Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fear is the opposite of love.

Love is the path, God is the destination. Not much else is required!

I note that fear, being the opposite of love, is one of the first things bubbling up in everyone as the Shift increases. I have in the past caused fear in others to keep them at a distance (I am horrifically sensitive with nearly no boundaries, and saying "no" to people only causes them to jab at me all the more fiercely, "welcome to Bizzarro World"!), and their fear is steadily increasing, even though I am past that sort of behaviour and planning nothing other than my own recovery (and a satisfactory distance from those who choose fear, and to act on it). It is to shrug. Perception is reality, unfortunately, and we may expect increasing fear, and people acting out on fear, as it either clears or erupts in each and every one of us.

Note that the hysterical become even worse, the paranoid as well, the racist and the agoraphobic...please send love to them as it is the only answer (and is always the answer!). Some cannot be prized from their beliefs, so simply continue to send love to them. Everyone needs love, and no positive action is ever wasted. Ever.