!

Regardless, the question always comes up: Will there be wide-spread destruction leading up to and/or at 2012?

I can't tell you. I don't look at it. I only care about -getting to the wonderful energy of 2012-. I -can- tell you about the fact that the Shift is underway, that negativity will increasingly be forced out by it, and will act out in its own manner, which will cause some destruction; larger areas of negative energy such as those surrounding big cities may cause trouble as they also break; there will be natural disasters as there usually are, and they may be enhanced or even precipitated through large-level negativity. Nations such as Iran and North Korea are pressure-cookers. Freedom must occur in Iran, so let us pray that it occurs through grace and ease and not with guns and tanks. There will still be lies and liars, but less so, those who destroy to gain their way. As always, be most suspicious of spiritual leaders and movements. There is vast room there for unhappiness. People may be enticed into decisions and practices which later reveal negative outcomes...

Things can change. The future is always in flux. We create our own future, period, now more than ever. If we want destruction, we will have it. If we want peace and equality, we will have it. If some wish to dominate others, they will accomplish it, with all of the resulting bad karma, in increasingly record time.

My work is to describe the changes in energy I perceive, as well as to point to a higher direction. I describe the trend as it currently stands, and change up if merited. For example, there was almost a terrible disaster/attack in the late summer of 2007. It was palpable. It could have taken the form of a nuclear event within the United States. Such an event would have destroyed the morale of the country, perhaps unrecoverably. This sort of thing was Bush and friends' plan all along, and they nearly succeeded. What happened? I believe that there was a higher-level intervention on our behalf from the Angelic and Providence realms. That we were not allowed to destroy ourselves, or to begin the path to self-destruction. The hideous energy of the possible event was removed, completely. Evidently, the larger pendulum swing from Bush to Obama was required, and removing Bush would not have allowed the great light which occured when Obama was elected.

Small wonder that he lists "change" as one of his promises. Very tongue-in-cheek...

So, during the time of BushCo, I eventually lost faith that the new world would actually occur. It was then -made- to occur. I changed my position as it occured, and am relieved beyond my capacity to relate, that we escaped what had been building. Thus, the current trend I perceive is of increasingly positive energy up to and including 12/12/12. I will state if this changes. However, I am not looking so very deeply into what occurs =as we move towards it=. It in itself is enough. It is worth much pain, if required, just to get there, to higher ground. The pleasure of having the higher dimensions present upon Earth itself will be beyond description.

It is given that society as it stands shall not be able to exist in the new energy. Look for the negative and selfish to crumble and/or explode. Look for charity and unity to increase. Look for the misguided to create their ideals, and to learn the downside(s) so very quickly.

Change is in the air. It can be a double-edged sword. Which is why it is required to stay in a positive mental and emotional space, no matter what. My job is to remind about this, especially as the change becomes more and more visible. I hope that this helps even one person. God Bless!